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The RDA Troopers
RDAtrooper in battle.png
RDA Troopers in Battle.
Name The RDA Troopers
Type Elite Soldiers
Location Terninia, Snowzerland
Head Swiss Ninja
Job Mercinaries, Elite Soldiers, Pilots
Members Half a Million Clones (Most of them are off duty)
Headquarters Terninia

RDA Troopers is an elite armed force created by the RDA for the Snoss Army.


The RDA Trooper's history started ever since the formation of the RDA. The young Scientist/Bounty Hunter Django Ghent worked for a field of research on cloning. Django was able to two clones of himself rapidly with only using the DNA on his feather. Several years after his death, the RDA thought of the idea of using the clones for an army, and cloning on Terninia began.

While effective soldiers in their prime, triple-accelerated aging during the cloning process meant that RDA Troopers had short lifespans and suffered severe mental health issues. The costs associated with cloning meant volunteer and conscript soldiers were more cost effective even if individual soldier quality was lower. Following the Great Snowzerland War VI, all RDA Troopers were removed from frontline duty in favor of Stormtroopers. All remaining RDA Troopers are expected to be decomissioned by 2020.

Troop Sectors[edit]



The army of the RDA is the core of the RDA Trooper Unit. They have the cutting edge technology and are better then even the Mountain Spartans. The Army are all clones of Django Ghent, Java Ghent's Father, who was cloned on Terninia.

Air Force[edit]

RDA Trooper.png

The RDA Air Force has a different uniform to the army. They wear white helmets and lighter armor. Even though they look like they are from a different faction, this is so they can be told apart from the army. Another avantage of this is that enemies sometimes mistake them for non-RDA troops. Like the army, they are clones of Django Ghent.

Trooper Variants[edit]

  • RDA Assault Trooper- The most common trooper.
  • RDA Heavy Trooper
  • RDA Engineer
  • RDA Sharpshooter
  • RDA Jet Trooper
  • RDA Pilot

Special Forces[edit]

  • The Advanced Recon Commandos were the primary special force troopers. Attached to a main assault force, there job revolves around special warfare, such as capturing enemy generals or behind enemy lines operations. ARC Troopers aren't to be confused with RDA Commandos; RDA Commandos are core specialists of the DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System DC 17m and their missions tend to be more secretive and quiet, since they are often not attached to main assault forces. There are Null, Alpha, Pilot and Heavy ARC Trooper variants.
  • RDA Paratrooper
  • RDA Marine
  • RDA Commando
  • RDA Commandos were the secondary special forces unit. Unlike ARC troopers, whose missions were more simple behind enemy lines, their missions were more secretive, quiet and could be considered to be black operations. Another significant difference is their specialism of the DC-17m. RDA Commandos often had a more specialized training program and were more independent compared to their ARC counterparts, being able to operate without the need of a non-cloned commander. Overall, they could be considered more elite than the ARC Troopers.


They are equipped with handheld Deletion Laser, although they are specially designed by the RDA weapons division:

  • DC-15A Blaster Rifle - the standard issue rifle, it is long range but is more expensive compared to thhe DC-15S.
  • DC15S Blaster Carbine - some RDA Troopers prefer to use this instead of the DC-15A due to it's simplicity, light weaight and better close range usage. It is also cheaper but loses some of the DC-15A accuracy. It is also a popular sidearm to RDA Troopers to those who use the DC-15A or otherwise other specialised troopers.
  • DC-15x sniper DC-15x - the sniper rifle variant of the DC-15A. It is equiped with a scope and is used for sniping the enemy at a long range. It is used by RDA Sharpshooters.
  • PLX-1 portable missile launcher - the missile launcher for the RDA Troopers. It is the standard and is both anti-vehicle and anti-air. It is used by RDA Heavy Troopers and ARC Troopers.
  • RDA Shotgun - A shotgun. Although it looks a DC-15 Blaster Rifle it isn't labelled as one but is named as one of a kind. No one knows why. It is issued to RDA Engineers but ordinary or other types of RDA Troopers sometimes uses it.
  • Z-6 rotary blaster cannon - a hand-held chaingun often used by the ARC Troopers although regular troopers have been known to use this. Another variant is the one mounted over the shoulder, which is popular with officers and marines for some reason. Normal RDA Troopers may use this as a support weapon for squads of RDA Troopers.
  • Deletion Magnetic Pulse Launcher - also known as the DMP Launcher, it is used almost exclusively by jet troopers. It shoots a ball of deletion energy which deletes it's target on impact. It can also lock onto to it's target.
  • DC-17 hand blaster - an heavy blaster pistol used by high ranking officers. Sometimes used by specialist RDA troopers (eg snipers) but the DC-15S is prefered. It is NOT to be confused with the DC-17m, which is more related to the DC-15 line but it's named DC-17 due to more noticed characteristics.
  • DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System DC 17m - by far the most expensive version of the DC-15A due to the fact it has three modes; rifle, sniper and anti-armour. Only issued to RDA Trooper Commandos. Some newer variants have two new attachments; the Pulse Energy Projectile, a non-lethal attachment for riot control. It shot an electric bolt injuring a target with an electric shock. The Rapid-Entry Grenade is the latest attachment, which shoots a grenade at a door so it could be breached at a safe distance. Some have criticised the grenade as an insult to commando training but neverthless it has been proved useful.
  • RDA Saber - RDA Sabers are keysaber like weapons, but instead of plasma, they are actual lasers. They have a shorter range, from 2-3 feet, and are also normally red or green, depending on the squadron.
  • Generic RDA Blaster-The generic RDA Blaster has five modes: Deletion, ditto-snowball, bullet, flamethrower, electric ray. These are the most vertasile weapons of the RDA Force...and also the most generic. Version two is being worked on.

Aircraft and Machinery[edit]

LAATTU Opened with Troops.png

  • The LATTU- As shown in the picture above, the LATTU is the main troop transportation unit. It is very useful since it is silent, can also carry cargo, and can act as a mobile command post if needed.

HARK 170.png

  • The HARK-170 - A recent invention made by Django Ghent on Terninia, the HARK-170 is the most modern aircraft/space plane for it's time. It is even designed for spacetravel. Unlike the Snoss Shooting Star and even the LATTU, the Hark-170 has two powerful main laser blasters with two extra gun turrets in the back, extra retractable wings, and can hold about 3 passengers, two of them being the pilot and co-pilot, and the third one being the gunner.

  • TIE Fighter - Introduced in 2013, is a powerful spacecraft that is similar to the HARK-170, except that it is a bit smaller, thinner, and faster. The TIE Fighter is not as commonly used in the RDA than in the Snoss Air Force.

Snoss Shooting Star.png

  • The Snoss Shooting Star, as seen above, is a bountiful Snoss fighter jet that is also in both the RDA Trooper army and the Snoss Army. Unlike the Swisserschmitt, the Snoss Shooting Star is ten times faster than the Swisserschmitt, going faster than the speed of sound. It is also very modern and high tech, consisting of 8 gun turrets and guided missles. It's appearance is much like a Boeing Hornet.


  • The Swisserschmitt, shown above, is the least plentiful fighter plane in both the RDA Trooper Army, but is more used in the Snoss Army. Since the Swissershidt is pretty low tech these days, the aircraft is used for patrolling or for air shows.

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