Qwerty Uiop

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Qwerty Uiop
" E o! ow re you?"
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction None
Health high
Status Talking Annoyingly
Birth date December 10, 2005 (2005-12-10) (age 14)

Wertie Uwop Qwerty, commonly known as Qwerty Uiop, is a friendly, pink-feathered penguin who can only pronounce the letters q, w, e, r, t, y, u, i, o, p. They are all on the top letter row of a QWERTY keyboard. A message like "Hello, I'm a penguin." would end up as " e o, I' pe ui ." Her talk can sometimes be very annoying and boring, especially when they are long speeches. She is part of the Qwerty Family, and is cousins with Asd-Fghjkl and Zxcv Bnm.


Early Life[edit]

Qwerty Uiop hatched as a normal, everyday chick on December 10th, 2005 in Club Penguin to Jane Qwerty and Robert Qwerty. She lived an extremely normal life, but at age of 5, she was waddling past a construction site with her parents, when a rope overhead snapped and she got hit on the head with an anvil. She was rushed to hospital immediately, with serious head damage. Her vocal cords got cut, but she was still fine, so they didn't try fixing it as she was able to speak. Unfortunately, the first thing she spoke after waking up from surgery was "qwertyuiop", so they suspected everything was fine. It wasn't. They only found out, when they got home, that Qwerty was only able to speak the top row of letters on a "QWERTY" keyboard. Furious at what the construction company had done, they sued the company for 50,000 coins, and then the hospital for overlooking that point for the same amount.

After they had simmered their anger, they realized that Qwerty was now 6, and they needed to decide whether to send her to school or homeschool. Since they figured out that if they sent her to school she would be bullied for her inability to speak properly, they decided to homeschool her, for the sake of the family's pride and reputation. Qwerty was a very clever chick, and she excelled at writing tasks, what with clean, tidy handwriting and good sentence structure. After some time, when she was 8, her parents decided that, after two years of shutting her inside the igloo, they should introduce her to the outside world. Unfortunately, this didn't work out, as the other chicks in the playground they took her to were incapable of understanding what had happened to her, and bullied her for being unable to say words properly. It was at this time that she received the nickname "Qwerty Uiop", which stuck, and was locked inside the igloo again.

It didn't matter that she was unexposed to the outside world though, because she was reading Puffle Classics by the time she was 9, could write an essay when she was 11, and grew up as an extremely intelligent chick. Eventually, due to the constant unmentioning of what went on outside, she forgot about what happened outside the front door; the fact that she didn't care and began to be visited by her cousin Asd-Fghjkl frequently and for the first time helped this.

Later Life[edit]

She was extremely uninterested in outside matters and politics for a good 3 years, when her skills excelled, until a month after she was 11.

Current Life[edit]


Qwerty Uiop, having nothing better to do, is currently in the status of wandering around Club Penguin annoying innocent passers-by with her confusing and annoying talk. Due to this, she cannot get a job, which is why she doesn't have any other pastime than this. However, because of her not being able to speak properly, there are penguins who naturally have pity on her and give her some money as she passes by, whilst telling (quite literally) her situation to anybody, and this also means that she has set up an online charity for herself to raise money which she would otherwise not earn.

Abilities and Weaknesses[edit]

Her abilities are -

  • Intelligent: She is intelligent, and quite witty. This is probably because and why she was able to read and love Puffle Classics at such a young age.
  • Speech: She can fend off annoying penguins with her annoying speech, which can be good as they might be villains. Once she gets them to think she's worthless, she can waddle calmly on.

Her weaknesses are -

  • Speech: Unfortunately, her speech might drive penguins away due to the annoyingness. The penguin she drives away might have important news which must be heard as soon as possible.
  • Temper: She has a horrible fiery temper, and it is nasty to hear her shout at somebody in disjointed letters. This can be compared with her "speech" weakness.


  • E o! o re you to y?
  • I Qwerty Uiop.



  • No matter how much penguins push her to visit him, she says that "I wou r t er ot" ("I would rather not").
  • When she is being narrated, her words come out with spaces between the words.

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