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Rebeldes 'Askapen Mugimendua
RAM logo as of 2011
Key details
Name Rebeldes 'Askapen Mugimendua
Chairman Veronivi Eblon Dovaski (secretary-general)
Founded 1998
Headquarters Gurehasiera
Ideology socialist democracy, liberated socialism and one-party rule
Official Colors Red
Political position Leftist
Present in Jing Jongs Island
Working with Various
Highest office
ever held
Youth wing Youth RAM

The Rebeldes 'Askapen Mugimendua, or the Liberated Workers' Front of Jing Jongs or RAM for short, is a socialist separatist political party in exile and considered a guerilla group by the USA and twelve other countries. It's main aim is to bring about a communist revolution in Jing Jongs Island, separating it from the USA. Formed in 1995 during the Three Kingdoms of Weddell era, its ideologies include socialist democracy, liberated socialism and one-party rule. The party's headquarters is in the Gurehasiera, located in the depths of the forest of Jing Jongs Island.

Rebeldes 'Askapen Mugimendua means Rebels' Liberation Movement in Basque, the official language of the party.


Originally founded in 1998, before the Eniox Kingdom became part of the neighbouring Tenox Kingdom. Basque-speaking High Penguin Veronivi Eblon Dovaski was unhappy with the rightist, non-democratic rule of the government, and decided to protest the government. He gathered support and in the early hours of the 1999, when the Tenox Kingdom officially annexed the Eniox Kingdom, the group protested on the main streets of Jing Jongs City, where many were arrested. Even more furious, Dovaski gathered more penguins and started a rebel group that would evolve to be the infamous Rebeldes 'Askapen Mugimendua.

The next year, as the remaining kingdoms of Weddell agreed to merge, RAM realised that the new kingdom would inevitably declare bankruptcy and secede to another country. They took advantage of the situation and, in 2001, as the new Weddell Kingdom came to an end, members of the RAM went forward and pitched a solution whereby they would be the ruling party, taking care of the ongoing debt crisis while notable politicians of the kingdom could stay on. The Weddell Kingdom refused and eventually merged into the USA, angering RAM.

In the next few years, RAM members would constantly protest in hopes to separate themselves from Jing Jongs Island. They relocated to Herri, a town in the forest, after being banished from the urban areas of Jing Jongs Island by the South Pole Council. Since then, they resided and continued their operations in the Gurehasiera, a large facility.


The RAM's focus is to unite the citizens of Jing Jongs and bring about justice to minors, the Basque penguins and the workers, without the opposition of others, prospering economically, socially and politically, achieving stability, peace and opinion in unison.

RAM wishes to "bring about justice to minors, the Basque and workers", implying equal treatment of all penguins within the state. They also take care of the community's problems and needs. This implies that they believe in social liberalism. Other ideologies include socialist democracy, liberated socialism and one-party rule.

They aim for a consociationalist government with anyone able to share ideas with the government with no opposition whatsoever. Another ideology is collectivist anarchism, in which although they initially own the properties of their projects, they would sell them off to be handled by citizens and must be put on the stock market. The group also believe in mutualism, in which each penguin has a means of production value.

Some have debated if the RAM were a fascist organisation, but the RAM constantly denies this.


As mentioned earlier, the RAM is exiled in the deep forests of the island.

The RAM usually comes up with new propaganda ploys and usually put them up on public property, RAM-backed properties and businesses, as well as online. The RAM has never been caught doing these however.

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