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r0f1 WaFfLEz
ROFL Waffles image.png
Looks like a waffle, tastes like a waffle, but it's not a waffle..
Type Waffle
Effects Euphoria
Source Why should I tell you?
Location Small brown paper bags.
Cost to buy $9001
Cost to sell $6

ROFL Waffles (standard 1337: r0f1 W4Ff13$ , fancy 1337: R0ƒ£ W4ƒƒ£3$, pronounced: Raw-full waffles) are mystical food items that generate euphoria. They are used as advanced weaponry by the Str00del Force, and are ammo for ROFLCOPTER guns. The ROFL Waffle is non lethal, but is classed as a Grade C Non-Tradeable Substance by the Antarctican health commission.

It is not advised to eat one of these. You will regret it.


Yes, they are.

It looks like a waffle, smells like a waffle, but it's not a waffle! It's a ROFL Waffle!

A ROFL Waffle, when launched from a ROFLCOPTER, can reach speeds of up to 600 km/h (372 mph). When it comes into contact with the enemy, high concentrations of nitrous oxide (a.k.a. laughing gas) are released from the waffle's crust and are subsequently inhaled by the victim, who begins to roll on the floor (or ground) laughing. This is the most effective version of non-lethal weaponry. The euphoria lasts only two minutes, not long enough to laugh to death. Though, the victims are very out-of-breath, and might have some side pains too from all of the laughing.