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Born Rancis9
1998, exact date unknown
Club Penguin Island
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Ninja in Training
Education CP Ninja's Card-Jitsu training
Alma mater Hannibal Boarding School
Occupation Vested guardian
Years active 2013-present
Home town [Tri-State Lane, CP
Known for Tasked by Sensei to protect a specifically unstable area from Card-Jitsu Snow-beasts
Title Ninja In Training

Rancis9 is a ninth grade (that is, a Black Belt) ninja-in-training who is tasked with protecting a plot of land (and a schoolhouse foolishly built on top of it) under an unstable spot in the Pectosphere from specifically vicious Card-Jitsu Snow beasts and dark spirits connected to it. While he is not a true Ninja (he can never beat Sensei), his immediate proximity to the area and his determination and loyalty made him the best choice.

Rancis9's best friend is Chubbers9, a penguin (and orange-belt ninja-in-training) with an appetite that surpasses his ability to assist Rancis. They are inseparable.


Life until Card-Jitsu Snow[edit]

Rancis9 hatched fifteen years ago within a hatchery on Club Penguin Island. His family was all Members who settled in a small igloo in RCP's Tri-State Lane. Hatched into great wealth, his parents spoiled him with all the luxuries money could buy. While he often feels entitled, his parents were good at heart and instilled in him the typical CP beliefs of good over evil... and partying.

Rancis always dreamed of being a Ninja. As a chick, he discovered the Dojo back when it was a secret on the TCP Map that all penguins were given. He pretended he was a Ninja and spent most of his free time there. His parents ultimately decided to send him off to a Hannibal Boarding School, located in distant, mainland Antarctica. Going without protest, he faced his share of rejection and frustration from his peers, but he found solace in meeting Chubbers. The two became inseparable.

Since the first grade (when he first joined the boarding school), Rancis9, his friend, and the rest of the class and faculty were constantly faced with abnormalities. The most notable would be that it hasn't stopped snowing around the school grounds for twenty years. The school is always buried in snow and has been constantly reinforced throughout the years to sustain being burdened by tens, even hundreds, of feet of crushing snow drifts. The owner of the boarding school, a certain, untrustworthy penguin named Gottagetdownonfriday (though he calls himself "Han" to avoid the shame), has contracted a perpetual team of snowplows and employees to dig out the school, but the snow comes as fast as it is removed.

Other activities have led to curiosity as well. Particularly, until 2013, Han prohibited the erection of snowmen during recess- for all grades, K-12 -on the grounds that the students were "irresponsible". With all of that snow, that was normally the first idea on the student body's minds, but he nonetheless prohibited it. (Tennis was also banned.) Han could be seen in the snow drifts with books and strange artifacts, talking to what seemed to be no one. He'd always come back happier, with a sinister grin.

Things worsened and the blizzard intensified when the world was thrilled to learn that Ninjas had returned to Club Penguin. Every time the school let its students return home, Rancis would take Chubbers to the Dojo. With great thrills and enthusiasm, they would train to become Ninjas, just as all the penguins did on that island. Chubbers was, well, too chubby to really do much. He tired out at the Orange level belt, but Sensei, being the gold-hearted penguin he was, never did mock him. ("Come back when you're ready!") Rancis, meanwhile, trained and played with such fury that Sensei himself was impressed. He quickly earned his Black belt and challenged Sensei after five days of training. He lost.

When he lost, he repeated it. He'd lose again. In fact, no matter how much he tried to fight Sensei and become a Ninja, Rancis still lost. Sensei believed in Rancis, but Rancis was very hurt at his self. He left the Dojo and trained back at the boarding school for several more years. By the time he had reached his sophomore year in Hannibal, ten years after enrolling, he still hadn't succeeded in becoming a traditional Ninja. Fire-Jitsu and Water-Jitsu had been revealed, and their Senseis along with it, but he refused to play, focusing everything he had on Card-Jitsu.

This coincided with even more strange events at his school, as Han effectively spent most of his day outside in the snow drifts at the advent of 2013. Roaring could be heard from the ground, which even outdid the howling winds that the classes had become so used to. No one expected anything to go the way it did.

Post-Card-Jitsu Snow[edit]

Card-Jitsu Snow arrived with a bang in Club Penguin. From nowhere, throngs of snowman demons arose from the ground and attacked the Dojo! To quell their insurrection, Sensei invited all Ninjas to participate in the new art of Card-Jitsu Snow.

That was unexpected, but things got crazier down at Hannibal. Why? Snowmen came THERE, too. That's right: snowmen of a different type spawned from the great drifts of the area, and began tearing the rooves of the buildings (and neighboring city) apart! Everywhere one went, giant snowmen tortured and destroyed the area. They were relentless, and the ground itself kept shaking.

With everyone fearing for their life, Rancis and Chubbers headed back to Club Penguin Island and told Sensei the news. Sensei was impressed that they knew to go to him first. They hadn't been to the Dojo in over a year and six months, far before Card-Jitsu Snow was made known. They had a long discussion about the situation in Hannibal Boarding School. Sensei looked frightened when the situation was described; he clearly knew something about it.

Sensei said that a Ninja had to be placed there on permanent guard. The Ninja would need to be "pure at heart" and have many, many years ahead of him. (An adolescent was the best choice.) He'd need dedication and constant availability. Chubbers, in his eagerness, volunteered Rancis out of the blue. Rancis declined profusely, for he wasn't a Ninja (much less a Snow Ninja), but Sensei agreed that an immediate pick was a necessity. A careful selection would result in the entire area being destroyed, and worse yet, the snow beasts would continue their rampage. No, Rancis would have to do!

Sensei immediately gave Rancis an Amulet with the snow gem and magical snowflake Shuriken/ninja stars. They were taken to the remains of the Ninja Hideout and Rancis was given a crash course in Card-Jitsu Snow. He proved to be natural, but he was terrified that his lack of qualifications and inexperience would lead to his demise. Sensei calmed him and provided him a special copy of Martial Artworks. This specific copy of the clothing catalog was an enchanted piece of Psychic Paper. It allowed its owner to receive, on demand, wisdom, advice, and strategy from the Sensei family, considering that they would never be around to literally train Rancis.

Rancis was given much advice and was also given a few coins to purchase himself a black superhero mask and forge a knockoff suit from non-Ninja stuff in Penguin Style. On a wing and a hope, he was returned to Hannibal Boarding School to confront the powerful snow beasts. Through a tiring series of battles and effort, Rancis bested them.

From there, he continued to kick snowman butt, totally unaware of a much larger plot...


Today, Rancis serves as the guardian of Hannibal Boarding School and its surrounding town from vicious Card-Jitsu Snow monsters that are not seen in Club Penguin. (That said, clones of Scrap, Tank, and Sly, have spawned from time to time.) He continues to uncover secrets and surprises buried away in the town, which is astonishingly connected to Card-Jitsu Snow as much as Club Penguin itself. (Ninja scholars suggest that a damaged part of the Pectosphere is the catalyst.)

However, the constant rumbling underground, coupled with Han's antics, greatly suggest a larger conspiracy. Who is unleashing the snowmen, and why? What does this have to do with CP itself, if anything? Is the rumbling because the snowmen are huge, or is someone, or something, trying to escape from a subterranean abyss? No one can tell, but one thing is certain. With Rancis and Chubbers on guard, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?


  • Rancis9 is a parody of Walt Disney's Ninth Grade Ninja.
  • As a chick, he never did join in on mocking Sye.

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