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Railfan1, Master of all nerdiness
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction CP BlackHawks and Flywish's Army
Health Pretty good
Level I Dunno
Status Driving Trains and Kicking Sky Mafia Butt
Location His Igloo, Club Penguin

Railos Fanatic I (better known as Railfan1) is a nerd that is fond of trains. He is the leader of the CP BlackHawks, and R3333 and Lightpenguin are his two best friends. His biggest contribution to society, though, is manning a train on the Itinerod Postal Circuit, where he diligently ensures that the mail goes through. Despite being only nineteen, he has proven his worth several times on the Circuit and has been accepted by the other engineers as one of their own.


Railos fanatic the first hatched on a sunny day in Shiverpool. He was infatuated with trains from an early age. Unlike many penguins, Railfan's parents opted for a hospital incubator. Chick Railfan was placed in a crib with a toy train, which he immediately become fixated with and refused to let go. This was kind of ironic, considering his name can be rearranged to 'RailFan'.

His incubator was next to his future best friend R3333's incubator, and they had a few conversations. The staff at the hospital decided to let him have the toy train, as there was no hope in getting it from him. At age seven he got a train set and he LOVED it. At age seven he also met Flywish and Lightpenguin, and became a member penguin. Four years later, he was on a picnic when he discovered an old railway tunnel. He walked in, hoping to find some old trains, in stead he tripped on a rock and hurt his wing. he kept walking when a strange liquid fell onto the cut on his flipper, healing it almost instantly. he looked up, and saw a strange bird. It was smaller than a penguin, but its wingspan was as wide as six feet. It was red, yellow and black. It was a Phoenix. Railfan1 wasn't sure if what dropped from the Phoenix was blood, or urine, but he wasn't ready to find out when the fiery bird set the entire cave ablaze! He waddled as fast as he could, and he made it out. He told his family all abourt it, but nobody belived him. He decided to forget it, as it might as well have been a dream. In that year, he also met Angel Kitten, and they have been good friends ever since. He joined Flywish's army at age fifteen. Between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, Railfan worked as an apprentice for a locomotive driver and began to learn the trade. At age eighteen he woke up one morning to discover he had grown phoenix wings overnight. Now everybody found out he had been right all along. He had phoenix DNA in his system! He then found out he could retract them, meaning he wouldn't attract too much attention. But a few weeks later, the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest play came to the stage. The show was a big hit, and when it came out, a clip-on set of phoenix wings was released. Then, he started keeping his wings out, realizing he wouldn't look like a freak anymore (and wouldn't be recruited for Icarius's freak show). Later that year, he also applied for the Itinerod Postal Railway, and joined the Army. He also decided to try to start his own army, and it currently has thirty-two members.

Railfan1's yearbook photo for Penguin Academy. You can see his auto rickshaw and house in the background.


This is a list of Railfan1's Puffles.

Squishy and Drizzle
Charcoal, Frosty, and Monet (Puffy Wuffy)
Squashy, Squooshy, and Scotty
Nugget and Jackie
  • Charcoal Fitzpatrick O'Vian: Railfan1's Black Puffle. He Is a Member of the CP BlackHawks, Like all the others, And a member of the O'vian Family. He also owns a motorbike that has a retractable sidecar, and is Foamy's best friend
  • Frosty Davidson Oof: Railfan1's White Vampuffle. Though he is a Vampuffle, he is a good guy. He has a annoying habit to fall flat on his face every time he tries to move. He is also the youngest.
  • Drizzle Mucous Spit: Railfan1's Orange Puffle. He is the only one of Railfan1's Puffles that cannot speak english (Or puffle for that matter). Instead, He just drools and makes odd sounds. Only Frosty can understand him. He does have an odd ability which is that he can disinfect his own drool. He uses that ability to clean the floor by licking it.
  • James "Puffy Wuffy" De Pufflilus Aviator Wuffilus Monet: Railfan1's Yellow Puffle. He, unlike most yellow Puffles, Likes to fly. This is because his grandfather was a Green Puffle. However, Like most Yellow Puffles, he is still very artistic, SO artistic in fact, that he designed the blueprints for The Flying Puffle ( Railfan1's Puffles' private airplane, and also the flagship of the CP BlackHawks Air Force).
  • Sotland Emerald Von Injoface: Railfan1's Green Puffle. WHAT? DID THAT SAY VON INJOFACE?? Don't worry, he is just like Foamy. HE ISN'T MEAN LIKE MABEL! He is also the pilot of The Flying Puffle.
  • Nugg3t L3$l3y N3rdPuff (Nugget Lesley Nerdpuff): [email protected]@n1's 8r0wn Puffl3 (Railfan1's Brown Puffle). He has a disability which is that his telekinesis and locomotion organs are disabled, Meaning that he cannot move around or pick things up. however, He solved that problem by building (With his teeth) a special backpack with robotic arms and treads that links to his goggles and picks up brainwaves, meaning he can move around and pick things up. He is also an expert programmer and hacker. he is also the computer operator of The Flying Puffle.
  • Squishy PWNage BOOYAH!: Railfan1's Red Puffle. He is actually a Black Puffle whith his mind transplanted into a Red Puffle's body, Done as an experiment by Doctor Aye-Que.

Because of this, He LOVES to skatebord, Snowboard, and Surfboard. He has a Hoverboard that Nugget built for him. He is Charcoal's best friend too, Along with Foamy.

  • Squashy OWNage BOOYAH!: Railfan1's Blue Puffle. He is Squishy's brother and a top EPF Agent. He has a customised Puffle Car, outfitted with gadgets.
  • Squooshy PomPom BOOYAH!:Railfan1's Pink Puffle. The Adopted sister of Squishy & Squashy, And the world's most cheerful cheerleader. She kinda likes Puffy Wuffy.
  • [email protected]@[email protected]@ [email protected] V10l3t (Jacaranda Jackie Violet): Railfan1's Purple Puffle. She was brought up in Dorkugal, resulting in her being a nerd puffle (But she Is not related to Nugget in any way). she is a bit shy, and wears glasses (But she is NOT Mabel!).


Railfan1's train, Lil' Smoky. You can also see Charcoal and Foamy on the roof
Railfan1 on Benzoic acid. It makes him go CRAZY
  • Read more about his adventures here
  • Whenever Railfan1 drinks lemonade with Benzoic acid in it, he goes CRAZY!
  • He is learning to speak Japanese. So far, he speaks at an intermediate level. 最高ではないと主張してみろよ.
  • He wishes some more Penguins would be in the CP BlackHawks
  • He has a part-time job as a postal train driver on the Itinerod Postal Circuit. His locomotive is called "Lil’ Smoky", and he is respected by his much older peers.
  • A penguin named Deedledoo nicknamed him "Rai" (pronounced RAY).
  • He discovered the human internet and got a YouTube account when he discovered "a mystery computer with an apple on the back"
    • You can see his account here
  • He hasn't got hair. that's just his feathers that had an unlucky encounter with hair gel
  • His #1 fan is Blue Pengu 7( who is about the same age) who also drives a train (a 2-8-2 Mikado to be exact) only he works on the Blueland & Eastern and it is his full time job.


  • Ohhh crudbucket
  • Oh slag it!
  • ZOMG!
  • (Favorite Emoticons)
    • O_o
    • ^_^
    • XD
    • :3
    • -_-
  • *does the Caramelldansen

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