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Charles "Raven" Ghruffin
Guy couldn't even smile for the camera!
Title Raven Ghruffin
Gender Male
Race Emoguin
Faction Loner
Health Good
Level 2
Status Living Alone
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date April 10, 1982
Occupation Delivery Boy at the Pizza Parlor
Interests Emo music, Black facepaint, Mwa Mwa agony
Friends Strangers at the Coffee Shop, His Ligurian Sympathizers
Enemies You, Flywish, Flywish's Army
Archetype Neutral

Raven is a rude, apathetic Emoguin who is in Flywish's Army. It is because he is dark and scary because he is also an Emoguin adherent. He's a very loyal cronie to Flywish. He also is the meanest penguin alive, in his own mind. He is most known for his strong hate of Mwa Mwa Penguins and life. (Then again, a repulsion to Mwa Mwas is, in fact, a virtue.)


Raven was hatched while the electricity was out. He grew up and later joined Flywish, after he saw a flier advertising his army. He befriended many Gothguins and Emoguins and started to dress scary himself. When a Mwa Mwa Penguin came on Flywish's lawn, it saw Raven's face and ran away crying. He then attacked Mwa Mwa Penguins during a small raid on a Pet Shop. Flywish was impressed and decided to make him a greater minion. He then scared away other Mwa Mwa Penguins. Raven became more immersed in Emoguinisim and also dyed some of his hair black and put lots of Free Item face paint on. On another raid, he attacked another Mwa Mwa Penguin. She cried and the Pet Shop throngs ganged up on him. Mwa Mwa Penguins are inherently weak, and even a normal penguin- as far as strength goes -could take a crowd of them. After the smoke settled, thirteen Mwa Mwa Penguins sprawled out on the floor, and Raven was standing in the middle of them. When he cleared the pet shop, that server's shop owner was so thankful that he offered. He chose a Black Puffle and named him Dragonflex.

Following these turn of events, he only increased his anger. He started insulting penguins for no real reason, calling them "fat" and "ugly". He also pushed over anyone that got in his way. His biggest problem was finding a girlfriend. He wrote really cheesy poems about how terrible and depressing he thought his life Was. His hate grew and his rage grew. After this, he went to the pet shop with shovels and you know what he did next. He then decided to write a novel about how dark and depressing his (rather privileged) life was. He screams if people try to interrupt his writing time, and is convinced that he is actually good at it.

He hates everyone who annoys him. Or, in otherwords, most everybody.


The only penguins Raven truly liked were Flywish, Flywish II, and Xinston until his resignation. He rarely holds friendships with anyone considering his cynical attitude. However, he longs for a true friend, someone who truly understands his views, and most penguins really do understand, but he doesn't bother anyway because their understandings tend not to be "accurate" enough.


Though Raven is never kind (not even during Christmas), Raven harbors a special bitterness towards holidays. Frankly, he is very mean to penguins no matter what day it is. Raven is thrilled by destruction and he ruins almost every holiday.

If someone sings a Christmas Carol to him, he always says the same line: "GET OUT OF MY FACE". He never cared about Santa Claus or christmas trees. Or other penguins' property. If he tripped over christmas lights, he would pull them apart. If he was upset during a Christmas dinner, he overturned the table. On Hallowe'en, he would seek out and destroy jack-o-lanterns. He would knock trick or treating bags out of otherp penguins' flippers and eat the candies off of the streets. -and of course, he insults all the costumes.


Raven was held in high regard by Flywish being a longtime high rank in his army, and was even selected by him to serve as a member of the Ligurian Cabinet after the coup in 2011. Raven accepted the job not really having anything better to do than harassing the local Mwa Mwas. However, he found himself getting stressed more and more doing the job as he didn't know anything about running a government or a mafia. Feeling frustrated and faithless from the fatigue, Raven began thinking about resignation. The only thing holding him back was the bond he had with Flywish who had taken him into his life with open arms. He talked to Flywish II about it who outright rejected the idea and warned Raven that it would be a bad move and that he would risk losing everything doing it. While sulking and dwelling in his bed one night over the stress, he began thinking that Flywish only wanted him around because he was a young penguin with a malleable mind that could be shaped into a puppet for his insatiable ego. It was at that point Raven made his decision; He was going to use all the money he earned to fly to the USA and start a new life on Club Penguin Island, while publicly resigning and insulting Liguria the only way he knew how, with dozens of spray paint cans.

On September 13, 2018, Raven spray-painted the Ligurian Capital building, the resignation reading "I QUIT! LIGURIA IS @!$#@[email protected]#$#@[email protected]#! -Raven" He then fled Liguria by plane, never to return. The graffiti Raven left polarized the public, some, including Flywish and the rest of the Ligurian Cabinet, were enraged at Raven's betrayal. Some preached sympathy for Raven and his miserable attitude claiming that those who are angry are the ones responsible for this happening. Everyone else either turned a blind eye towards the situation or dismissed it as a conspiracy set up by the Ligurian government, even though there is no physical proof of such. To the dismay of Raven's sympathizers, Flywish made a decree that Raven and any offspring he could potentially bring, and anyone related to him were all banned from Liguria for eternity and if Raven were to ever come around again that "drastic measures" would be taken to neutralize him. Luckily, Raven never has, and most likely never will step foot in Liguria again.

Life in Club Penguin[edit]

When Raven arrived at Club Penguin, he exchanged his leftover currency and bought a cheap igloo for 500 coins. The igloo is furnished with a small table, two chairs, an old couch, and a small TV with public access. Having little to do at home, Raven began adventuring around Club Penguin. He'd mostly walk around with his hood up and heavy metal blasting in his ears from his icePod. He actually changed his attitude up a bit, actually making small talk to appease anyone who wanted to talk to him, and sometimes escalating the small talk to him complaining about his life. Eventually, one conversation he had led to him getting a job at the Pizza Parlor delivering pizzas and other food, which he does to this day. He enjoys this job a little more than being a Ligurian Cabinet member, and that's only when he isn't delivering "Elmo Pizzas" to the Pet Shop or thinking about the Mwa Mwas two doors down. In his downtime, Raven enjoys going to the coffee shop and complaining to random strangers while enjoying lattes. He also moonlights as an activist, often standing out in front of the Pet Shop with a sign that reads "All Mwa Mwas must go!" and trying to convince patrons to find Puffles somewhere else. He's usually supported when doing this, but some penguins take so much offense that they retaliate at him and other protesters verbally and physically. Raven is still quite miserable overall, but his morale has slightly raised since leaving Liguria.


Raven has nothing to do with Mei Raven. Not to be confused with Team Corvus, who are also based off of characters named "Raven".

  • Despite being dark black, His favorite color is reddish-orange. That is the color of fire.
  • He is not evil, just very miserable.
  • He often clashed verbally with GGD



  • "Just another day of darkness."
  • "I would rather be deleted."
  • "Just get out of my face."
  • "Drooling penguins who think they're babies definitely makes me sick."
  • "What about me? What about Raven huh? WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!"




RAVEN: "No one cares, Corai."
CORAI: "-but, R-"
CORAI: "...you like your head on fire?"


Winston: NINJA HUG!
Raven: ARRGH! does it always happen to the ones who are having a bad day? DOUBLE ARRGH!
Winston: Awwww... does someone need another hug?


Mwa Mwa: Goo, *breaks into Raven's room and gets drool on his stuff*
Raven: *walks in*
Mwa Mwa: Hwi

Carol singers: ♪We wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry christma-♪ Raven: NO.

Raven is reading a biography on Flywish
Raven: Flywish was a Mwa Mwa Penguin?
Flywish: Yes Raven, I was.
Raven: Why were you a Mwa Mwa Penguin?
Flywish: Rose used to be my crush but this one kid stole her away from me when I admitted my feelings to her. She thought I was a loser anyway. I was depressed. I was eaten alive by depression so I became a Mwa Mwa Penguin to keep it away. I ran away from home.
Raven: So let em get this straight. You became the worst thing that exists... because your wittle feewings got hurt?
Flywish: Raven...
Raven: NO.
Flywish: You don't care-

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