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Born Unknown
Club Penguin
Gender Female
Nationality Evil Penguin
Occupation The world's most evil penguin
Known for Nearly destroying Antarctica over 12 times.
Cruel, heartless, murderous and hateful. Oh, and evil. Very evil. That's Questisbak for ya.
Star Kirby12's "definition" of Questisbak

Questisbak, true name unknown, is a heartless destroyer who is considered the most evil, cruel penguin in all of Antarctica. She was somehow genetically corrupted and became completely apathetic, and despises others' freedom. She has a vast knowledge through secret studying, and trained herself to become a powerful warrior.

She is generally ranked in a high position in the threat list, due to multiple creations of mass destruction, most notably the Raptor Bots, who now swarm Antarctica every once in a while.


Not much is known about Questisbak's past except what Doom Bandit, her uncle, has told society. She was born in 1980, and due to unknown reasons her parents died of suffocation a few years later and she was taken in by DB. She was much eviller than her uncle, and DB had to continuously tie her up to stop her from destroying things. During her free time she studied chemistry and tried to create a dangerous formula that could create a radioactive explosion. She, unknown to her uncle, worked with the mafia Malheur Équipe. Eventually, she revealed this plan, and despite the attempts of Zayne Pie, his friends Randy Smith and Destructo67, and even her own uncle Doom Bandit, dropped her uncle's radioactive confetti into South Pole City. The four thought she was dead. (An Explosive New Year)

In the 2000s, she returned and with her followers Qantas, Utahsissy and Otters Rule wrecked havoc in Antarctica.

Death by Nexer[edit]

In 2013, another threat as dangerous as Questisbak appeared - Nexer6472. An arrogant, self-proclaimed supreme supervillain of Antarctica (which is pretty much exactly equal to Questisbak), Nexer ironically had a plan that collided with Questisbak's in 2023, causing both to backfire. As the two got to know each other, both refused to work together and ended up battling. Nexer overpowered Questisbak and ultimately killed her. (When Villains Collide)

Alternate Reality: Empress Questisbak[edit]

If, at any point, Questisbak was able to kill Nexer in battle, a significantly worse timeline would occur. This section describes the potential turn of events that would happen:

She sabotages his large supply of Aerial Aces, and, with the combined forces of her own Raptor Bots, begins plotting an ultimate invasion. This invasion would involve the Doom Squad, as well as Sungae 1, plus the huge army of Raptors and Aces.

Of course, the one thing that prevented her from invading was her nemeses, Star Kirby12 and Richperson. They would easily take her down. But, in 2031, after learning that both had died to Emperor Pengvintine's army, she immediately began the invasion. Raptor Bots and Aerial Aces covered the entire CPFW universe. Club Penguin Island was the first to fall under her control. Then came the USA, United Provinces, Ninja Archipelago, UnitedTerra, and the BoF.

In this reality, she was the ultimate empress of everything, and controlled the universe. We lost control of the CPFW, as we controlled it as the BoF. The CPFW fell under chaos, and the Mini Robot Wars universe was forced to seize trading. Eventually, due to the risk of another multiversal invasion, the remaining Gateway Supervisors of the Multiverse decided to shut down the CPFW portal, separating it from the Universal Gateway. Thus, it floated alone. Without the Multiverse. Without Wikia either, since it had separated years ago. There was no outer communication. The citizens of the CPFW were doomed under her control forever.

This empire would be attempted to be overthrown by Rebel Fooly, the future version of Fooly8 had this happened.

Luckily, the BoF was alerted of this years beforehand, so they altered the script so Nexer would win.


She was thought to be dead, but she rose again and attacked the EPF. It is unknown where she is currently. She was last seen trying to destroy the Multiverse.

One of the biggest factors that makes Questisbak so dangerous is that, unlike most villains, she has no kind of caring past. She was born evil and will forever be evil, which may be a hereditary thing. Other than that, she has Star Kirby12's power, Richperson's intelligence (almost), Speeddasher's swordsmanship, Explorer 767's knowledge of explosives, Human Denton's knowledge of the Multiverse (okay, so not really), and DaiBouken's technological advancement, making her a huge threat to Antarctica's Protectors.


Questisbak has a wide range of arsenal and technology. In face-to-face battle, she prefers to use her Uranium Gun and Excalibur Sword, but is also able to fight in hand-to-hand combat.

She also has many forms of transportation, including Qantas' helicopter, Sungae 1, and Raptor Bots.

It should also be noted that Questisbak seems to have a lot of money, as seen with Raptor Bots. Some people believe she controls all bank robbers, while others think the Hammerspace effect is involved.

Doom Squad[edit]

Questisbak's gang of evildoers is collectively known as the Doom Squad. The Squad most often works under the radar, shorting out electricity, secretly removing important government files, and other crimes against penguinity. Due to Star and Questisbak being arch-enemies, the Squad frequently clashes with Star's Allies.

Qantas is the engineer of the group, creating various weapons of mass destruction and multiple helicopters for Questisbak's usage. It is generally believed that he hasn't even used most of his arsenal, and that something huge could be planned.

Utahsissy and Otters Rule are Questisbak's quick-footed duo, carrying out her plans with all deliberate speed. In fact, they were the ones who stole Excalibur for Questisbak's personal use.

Questixbak is Questisbak's Doom Weed-advanced X-Antibody, and is the dictionary definition of Dumb Muscle. He is gender-inverted, and has immense strength thanks to the Doom Weed. However, due to the X-Virus' unpredictable tendency of inverting things that it wants to and leaving some things there for whatever reason, he lacks the smarts of Questisbak's other minions. He'll just do whatever Questisbak orders him to do as her right-hand-man. Due to Questix being relatively obscure, he wears standard ninja gear- a ninja mask and black belt- to ensure that his cover is not blown. ...the problem is, since he's an X-Antibody, he has a giant X on his forehead. Thus he usually wears a hat of some sort... which basically destroys any sort of cover he would have. During the Nightmare Epic, Questixbak was not taken as Questisbak's headquarters were guarded by millions of Raptor Bots, who chased the hunters away.

Sungae 1 is Questisbak's genetically modified gigantic cyborg penguin. Once just a giant mutant penguin, he was torched by Ultimate DaiBouken's Ultimate Blast, resulting in Questisbak rebuilding him into a cybernetic beast. He hasn't seen too much action as of late due to the Raptor Bots doing most of the work.