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Rare Puffles (Moschomicrotherium rarus, i.e. "rare funny little beast") are puffles with rare colors. Most of them have powers, with the exception of the lavender, dark blue, maroon and gray puffles. There are 15 known breeds of rare puffles, along with a mysterious "golden puffle". However, it is highly likely that there are others out in the wild or elsewhere waiting to be discovered. Despite being classified as "rare puffles," orange, brown, and white puffles are quite common on Club Penguin Island.

Rare Puffles.PNG


No one, including the Snell-Libros, knows how these rare-colored, super-powered puffles came to be. It is said, though, that one day G was experimenting with genetic enhancement on a blue puffle, and that something went terribly wrong.

Because some of these puffles are growing in number, some aren't considered "rare" by most penguins, such as the white and orange puffle.

List of Puffles[edit]


The fabled silver Puffle.

Silver puffles are a race of puffles that seem to be able to control metal. They seem to be fond of anything metallic and actually eat metal sometimes. It's unknown how they were created.


The elusive rainbow Puffle.

Rainbow puffles are able to fly indefinitely without any equipment or help, and they are most famous for being (good) shape shifters that often mimic other puffles' personalities. They also fart sparkles. They have been found on the tops of clouds. They eat nectar from flowers along with their main diet of O'Berries. In 2013, PH discovered a large colony of them in a clump of clouds. In response, PH built the Puffle Hotel to reach them and to make them accessible to the general Public in order to increase the rainbow puffle population and to keep it away from extinction.


A Bronze Puffle making a tornado, a rather rare event to capture on camera.
A video of a Bronze Puffle's powerful tornado.

Bronze puffles are the second rarest puffles ever, just behind Crimson puffles.They are capable of creating tornadoes. If 6 or more join together to make a tornado it would make a 50-foot tornado.There are currently 97 in existence.

Dark Blue[edit]

The Dark Blue Puffle, levitating.

One of the rarest puffle breeds (about 100 in existence), the dark blue puffle has extended levitation powers. They're not very exciting.

Electric Blue[edit]

An Electric Blue Puffle generating energy.

Electric Blue puffles have powers over electricity, like Pufflechu. They are often mixed up with blue puffles because of their similar color, though electric blue puffles are brighter and glow slightly.


A lavender Puffle wearing reading glasses.

Lavender puffles are skilled with writing. Most of them are journalists. There are at least 1,000 in existence. They appear to eat less them all over puffles and are usually fit. It gets its nutrients from a variety of sources, but it also uses photosynthesis, and it is attracted to honey.


A Chartreuse Puffle demonstrating its power to grow and shrink objects.

Chartreuse puffles can change the size of objects, including themselves. These puffles are used for educational purposes at several schools.


Before the first sighting of a golden puffle, legend said they had advanced powers of telekinesis and flight.

Formerly, the only confirmed living gold puffle is Scruffly. PH discovered powered Golden Puffles, and their main power is bringing good luck and fortune. Their main habitat tends to be underground in dark, deep caves or in burrows.


Maroon puffles are natural cooks. They are usually chefs for penguins or other puffles. They eat more then normal puffles, but rarely get Fat. They rival Yellow Puffles greatly, and for several centuries, the two factions have fought mercilessly in the Ninja Archipelago and in Freezeland. The Maroons met their downfall in 1917, during the Khanzem War, when the Khanz supporting Maroons fought the Yellow Puffle Resistance forces in Frankterre and Liguria. The Maroons were defeated and nearly wiped out of Antarctica by the Yellow Puffles, and still today there are only less than 300 to 500 Maroons left, now all living in the USA. They can also be found abundantly on Chill Island, but perhaps a slightly different species.


Emerald puffles can make up to 7 copies of themselves. There are at least 100 in existence. They seem to have stronger teeth and telekinesis then other puffles.

Neon Green[edit]

Neon Green puffles seem to be brighter and larger then other puffles, they also glow in the dark. There are at least 200 in existence.

Lime Green[edit]

Lime Green puffles can emit a terrible stench from it if the puffle is frightened or if the fur is touched (proving for it to be the most sensitive so far).This serves as an effective protective mechanism against most predators. There are at least 3000 in existence. They have no teeth and tend to be quite over protective at times.


Crimson puffles can change into a steel form, and they are the rarest of all puffles. There are only a few in existence. Coool31 cares for one, Hamclub13 cares for lone crimson puffles and ARB cares for one. They seem to enjoy playing and are natural leaders.


Read more here: Lava Puffle.

Lava Puffles are black puffles that have been injected with ditto and can withstand around active/semi-dormant volcanoes. These Black Puffles can easily digest the orange/reddish wildflowers that only grow near volcanoes. If a Lava Puffle was to mate another regular puffle, the chances of having a Lava Puffle child is very slim to none since a Lava Puffle is a very recessive trait.


The legendary Power Puffle.

Power Puffles are rare, and can only be adopted by tipping the iceberg without the help of Aunt Arctic. These Puffles are powerful, and can destroy Mwa Mwa Penguins (Which they hate, and this is a good thing.) According to legend, they are blue and have a yellow border.

Puffles and Owners[edit]

  • Gudd Lapooh is a brown puffle, and the first to be adopted at that.
  • Eve Lendfell owns an electic blue puffle to help with the Electricity Amulet.
  • Frankie S. Freeziebreezie has a dark blue puffle named Icey and also a rainbow puffle named Flyer.
  • Willy the Penguin owns a lavender one.
  • Sonic 21 owns an Emerald puffle named Midnight.
  • Willie Watt owns Robin, a lavender puffle.
  • Corai owns Surray, a Gray puffle.
  • Coool31 owns Silver, Electric blue and crimson/silver
  • Frenley owns a rainbow puffle called AsdfQwerty.
  • Ben Hun owns two rare puffles both found in the wild.
  • Farley1587 owns a Maroon Puffle.
  • Sillybudz owns two gray puffles.
  • Psyche owns a rainbow puffle.
  • Z max1 owns a silver puffle named Onyx
  • Stan PengLee owns a golden puffle.
  • Flywish owns Scruffly, a gold puffle.
  • Akbaboy owns a maroon puffle named Pancake and an emerald puffle named Jewel.
  • Iceanator189 owns a Rainbow Puffle
  • Battypingu owns Shroomsky Jr., a grey puffle.
  • Lloy2 owns Sporty, an electric blue puffle.
  • KingH10 owns all of them except the Crimson
  • Mickeybb1 owns a Dark Blue Puffle named Castro
  • WhamaHama owns a Power Puffle named Iggy Von Injovince
  • Phantom Heavyweight owns a Lime Green puffle named Leonar,Lava puffle named Hot and a Rainbow Puffle named Diavlo
  • Cyanmoon owns a gold puffle named Aurum, a white puffle named Fluffy, and rainbow puffle named Crystal
  • Abdul54 owns a gold puffle named Mine, a white puffle named Snow,a orange puffle named Plok, a brown puffle named Danny, and a rainbow puffle named Lightning
  • Mcdonalds394 owns a Emerald puffle named Treasure, Neon Green puffle named Fransisco and a Lime Green Puffle named Six.
    • The Jennings Family also have a lime green puffle named Penny III Jr.; and boy, does she act like Director Penny. Geez!
  • Penguinpuffdude owns a Rainbow Puffle.

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