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He's never usually this happy.
Title The Ranger
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health 125
Level Offenses
Status Running!
Occupation RUNNING!
Interests RUNNING!!!!!!!
Friends Mechanic
Enemies Those who try to defeat him
Archetype Good

Ranger is a jerk penguin with a knack for speed and running altogether. His speed means he is a great enemy and an even better teammate. He also has a "double jump" ability. He has a Accent and is famous for his moves and harsh voice. He is a couragous penguin and is feared by many, including Weighty. He has a headset always ready for contacting other rangers. He has a large attitude and some say an even bigger ego. He always has a baseball bat and is a lot like Sk8itbot.


He was hatched along with his 7 older brothers. Being the youngest, he was pushed around a lot. Soon, instead of fighting, he ran. Everywhere. Non-stop. He grew up into become a gangster-like tough guy and joined the battle between GREEN and ORANGE. Upon his recruitment, he quickly made a trailer, called Meet the Ranger, introducing him and his "awesomeness".


He is a tough guy known and feared by the "streets" of Antarctica. In the ORANGE team, he attacks as an offensive member to push past defenses and destroy machinery built by the Mechanic.


  • He is the ORANGE Ranger, there is also the GREEN Ranger.
  • He wears dog-tags to commemerate his childhood.

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