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The chicken, the myth, the legend
Full Name Radioactivechicken Alpha
Status Alive
Born Radioactivechicken Alpha
May 24, 1986 (1986-05-24) (age 33)
Species Chicken
Race Radioactive
Gender Male
Height 50cm
Weight 3Kg
Residence Yoenah
Citizenship Antarctican
Ethnicity Chicken
Nationality United States of Antarctica
Occupation Bureau of Fiction worker
Employer The Bureau of Fiction
Salary 45,000 fish

Radioactivechicken is a chicken from another universe. He serves as a member of the Bureau of Fiction and formerly the Club Penguin Wiki. He is also a country leader in his own universe.


For Radioactivechicken's life before he came to this universe click here.

Discovery of The Fanon Universe[edit]

In late 2016, when trying to find something out about puffles, Radioactivechicken came across a portal. Not knowing where it went to, Chicken jumped down it to see where he will go. He ended up outside the Club Penguin Wiki. After applying for a job there he started work. And got frequently got into arguments with other workers. This lead him to leave the Wiki in May of 2017. After looking around the fanon universe for a new job, Chicken discovered something in the Wikia Dumpster. It was a ripoff of the Bureau of Fiction. After working there, another worker told him about the real Bureau of Fiction. So in September of 2017, Radioactivechicken moved over there.

Starting Some Projects[edit]

Radioactivechicken decided to start with the areas that he is good at: The EPF and business. He helped penguins like Henry Gadget and Icespice get noticed in the universe. He also decided to get out more and failed. This was what began to shape the Radioactivechicken that we all know today. He was also very ambitious at this time and he wanted to be a notable member of the Bureau of Fiction. It was also around this time when he visited Writing for the first time, and met Diskaiz Willson-East. The two would eventually become close friends.

Life Changes and More[edit]

In the summer of 2018, Radioactivechicken started to get more secretive about certain topics about his life. He was beginning to get confused and the anger issues that he was once known for in his home universe began to come back. As time went on he did begin to calm down again but he still knew he was different, but he never disclosed anything publicly, though some may argue that he had never changed at all. Still, it was strange for someone to suddenly know stuff like that. In September things did calm down even more but Chicken felt different. By the end of the month it was just accepted that he had changed. But was he really? No. Was Radioactivechicken any different to how he was before? No. It just felt like that to some people because it was such a big shock to those he disclosed it to.

More Conflict[edit]

In late September Chicken visited Wizzint in Moon Island, Shops Island and became aware of the Penstubal Post. After seeing that Chill and Penstubal dislike each other, and that Radioactivechicken has similar beliefs to Chill but didn't hate Penstubal, Radioactivechicken had no idea on who to side with. He became confused and scared. In the end Chicken chose to neutral in their arguments but he still voiced his opinions if they affect him. It should be noted, however, the Radioactivechicken would get more involved in the Scrub VS Melonhead debates later on, and he would eventually identify as a melonhead.

Not Long Before Now[edit]

Radioactivechicken's activity at the Bureau of Fiction decrease and an argument with Chill almost happened. Radioactivechicken has now decided stay in the bureau. He then went on a mission to track down a gang of stalkers who are somehow able to appear out of nowhere when you least expect them to. Because of this, Chicken considered the idea of a vigilante group but quickly decided not and instead hid in the dark corners of Polaris City. In the December of 2018 Radioactivechicken was kidnapped by these stalkers but managed to escape. In January of 2019, Chicken started looking towards the future and tried to predict what tomorrow will bring. His political beliefs started to change in this time as he switched from liberal to conservative. Nobody is sure why this happened but the most accepted theory is that he began to find the left wing toxic and annoying. Of course this meant that it was a good idea for him to leave Polaris so in early Feburary he moved to yoenah.


Radioactivechicken is thought to be getting involved in nuclear weapons this current time so they clearly don't call him Radioactivechicken for nothing. He also wants to see a big search for uranium which is getting very concerning for some penguins even though he does insist that he only wants it to build nuclear power plants. For some time, he also wanted the production of heavy artificial elements to get the greenlight as well which was even more concerning even though he still insisted that it was just for nuclear fuel. Radioactivechicken heavily lobbied the South Pole Council to legalise the production of heavy artificial elements that are even heavier than Squarium, but he eventually gave up. Radioactivechicken has now been involved in trying to find out the secrets that make the universe the way it is but currently has found nothing of interest. He has also been seen in Duck Island for unknown reasons but most of the time he just sits in his house or is working on his regular Bureau of Fiction career.


Radioactivechicken is always trying to be the best at everything, even if he is the worst. He also has a distaste for most, if not all, trends that are going on and randomly start disliking/a rivalry with anybody including you. Despite all of this, Chicken is normally a strange but friendly character. He has also been noted to behave like a certain dictator at times and it sometimes gets to the point where this happens. He was, at a time, also considered to be very conservative, even for Yoenah's standards, which, if course, is why he left Polaris City, and used to spend his time making fun of the place, but he has now calmed down more politically.


Radioactivechicken is a worker at the Bureau of Fiction, this means that he is involved in controlling the universe. He also brings strange goods over from his home universe that amaze other creatures. He gets involved in business a lot and plans to work on more projects. He is also a minor character in politics.

Potential Scandals[edit]

How is Radioactivechicken able to travel from one universe to another? This is a trait thought to only be found in Penguins. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Chicken is not a chicken but a Khanz Penguin in disguise. This theory is mostly scoffed at, however. Also not even other Bureau of Fiction employees seem to trust him as they have their own theories. Apparently he was given these powers by us which is sort of true.

The Polaris Theory[edit]

In March 2019, a few penguins started to wonder about Radioactivechicken's sudden departure from Polaris. He claimed to leave due to political reasons but others think that maybe it is because there might be a hidden political landscape in the country that is hidden and someone put a price on Chicken's head. The theory states that Polaris has secretly changed after Sancho Monte Captio stepped down and the land turned into a political warzone. Radioactivechicken denies this like many Polarian politicians also do but the theorists aren't that convinced. They claim that one hidden party decided to take out Radioactivechicken but failed so they put a price on his head forcing him to leave. Everyone else regards this theory as nonsense.


  • Radioactivechicken used to have strong opinions on the Wikia Dumpster but now he is impartial to its existence.
  • Radioactivechicken once tried to create his own language, but it was a failure. He now feels that he should not have even attempted it in the first place.
  • Chicken loves Snowtendo.
  • Radioactivechicken can take things very literally sometimes.

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