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Two RocketSnails
Two RocketSnails
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
Order: Pulmonata
Family: Helicidae
Subfamily: Alipedis
Genus: Cocleae
Species: volucremiraculae
Binomial Nomenclature
Cocleae volucremiraculae

Also called "RSnail".

A RocketSnail (Cocleae volucremiraculae), Latin for Flying Wonder Snail, is a shelled, gastropod creature capable of vast knowledge and fluently speaking English. To move around, RocketSnails use a special propulsion system created many years ago. Almost every RocketSnail is found in the town of Snellville with some being found on Snelten Island.


RocketSnails first arrived in Antarctica in 1997, with Snelder, now known as the Snellville Elder, as its founder. Establishing the trading post that is Snellville, it quickly became a town of excellent cuisine and some of the best cream soda in the USA. Inhabited by RocketSnails, Snellville is a center for knowledge, and it even has its own library.

In the late 1990s, RocketSnails began to populate Snelten Island in the Culldrome Isles. Since then, it has become another major RocketSnail settlement.

RocketSnail varieties[edit]

Some RocketSnails run on other types of power than a normal RocketSnail.

A list of all known RocketSnail power sources follow:

  • Gravity and Gears (used by the Olde Antarctica ancestors of the modern RSnail, now dubbed CartSnails)
  • Steam Power (used exclusively by Snelder)
  • Rocket Fuel (used by the generic, everyday RocketSnail)
  • Solar Power (used by some "hippie" snails)
  • Shaken Cream Soda (for snails who love to go fast)
  • Nuclear Fission (used exclusively by the Snell-Libros, a special RocketSnail variety known as the NukeSnail.)
  • Nuclear Fusion (really rare but becoming more common, due to its power)
  • Biofuel (used by Rsnails who want to save the environment, though some say that it kills it even more. It is widely avalible and it is slowly becoming more popular. Snails who use it are refered to as BioSnails.


RocketSnails are extremely kind creatures, who live by the credo "Everybody's Somebody in Snellville!". They open their town to all, hoping to spread happiness to all of the penguin tourists. Many people have taken advantage of the RocketSnail's hospitality, mooching off of their cream soda for days on end.

They are eaten as food in Frankterre and in the Geneva Province in Snowzerland. In addition, RocketSnails exist in many other dimensions, though it is unknown why.



  • Unlike any other snail, RocketSnails are Gonochoric, meaning there are genetically determined males and females, distinct "he" and "she", boys and girls, like penguins or humans. All other land snails are Hermaphroditic, meaning they are neither male nor female, they are it, like plants.
  • There are numerous ways to determine if an RSnail is male or female. One method is looking at their colors, and/or the colors of their rockets.
  • Males are usually green with a yellow shell, and a red & yellow rocket.
  • Females are usually pink with an orange shell, and a pink & yellow rocket.
  • Every RocketSnail is a brilliant, highly intelligent being, even if they don't use that intelligence.

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