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Radioactivechicken's theme song can be heard here.

This article is about a character, Radioactivechicken. If you meant the user, please go here. Sorry for any confusion.
Title Radioactivechicken (in his home universe they call him The Epic King Radioactivechicken of The Golden Eagle)
Gender Male
Race Chicken
Faction Bureau of Fiction
Health Great
Level 42
Status Working
Location Polaris City
Birth date May 24, 1986 (1986-05-24) (age 32)
Place of birth Uncharted
Occupation Bureau of Fiction worker here, king in his home universe
Employer Bureau of Fiction, The Golden Eagle
Salary 10,000,000,000 Fish
Height 50cm
Interests Drawing
Strengths Intelligence
Weaknesses His weirdness
Fears Loosing his status as king
Friends Zanemax, Niugnep
Archetype Good

Radioactivechicken is a chicken from another universe. He serves as a member of the Bureau of Fiction and formerly the Clubb Phengin Weekee. He is also a king in his own universe.


For Radioactivechicken's life before he came to this universe click here.

Discovery of The Fanon Universe[edit]

In late 2016, when trying to find something out about puffles, Radioactivechicken came across a portal. Not knowing where it went to, Chicken jumped down it to see where he will go. He ended up outside the Clubb Phengin Weekee. After applying for a job there he started work. And got frequently got into arguments with other workers. This lead him to leave the Weekee in May of 2017. After looking around the fanon universe for a new job, Chicken discovered something in the Wikia Dumpster. It was a ripoff of the Bureau of Fiction. After working there, another worker told him about the real Bureau of Fiction. So in September of 2017, Radioactivechicken moved over there.

Starting Some Projects[edit]

Radioactivechicken decided to start with the areas that he is good at: The EPF and business. He helped penguins like Henry Gadget and Icespice get noticed in the universe. He also decided to get out more and failed, he wanted be in the Bureau of Fiction.


Radioactivechicken is always trying to be the best at everything, even if he is the worst. He also has a distaste for most, if not all, trends that are going on and randomly start disliking/ a rivalry with anybody including you. Despite all of this, Chicken is normally a strange but friendly character.


Radioactivechicken is a worker at the Bureau of Fiction, this means that he is involved in controlling the universe. He also brings strange goods over from his home universe that amaze other creatures. He gets involved in business a lot and plans to work on more projects. He also wants to take down the Wikia Dumpster.

Conspiracy Theories[edit]

How is Radioactivechicken able to travel from one universe to another? This is a trait thought to only be found in Penguins. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Chicken is not a chicken but a Khanz Penguin in disguise. This goes against the fact that Radioactivechicken is earning ten billion fish as The Golden Eagle is his primary source of income however. Also not even other Bureau of Fiction employees seem to trust him as they have their own theories. Apparently he was given these powers by us which is sort of true. Not even Zanemax trusts him, he says that Radioactivechicken is using a Club Penguin cheat from Zanemax's secret cheat website.

Zanemax Cheats[edit]

Zanemax Cheats was Zanemax's attempt to be like Sanity Penguin. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Chicken is using the site to be ultra powerful. Radioactivechicken however denies this as he condemns cheat sites such as Zanemax Cheats.