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Speaker.png Click here to listen to Snow's theme!

The mysterious Ice Kid.
Title The Warrior
Gender Male
Race White Puffle
Level 9000+
Status Being adorable
Location PuffleVille
Fourth Wall With enough focus, then maybe. Just maybe.
Birth date June 4, 1999 (1999-06-04) (age 20)
Death date October 29, 2073.
Cause of death Burnt.
Occupation Current mayor of PuffleVille.
Salary 10 Puffle Coins a day
Nationality ???
Primary residence Puffleville
Childhood home Puffle Wild
Vacation homes None.
Catchphrase Chill out!
Interests Thinking outside the box, Pizza, O' Berries
Family Frosty, Ice, Freeze, etc.
X-Antibody SnoX
Enemies Any PuffleVille Villain.
Snow's signature.
I will not be defeated without a FIGHT!
— Snow

Snow is a very kind, sweet puffle, who is very fun and silly once you know him.

Past and Present[edit]

Snow's Happy Music (not Happy Theme)

Snow's Goodbye Music (Not Farewell Music, but used for friendly purposes)

Snow's Battle Music Main (Non-Rapto Non-Theme music)

Rapto Battle Music Main (Rapto Non-Theme Music)

Snow was born in 1999, somewhere in the wilderness of what is now Club Penguin. He later went on to discover an island, and made it his home. As he found it was unusually lonely and large, he went on to found PuffleVille in 2007.


Rapto in his signature pose.

Rapto Fangster, otherwise known as Rapto (scientific name Monstrum Volantes, literally flying monster in Latin), is Snow's final form. He is strong, but still has weaknesses. His variety of moves is balanced with his strength. He is known to only be activated when Snow is mad, is fighting, or is EXTREMELY out of control. When he transforms, an odd sound plays. See the video for the possible sounds that play.

This is how he does it:

  1. Snow creates a white orb of energy, hiding behind.
  2. Snow becomes Glacier Snow for a split second, freezing himself.
  3. A black orb flickers around Snow.
  4. His eyes turn red.
  5. Rapto comes out of the orb, but the effect of the red eyes disappears.
  • When this happens, the odd sound plays.

(optional: Snow may come out as himself, but with glowing red eyes. This form is called Corrupted Snow. Once he does such, he has stronger attacks.)

Snow becoming Corrupted Snow.

Meeting the SPB[edit]

At the time being, the SPB were long-lost brothers (and one sister) of Snow. It wasn't until February 21st, 2014, when they found one another. At this time, they all rejoiced, and vowed to stay by each other's side. And so they did.

The X-Virus[edit]

On one sunny day in PuffleVille, Snow caught the X-Virus, creating this evildoer. See his page for more info on how it started.


See Snow/Future for more details!

Tor, you know. What I learned from my past is what path I am taking today.
— Snow's words of wisdom
Let me tell you one thing before I leave... This isn't over yet...!
— Snow's last words

In the year of 2025, Snow learns the truth about a clone of his buddy, which has been keeping him company since the age of 2, Chomper. He is a very shy brown Puffle who made a costume, and several robot-like appendages and other features. The brown puffle's name is Tor. In the year of 2064, Snow's loyal cat companion dies from a battle with SnoX. In 2073, Snow himself gets burnt from a fierce battle with the evil robot, Rhomper-VX. Rhomper-VX kills Snow by burning him in a lava pool by shoving him off a narrow bridge (Fire beats Snow, y'know). But in 2075, he returns as a ghost, and lasts until who-knows-when.

Snow in the future. He just keeps them on so everything is softer than it would without.
Snow as a ghost in the distant future.


  • Current mayor of Puffleville.
  • Currently gained access to the Ghost Puffle Attic.



FrostByte Arctic von Icicle is Snow's pet white cat puffle. FrostByte was born in 2001 to Molts and Joyce. He set off for PuffleVille in 2009, not leaving much notice, but his parent Molts was soon to follow. On one snowy evening in 2014, Snow found FrostByte building a snow castle. He asked if Frostbyte wanted to be his pet. Ever since, they've been together, and are hard to separate (except if Snow explains what they're to do).

Relationships with others[edit]


Snow and SnoX are considered rivals. They only ever team up to fight the greatest of evils. Because of this, Snow denies the rumors he isn't as evil. SnoX also denies the rumors.


Snow and FrostByte stick by each other when possible, forming a tag team. They seem to enjoy the same things, considering each other family, although they aren't.


Even though Snow isn't the SPB Director, he still plays the role of leader and makes sure everyone's out of trouble. Whether they fight or not, they're always gonna be siblings, giving them the nickname of The SnowSibs.

Terti and Raptini[edit]

Somewhat compatible. Raptini isn't too happy with Terti's decisions and as such dislikes Snow. However, Raptini will obey orders so he isn't scolded or injured. Otherwise, they're just fine.

Purity Guardian Teletron[edit]

Best friends (in a sense). An unlikely duo, perhaps, but certainly powerful. Just be prepared for "Slice N' Dice" and "Icicle Crusher". Together. Whatever that means.


This is a great opportunity, y'know?

And I had to pick today for my trip! So much for that!

I'm not going down without a fight!


Let's GO!

Oh, goodness.

Chill out!

Rapto Quotes[edit]

YOU VEX MY ANGER TO THE PRESSURE POINT! Augh! Don't you just ever give it a *squeak squeal squee* break?

Ahh, why if it isn't you. Your evil schemes cannot rupture my veins!

Of course I can talk, you incompetent little psycho! But, I had to go through intense therapy with the who-knows-what before I could.

You shall be history! Like my ancestor-- I am getting too ahead of myself, like my ancestor!

My wings are as vile as can be, the windstorms shall never subside!

There is no effort unless you're doing it with everything you have.

My echolocation is astounding, yet I have the eyesight of an average Puffle.

Do you WANT to be burnt to a crisp with my fiery breath? (Okay, I still need to toughen up to fire SOMEWHAT.)

I need no other gifts than these miraculous ones. Dare to fight me now?

Battle quotes[edit]

For shame! You will be frowned upon!

No way, not today, *insert villain name here*!


Hi, I am just your everyday-- Surprise! It's me! Now it's MY turn!

Bring it.

You CANNOT hit a target always on the move, can you?

Impressive-- but you'll need more if you have plans on taking me down!

Fight or flight-- which is more important?

It just got hotter than Blair blazing through on a hot summer day-- and it's bound to get worse!

It's only the beginning of YOUR END!

Toughen up, you MONSTROUS FIEND!

Victory Quotes[edit]

Hah! I got you red-handed! If, that is, you consider those to be 'hands'.

Ffft. This match was too easy.

You kinda took too little time for me. Oh well. You snooze, you lose!

What'd I tell you, SPB? Easy Peesy, lemon squeezy. And any more, and this joke will get cheesy.

Near-victory quotes[edit]

You cannot stop us now!

In your dreams, useless villain!

Ready, SPB? Watch. You too, Blair, pay attention!

Loss Quotes[edit]

But-- how do I lose?

Y'know what they say, it's not easy being white.

Hah...hah...hah... I'm beat, have a nice day.

No way! Not fair!

Y-y-you haven't s-seen the last o-of me, (enemy name here)!! Let's do it again sometime! *wink*

I am done. This match was too hard.

Gh... guess that's it, huh? Just don't say... I wasn't a challenge... or anything, for that matter.

Almost-Loss Quotes[edit]


They do say "No pain, no gain!", do they? That means FIGHT BACK!!!

Oh-oh-oh dear! Y-y-you're tough, but you can't g-g-get past my associates! S-s-s-SPB, get (him/her/them/it)!

I'm a bit of rubber. You're a watermelon. I make you stop doing evil like watermelons go BOOM to rubber bands!

Ahahaha- wait, who's being genius now?

No pain, no gain, right? I'm on the right track!

Shame that we're on the brink of losing, but we have our own plans!


Snow's Themes[edit]

Theme Songs
Normal Battle Calm Farewell Silly Sad Investigation Rapto Rapto EX


  • Snow's always rushing to get his work complete because he has so many jobs, therefore, his work is sloppy.
    • He does, however, try to reschedule when possible.
  • Snow, unlike many White Puffles, is not shy. As such, he is quite talkative, but still attempts to be quiet at times.
  • Like most White Puffles, Snow can create just about anything using snow and ice.
  • Most first encounters with Snow result in the penguin (or puffle) saying "So cute!"
  • Snow, ironically, always gets hit with something when his battle theme is played, at any point in the song.
  • Snow is the oldest of the Fuzzball family by 2 hours.
  • Snow's igloo plays this music. Don't worry about Frostbyte messing with the toy cars...
  • He is the lightest puffle in PuffleVille, at 14.8 pounds.
  • He might have the largest collection of PuffleScape balls.
  • Like Explorer 767, Hat Pop, and Flystar, he has modes. Or at least, he did.
  • Of the sounds, sound 5 is most common, sounds 2 and Custom are least.
  • Many associate sound 2 with Battle Snow, however, any sound is able to be used for him.
  • Snow will become crazy if he consumes a White Wildberry. He claims it's because 'the juice has some energy in it'.
  • Snow surprisingly tolerates battle in a odd manner, actually fighting rather than fleeing.
  • Like many characters, nobody is completely aware as to why Snow carries his mallet everywhere.
  • Snow has seen Rockhopper once.
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