Ray Kodo

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Ray Kodo
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Background information
Birth name Raymond Koduso
Born March 24, 1996 (1996-03-24) (age 23)
Origin Eastshield, United States of Antarctica
Genres R&B, dance, hip-hop
Occupations Record producer
Instruments Keyboard, piano, drum machine, sampler
Years active 2009–present
Labels Music Industry
Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts Cadence
Website http://raykodo.com/

Raymond Koduso, better known as Ray Kodo, is an Antarctican songwriter and producer who was once homeless. He started writing songs in early 2009 and was then signed up to Club Penguin Music Records and Music Industry. His work official work was writing songs for Cadence's debut album. As if now he is credited for writing amazing and comedic lyrics and is included in the list of "Most Wanted Producers". Despite making over 800,000 Club Penguin Coins in one year, he still persists on living a mediocre life. And even though he is in the music business, Ray's personality shows him as a very evil and rude puffle.


Raymond Koduso was born on March 24, 1996 in the place where Eastshield is now. He was expected to be born in UnitedTerra but his parents' pack decided to migrate.


Songwriting discography[edit]

Production discography[edit]


  • Ray: Hey, gimme some Coke.
Explorer: Why should I?
Ray: NOW!!!
Explorer: Well, for one thing, I don't have Coke.
Ray: (singsong) I don't care, just gimme some Coke...
Explorer: ...but I do have this...
(Explorer takes out the golden shovel he earned at his his coronation)
Ray: (still oblivious) I'm getting impa--


  • He has a birth mark on the left side of his body that looks like a half-moon frame.
  • Most of the back of his hair has been sprayed in red.
  • Ray's initials (R.K.) can be seen on his cap.
  • He constantly demands that others give him some Coke. He can be quite lazy in demanding others to get things for him.
  • After singing for Reality Check,he is marking his debut as a lyricist in its sequel.It is the first time he works with Cadence.
  • He knows driving,unlike another black puffle.He owns a Mercedes SL500 and a BMW M5 in his garage,and a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy which he uses less.
  • WHAT?!? flopped due to him.He was in a role named Moose Janet,and asked a lot of coke in all his scenes.Along with the beatboxing,audience got bored of the coke scenes.Dancing Penguin got so angry,he threw coke at Ray's scenes!

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