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Raptor Bot Unit
Title Velociraptor Unit MK I
Gender N/A
Race Warmech
Faction Questisbak
Health Working
Status Mass Production Unit
Location Questisbak's Castle
Birth date Wait, I forgot...
Occupation Mass Production Unit
Interests Destroying everything
Friends Others of its species
Enemies The Good Guys
Archetype Villain

Raptor Bots. They're either incredibly vicious, or just really, really annoying. Probably both.

The Velociraptor Unit MK I, shortened down to Raptor Bot, is a mass production unit created by Questisbak in her conquest to take over Club Penguin. They look like purple dinosaur dragon robots that have high mobility and are able to breathe fire. (What an original concept.) Hundreds of factories are assumed to create them, as trillions of them were able to be sent out at once, as seen in An Explosive New Year. No one really knows where the heck these factories are located or how they manage to create that many multi-story robots without using enough electrical power to cause a planet-wide blackout, although it's generally easy to tell why that's the case.

Raptor Bots are considered extremely dangerous as they have once almost conquered the entire Multiverse.


Questisbak found data files for both the Raptor Bots and a separate robot called the Cyclops while investigating the Multiverse - specifically, the Tobot universe. Seeing as her robotic mutant penguin, Sungae 1, had been taking far too many hits left right and center from the Hero Mechas, she decided to employ both in her endless battle against Antarctica's Protectors.

Her first move was to alter the dimensions of both the Raptor Bots and the Cyclops to fit combat against building-size robots instead of car-sized robots. The primary issue with this blueprint edit was that the bots would be significantly too expensive to create... in the CPFW universe, at least. Questisbak then remembered researching the Tiny Defense universe, and decided to create an alias to trade with the residents of Green Planet to obtain fine materials at a cheap price (where she actually gets that money is somewhat of an enigma).

She was eventually able to create the first Raptor Bot, which was unleashed upon the Hero Mechas, who were just barely able to defeat it. It was here that she made a fatal mistake: she gradually increased the numbers of the raptors instead of waiting to send them all out at once, allowing the Good Guys to adapt to their combat strategy. Eventually, even against the likes of millions of Raptor Bots, the Hero Mechas learned to take them all down with ease.


The Raptor Bots are overpowered mechas at first. No military force is able to fight off a large horde of Raptor Bots, as they fly around everywhere, shooting bullets and fire, blotting out the sky. However, battling them several times allows you to learn their strategy. As they are a mass production unit, their strategies are always the same (fly and shoot mindlessly at targets). Thus, Antarctica's Protectors and the Fanon Character Gang, who have battled them more often than anyone, can easily fend off the millions that attack at once.

Given their tendency to periodically bombard the USA with or without orders from Questisbak, the Raptor Bots are an irritating bunch for the USA's military, who has to standby while the heroes take them down. Once the controls are mastered, the military hopes to employ Ursa to deal with the raptors themselves.

Little known fact, the claws of a Raptor Bot also double as hookshots, which is just something to look out for.


  • Once, while being summoned, a Raptor Bot flew straight into the Fourth Wall.
  • Unbeknownst to everyone except Questisbak, the Tiny Defense Universe provides all the excess metal required to make them.
    • Questisbak does these trades under an alias name, "Isabella Quentin".
  • While Raptor Bots have fierce-looking horns, their horns are actually not used for anything, as their claws can do anything the horns can do better.
    • Coincidentally, the knee-spikes aren't used for combat either. Questisbak knows a thing or two about design.
  • In the actual series, Raptor Bots actually are massively produced, however, they do not go as far as trillions.
  • Castilla has been trying to locate the Raptor Bot factories ever since An Explosive New Year to build up their military; so far they've come up with nothing.