Race for the Gem

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Race for the Gem
The epic battle begins as soon as you start reading. So start reading.
Background information
Participants Tails6000, Explorer 767. Fred 676, Speeddasher, The Jock Bros, Doctor Aye-Que, Cyber Tails, The Underground PWN Mafia
Date September 7th, 2006
Location Ayetropolis

Race for the Gem was a huge event that was going on in Doctor Aye-Que's base in Ayetropolis. It involved several citizens of the USA fighting for a destruction gem guarded by Cyber Tails.


Prologue: Righteous Gem of Power" is at stake![edit]

In the dark outskirts of Ayetropolis, four colored penguins in football gear are trying to infiltrate the base.

"Man this is just incredibally easy man,"said the yellow penguin, as the four are busy going through the outskirts unnoticed.

"Quiet, or we might be caught man," said the red one, which was apparently the leader.

The four made it to a part of the main building with windows, and they looked inside. They then saw a familiar looking glow in the building.

"A RIGHTEOUS GEM OF POWER!" Exclaimed the green one excitedly.

The black colored penguin slapped his flipper over his beak and pointed to a guard robot.

"I suggest you shut yo trap unless you want dat robot over there wakin up the big boss."

"He's not that big," replied the green one. "He's just a puffle."

The black penguin face palmed.

"Well you seem to be pretty excited," said the yellow one. "So why don't you go and grab it so we can get outa here."

"Tough crowd," said the green one as he walked over to get the gem. Just then, he was sent flying back by a mechanical flipper and knocked down the other three.

"Crap!"Yelled the black one. "We've been spotted."

"What in the name of Mayor McFlappingham was that?"Asked the Red one.

A mysterious voice began to laugh and the four penguins began to shake. The black one then walked closer and held up his fist.

"Come on you cybernetic coward! Show yourself!"

"Well, well," it replied. "Aren't we demanding. I was gonna do that just now whether you asked for it or not."

As the figure walked out of the shadows, they where shocked at what they saw. Tails6000 with cybernetics????

"What's that yellow guy doin here?" Asked the green one.

"I ain't gotta clue," said the black one. "But he looks like he's seen better days."

"Have we met before?" Asked Tails.

"Well would you look at that boys," said the red penguin. "The kid ain't seem to remember us. Well let's give him an attack he'll never forget."

The brothers all nodded and began their special attack. They then slapped some fives and hopped on eachother's backs, with the green one struggling at the bottom.

"On a count of 3!" Yelled the black one.

"1... 2... 3!!!!!!!!

The four brothers charged at Tails, while stupidly waving their flippers around, to which Tails simply sent a fire ball straight at them with his mechanical flipper.

"WHOA!" Yelled the brothers in unison.

The fireball hit them, and sent them flying straight through several buildings. Tails quickly caught up with them after they'd finally stopped.

"Well, perhaps we have met before and I've merely forgotten," mocked Tails. "After all that was a pretty forgettable attack."

The brothers imediatley got up, and their faces turns bright red.


"Ya, what he said," added in the yellow one.

Tails merely laughed at the four.

"Well then, please tell me who you four are, and why I should care before I defeat you. This Destruction Gem is property of Doctor Atlas Ivo Aye-Que, and he left me here to guard it."

"Well brothers, lets get the intro," said the red penguin as the black one started a radio.





"AND WE ARE......THE JOCK BROTHERS!" They all said in a silly intro.

"Well that was certainly forgettable. I am Cyber Tails, clone of the original Tails6000," said Cyber-Tails introducing himself. "I'd tell you how I ended up like this, but I suggest you go read my article. It's not really that hard to find, as there's a link right at the top of the page. Anyways, I believe I'm getting off topic. Let's finish this."

somehow the jock bros. theme goes off before the battle begins

"You better have good life insurance, you'll need it!" Exclaimed the red jock brother.

The four brothers charged at Cyber Tails in their special attack again, but the mecha clone just sent them flying again.

"Really?" Asked Cyber Tails. "That pathetic attack again? You guys are just to easy to beat. And just so you know, I'm holding back on you guys."

The four simply froze after hearing that. It was as if time had just froze. The, after what seemed like an hour of silence, the brothers began to yell.


Cyber Tails simply laughed again.

"Very well," said the clone. "But don't say I didn't warn you.

The four brothers simply ran around Cyber Tails attempting to hit him, but the clone merely blocked all of their attacks. Then the black penguin managed give the clone a strong punch which sent him flying into the air. He then pulled out a deletion rifle and aimed it at the clone.

"Time to say goodnight mecha boy," he yelled.

"NOT IF I GOT ANYTHING TO SAY!" Yelled Cyber Tails who quickly fired another fireball before the black penguin could pull the trigger. The four would've been incinerated, and the black penguin not deleted the fireball just in time. Cyber Tails then landed back on the ground and charged straight towards the four. The brothers dodged him just in time, but were terrified at how fast he'd charged.

"WOW, THAT WAS LIKE, POWERFUL!" Exclaimed the Green Jock Brother, who then started to throw flaming footballs at Cyber Tails.

The battle continued on for quite some time. Little did they know that further from the building four other penguins stood by watching their every move.

"Hmph," said a ninja penguin sporting a blue cap. "What amateurs. I could beat that mecha scum in my sleep."

"I'm not sure," replied a read penguin wearing a plaid sweater, and a graduation cap. " He seems pretty strong. But one thing remains certain. We need that gem."

"Yeah, we gotta stop this puffle dude," said a blue penguin wearing only a propeller cap. "And I'll do it using this shovel. Word of advice people reading this, babes love a dude with a shovel."

"Yeah, time to get that gem from those villains guys," said the yellow penguin with sneakers, a black hoodie, and a miners hat. "Let's do this!"

The four then jumped off the building to join in on the battle. The epic fight, was now beginning.

Chapter 1: HERE COMES THE CALVARY![edit]

As the mysterious four penguins charged into the battle, the Jock Brothers were getting the daylights PWNed out of them. They were starting to run out of strength and Cyber Tails continued to gloat at his seeming victory.

"Well, this was a disappointment," said Cyber Tails. "Actually correction. This is more than a disappointment. I can't say I was expecting much, but I expected something. You four even failed to deliver that. I guess that makes you four nothing."

"Oh no he didn't," said the yellow one.

"Oh ya I did!"

Cyber Tails sent a large fire ball from his mechanical flipper that nearly hit the brothers. They managed to dodge it just in time though and it instead hit a nearby building.


Cyber Tails felt that he was unmatched with these four jocks seeming filled with his power. Just then, the four brothers and Cyber Tails heard the sound of shattering glass.

"ATTACK!" Yelled the yellow penguin with his group jumping through the window with his friends/

"WHAT DA HECK WAS DAT?!" Yelled the Jock Brothers in unison.

The blue penguin got up and spun the propeller on his hat in a cool sort of way.

"That you ninja wannabes, was us crashing through the window and not receiving a single cut. It happens quite a lot in stuff like this."

"You GOT to be kidding me" said Cyber-Tails in shock.

Cyber Tails then felt something at the back of his neck. He turned around to see Speeddasher holding a katana at his neck and Fred 676 ready to throw a 90 degrees triangle.

"I don't kid," said Speeddasher.

"You might as well surrender now," said Fred. "According to my calculations there is no chance of you winning the battle."

"You penguins really tick me off sometimes!"

Tails just mockingly smiled at the cybernetic clone and then turned to face the Jock Brothers.

"Did you miss us?" said Tails6000 taunting them.

"AHA! I KNEW IT, THAT KID DOES KNOIW US!" Exclaimed the black jock.

The red brother stared at him in unammusment and the others quickly followed.

"Sorry" he replied. "Promise you'll stop me from doing something like that again.

"Promise," they all said together.

"So, what are we gonna do?" Cyber Tails now angered at the "reunion-esqe" scene. "Are we just gonna stand here like a bunch of barnacles on a whale, or are we gonna fight!"

"Did he just call us barnacles?" Asked the green brother.

"We ain't gonna stand around!" Exclaimed the yellow brother. "We're gonna fight, and we're gonna win.

Speeddasher laughed a bit at that statement.

"You couldn't win a prize in a claw machine," he stated. "Anyways, let's get down to business."

"Right," said Tails.

Speeddasher blocked the others from going any further.

"You guys take care of these football jokers," he said. "I'll handle Cyber Tails."

"And why is that?" Asked Explorer.

Speed turned to face the penguin.

"Cause he's the only one here who even comes close to my fighting caliber," he stated. "I'm sure I could take all of these guys out at once if I wanted to, but I guess I've gotta share the fun."

"Well you're certainly pretty cocky," said Fred.

Speed pulled out his katana and held it out in front of him.

"It's not cocky if you're good."

The battle again started in a flash. The heroes started gaining a slightly higher edge as they were studying the moves of their opponents. The Red Jock and Yellow Jock cornered Tails not realizing that Tails had become much stronger since their last encounter.

"HADOUKEN!" Yelled Tails as he shot out the powerful energy attack.

The two penguins dodged it quickly, but they seemed to be missing some of their head feathers.

"That was close man!" Screamed the Yellow Jock.

"I know, lets turn up the heat here," said the Black Jock Brother, as he began to throw flaming footballs at Tails (which he dodged quite easily).

"Oh ya, I think I felt the wind on that throw!"

The Black Jock growled and continued throwing the flaming footballs. Meanwhile, two of the other jock brothers were having a conversation.

"We have really been getting mocked a lot lately," said the Red Jock.

"I know," replied the Yellow Jock. "I'm really not sure why we put up with it all the time. We even get mocked on Halloween, when everyone wears silly costumes."

"Dude did you just call our costumes silly?"

Crap! I just dissed myself! I'm not worthy to were this outfit. I am not...

The two's conversation was interrupted by Explorer and Fred who had just kicked them in the face. Meanwhile, Speeddasher was fighting with the Green Jock Brother (much to his dismay), and there wasn't really much competition. Speeddasher kept throwing shurikens, and hardly gave the Green Jock a chance to attack. Eventually though, he managed to throw a football at Speed, which actually hit him.

"WOOOO HOOOO! Take that! I landed a hit on the most powerful penguin!"

To his surprise though, Speed merely brushed off the hit. He then charged straight towards the Green Jock, instantly knocking him out.

"Green is down!" Yelled the Red Jock.

"Crap!" Yelled the Black Jock.

"It's not like he did much during this fight," replied the Yellow Jock.

The Antics Brothers were busy fighting Cyber Tails, and they actually managed to keep him on his toes. Wait penguins don't have toes? Oh never mind, you get the idea. Together they'd flung him into a nearby dumpster.

"NICE JOB BROTHER!" Said Explorer.

"Thanks!" Fred replied.

Just then however, Cyber Tails leaped out and grabbed Explorer by the neck. Fred ran towards the cyborg to save his brother, but by the time he reached him, Explorer had been thrown quite a distance.

"Huh," said the Green Jock. "What happened? Oh ya, that gem thingy that we're after."

Before the Green Jock could get up, Explorer had rammed right into his head, knocking both of them out cold.

"WHAT A JOKE!" Laughed Cyber Tails "I'm supposed to think the mighty ANTICS BROTHERS can fight me? I thought those four were clowns"

"NO ONE INSULTS MY BROTHER!" said Fred hitting Cyber Tails with his pick-axe on the head.

"Ugh, nice on bro," said Explorer happy that he was saved.

Tails was still fighting against the Black Jock brother. He'd begun to get a bit tired, and he started taking more damage. He had to find a way to end this quickly, and then he saw Fred and had an idea. He quickly spin dashed towards Fred's direction and Fred imediatley knew what to do.

"FORE!" Exclaimed Fred as he swung Tails around like a golfball attack the Jock. Tails then bounced around and knocked out all of the remaining Jock Brothers.

"Wow!" Tails exclaimed. "That was a great fight."

"Oh but the fight is just beginning," said a voice from behind him.

Tails looked around to see Cyber Tails charge up an attack. Using his mechanical flipper, he fired a super powerful fire ball straight towards Tails, and sent the penguin flying straight towards the wall.

"TAILS!" Yelled Explorer.

Luckily Tails was still alive, but he'd been slightly injured.

"Sorry metal-face, but that was a FAIL," said Tails pulling out a familiar armant on his flipper.

"I DESPISE YOU TAILS!" Yelled the clone as he prepared to fire again.

Before he could however, Speeddasher appeared in mid-air right above the cyborg. Using his katana, he sliced straight through Cyber Tails's mechanical flipper, and gave him swift punch to the jaw.

"Thanks Speed," said Tails. "I owe you one."

"Heh, I guess I was wrong," replied Speed. "Cyber Tails isn't anymore powerful that these jock idiots."

"HA!" Laughed Tails, and the Antics Brothers, as Cyber Tails fell down to the ground.

"This can't be happening," thought Cyber Tails. "I can't loose to these idiots! As much as I hate to do this, I fear there's no other choice."

Tails approached his clone with a cocky smile on his face.

"You still up for more Cyber Tails, or are you ready to hand over that gem."

Just then, the cyborg reached for the pocket in his hoodie and pulled out something.

"Hate to have to resort to this, but I really must be going."

He then lifted his flipper up and revealed a smoke bomb. He threw it on the ground and it activated, giving him chance to escape.

"Cough, cough, coward!" Yelled Explorer.

When the smoke finally cleared up, he had gotten all the way to a nearby building.

"By the right angles of a triangle, he's getting away!" Exclaimed Fred.

"Well then let's get moving!" Yelled Speeddasher."

Tails nodded and the four ran straight towards the building Cyber Tails had entered. Meanwhile, the cyborg had reached the third floor, and entered a room filled with large stasis tubes. In them were various androids who looked just like Speeddasher.

"I know there was a very good reason why these androids were put in stasis, but if I don't release them I'll never stand a chance of beating these penguins."

Cyber Tails frantically pressed several buttons and the tubes began to drain out their liquid and the androids began to awaken. They then exited their tubes and looked at Cyber Tails.

"Well if it isn't Cyber Tails," said one of them. "You must be really desperate if you were forced to activate us."

"WHATEVER!" Yelled the Cyborg. "Look, I know you guys haven't exactly had the best history with Aye-Que in the past, but I was thinking maybe we could put all our differences aside and beat these guys who are trying to steal our gem!"

The androids looked at each other and nodded.

"He's right," one of them replied. "We should really stop these intruders."

Cyber Tails smirked, but then an android went behind him at super fast speed, and punched him straight in the back of his head. The cyborg was knocked out and the Speeddroids laughed.

"Putting aside are differences aside though, that's something that's just not gonna happen."

Just then, the four heroes rushed in and were surprised to see all of the Speeddroids.

"Hey Speed," said Explorer. "You never told me you had relatives?"

"I-I've never seen these guys in my life," said Speed.

"Well, you guys must be the four intruders," said one of the androids. "This should be quite fun."

Chapter II :You know what they say The More the Merrier[edit]

The heroes and the Speeddroids quickly ensued in battle.

Tails was busy taking at least three or five of them on. He had resorted to using his hot sauce gun due to his buster canon running out of power, and being slightly low on energy to use for a hadouken.

"YEAH, it’s always good to go back to a classic!" Tails exclaimed as he quickly took down the droids with his hot sauce.

Unbeknownst to him though, a Speeddroid was sneaking up from behind him. His mouth began to glow and he opened it to reveal a canon hidden in the back of his throat (similar to Cyber Tails’).

"So throa canon!” The robot yelled indescribably due to not being able to close his mouth.

Tails managed to sense the robot coming, and delivered a powerful punch to his lower jaw.

"SHORYUKEN!" He screamed in a booming voice.

The impact sent the machine flying into the air, and Tails got ready to follow him. Using his hot sauce gun, he sent a powerful blast towards the ground, which propelled him up into the air. The two were on a collision course with each other, each one of them ready to strike.

“This ends now you pathetic organic!” It yelled. “Homing Fist!”

The machines fist suddenly shot towards Tails like a rocket, and it looked like it’d deliver a direct hit. Tails was more experienced in fighting however and instead viewed this as an opportunity to get in a hit.

“Come on, give me some credit!” He yelled.

Instead of the fist hitting Tails, it barely went under his feet. Tails then quickly stepped on it, and propelled his jump even higher. In a matter of seconds he was right above the robot.

“You little pest!” It yelled angrily. “I’ll hit with another...

Before he could finish his sentence, Tails grabbed the robot by the head and gave a cheeky smile.

“It’s time to end this,” he said. “TAILS ANVIL!”

It was then that Tails propelled him self towards the ground at a tremendous speed, with the Speeddroid being held right below him. The two hit the ground with a thud, and Tails managed to jump out of the just before the robot exploded.

the REAL Speeddasher however, was busy clashing swords with 1 of the droids.

"I WILL NOT LOSE TO A COPY!" said Speed as he was abttling the droid

"I AM THE REAL SPEEDDASHER" said a speeddroid stepping on his foot to make the real one to lose balance

while this all happened Cyber-Tails slowly had gotten up

"Those traitors...." he said to himself

Tails was busy taking on 10 of the speeddroids, switly dodging them, but somehow noticed a fire weed on the uppermost shelf

"If I get that from there I can harness my fire powers.... Luckily if I wanna change I also have an ice weed in my pocket" Tails said as he then hopped from one of the droid's ehads to the fire weed, he then grabbed it, but was hit by a hadouken from Cyber-Tails

"YOU WILL ALL PERISH BENEATH MY FEET!" said Cyber-Tails, seemingly more angry than he ever was.

"Well... Your mine now...." said Tails, now powering-up to his fire form.

Chapter IV: Fire Tails Fights Again![edit]