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Alias Badd Guy
Born November 1989
Species Penguin
Race Emperor Penguin
Gender Male
Height 3'9"
Residence ChillIslandFlag.png Chill Island
Occupation Supervillain
CEO of Radztur Evil Incorporated
Years Active 2012-present
Radztur's signature

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Radztur is an evil scientist who is constantly going against Chill57181 and trying to defeat him. He currently hides in the sprawling tunnels of Chill Island, plotting Chill's downfall, eating pizza, and watching cartoons.


Radztur's origins are unknown, as no records of him prior to 2012 exist. Most likely, Radztur was born and raised off the radar.

Radztur arrived on Shops Island in October 2012 and stumbled upon a Chill World location, which was having a Halloween Party at the time. He decided to give the customers a scare and indulge in some villainy by attacking the store with a giant robot. Luckily, the customers were able to fend him off and destroyed his robot. Radztur was caught in the explosion and lost an eye, and was presumed dead by the Shops Intelligence Agency. He vowed revenge against Chill for this, although later admitted that it worked out because the eyepatch makes him look "more villainy". Despite this, he has not given up in his attempts to destroy Chill.

In June 2013, Radztur was one of the few villains who responded to Evil Pengy's recruitment e-mail and joined the Evilositian Army for his plan to take over Shops. After discovering Evil Pengy's ineptitude and lack of knowledge on Shops Island, Radztur decided to go with the plan just to see what would happen, and would often stay silent when Evil Pengy would say something completely wrong or come up with a horrible idea, just to see how it would play out. However, after landing on Chill Island, Evil Pengy decided to take it over instead, and Radztur fully dedicated himself to the plan to get revenge on Chill.

During the confrontation with the Chill Island Protection Force in Chill World, Radztur attempted to kill Chill using a bazooka from Mailman X's bag and the two battled in the storeroom. While he was firing at Chill, he accidentally hit a box of old Halloween decorations and splattered goo on the bazooka, disabling it. Realizing he was defeated, Radztur fled, managing to escape capture. He also chose to leave the Evilositian Army, considering Evil Pengy fun for some laughs, but an inept boss nonetheless that he didn't want to deal with.

Not long after, Radztur chose to leave Shops and move to Chill Island. Late at night, Radztur sneaked into the mines, wandered around the tunnels for a while, and built a secret hideout in the mountains. He also created a map to remember how to get around, which he'd probably be doomed if he ever lost.

Radztur Evil Incorporated's logo

In October 2014, Radztur started his own company, Radztur Evil Incorporated. Afterwards, he secretly opened his own shop in the FreezeShop location on Chill Island, to sell his gadgets to aspiring villains, as well as merchandise of himself. He also hired Henchman to help him run it. Unfortunately, the only villain on Chill Island besides Radztur himself is Carl the Fry Thief, who has no interest in Radztur's goods, so he does horrible business.

Radztur later managed to steal Professor Prepostera's plans for future models of CIPF drones, which he used to create his own personal army of DoomBots. Many of the DoomBots were sent to Shops Island with orders to secretly open Radztur Evil Incorporated stores in other FreezeShop locations. Unlike the original shop, these actually make some money, and the DoomBots are programmed to transfer all WB$ they make to an account at the Freeze Bank owned by "Badd Guy".


During the Shops Civil War, Radztur supported the Shopper Empire, although there was no official partnership and he was still a wanted criminal as far as the Shops Intelligence Agency was concerned, albeit extremely low priority as a result of the war. He managed to hack into their communications, planning to use their intel to hunt down and destroy Chill, hoping to gain a full pardon from the new government.

Despite having full access to the Shopper Empire's communication, Radztur was always a step behind the current events, and was never able to encounter Chill. When the Snoss began nuking Shops Island, Radztur had made his way to Vonkouver and escaped to Chill Island by clinging to one of the transport shuttles. Disappointed and angered at his failure, he returned to his old hideout and began plotting against Chill once again.


  • Shop Owner - Radztur currently runs the Radztur Evil Incorporated shop in the FreezeShop location on Chill Island, although Henchman is usually responsible for its management. The Radztur Evil Incorporated shops in the Shops Island locations are run by Radztur's DoomBots.


  • DoomBots - Radztur's personal robot army, based on stolen plans for the CIPF drones. Radztur cut as many costs as possible while making them so they could be easily mass-produced, which basically turned them into walking garbage. DoomBots have very low intelligence and can only perform tasks specifically told to them. If anything changes along the way, DoomBots are unable to adapt, causing their processor to overload and shut down, or even explode in some rare cases. Their armor is very poor, and they can be disabled with a few bare-flippered punches from a penguin with average strength. They also have no weapons systems, and are instead equipped with a handheld Radztur Evil Incorporated laser gun. Although the DoomBots have never been sent into combat against CIPF drones, it is estimated that at least 50 DoomBots would be needed to overwhelm and defeat a single CIPF drone.
  • Laser Guns - Radztur's favorite weapon. He always carries two of them, but prefers not to dual wield, instead keeping the other as a backup.
  • Radzturcopter - A maroon helicopter with "RADZTUR" painted on the side that serves as Radztur's main method of transportation, although he rarely leaves Chill Island and so it is not used often. It is considered humorous by most who know about it.


Henchman, Radztur's loyal minion


  • Henchman - Henchman follows all of Radztur's orders without question, and Radztur treats him well in return. Radztur trusts Henchman to the point where he allows him to deal with most of his affairs, including running the Radztur Evil Incorporated store on Chill Island.


  • Carl the Fry Thief - Radztur once broke into Mario's Fryz while Carl was stealing french fries. Upon seeing Carl at work, he was so intimidated that he ran away. Despite wanting to make money, Radztur secretly hopes Carl never discovers his shop out of fear of the superior villain.
  • Evil Pengy - Although Evil Pengy's ineptitude was a source of entertainment for Radztur during his time in the Evilositian Army, Radztur decided he didn't want to have a boss like that and returned to being a lone wolf after their defeat by the CIPF.


  • Chill57181 - Radztur has been attempting to defeat Chill since his arrival on Shops Island and considers him his arch-nemesis.
  • Herbert P. Bear - Herbert and Radztur have previously worked together in the past, although Radztur doesn't care for him that much. They both insult each other and call themselves smarter than the other behind their backs when working together.



  • One time he tried to make a machine that would make evil clones of penguins. It failed miserably and he created a nice version of himself.
  • He is rumored to have worked with the Brohailian Army.