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Ray's name in standard English alongside the Aurebic alphabet.

Ray holding his cane.
Born Ray Montarius
March 10, 1880 (1880-03-10) (age 139)
Chetwood, Archet
Residence Trans-Antarctica, Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality Archet Flag.png Archetian
Other names Master Montarius
Ethnicity Valnorian High Penguin
Occupation Jedi
Years active 1900-present
Notable works Fighting against Khanzem and the Sith
Home town Chetwood, Archet
Weight 67kg
Known for Being a Jedi Master
Title Jedi Master
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents Unknown

Ray Montarius is a Valnorian High Penguin and a Jedi Master. He is well experienced, and has survived many wars and fights against the Sith and Khanzem. He is known for being a very old Jedi Master and he often tries to give advice to other younger jedi. He doesn't reveal his identity or his occupation to everyone, as he believes it can get him into big trouble. As he's old, he's quite weak, and can be defeated with a single well-placed blow of a keysaber, but can still waddle quickly and fight properly. He uses his staff to support himself. He currently lives in exile at an undisclosed location that he claims is very strong with the force.


Ray was born in Chetwood, Archet during the High Penguin Confederacy to two parents and moved with them to a small town in modern-day Eastshield. A jedi master came to his town searching for young force-sensitives and found Ray. The master discovered Ray and recognized his telekinetic abilities not to be that of natural High Penguin magic, but that they were a result of his connection to the force. He decided to choose Ray as his padawan and taught him the ways of the jedi. Ray's skilfulness in using the force made him stand out amongst most of the other younglings, and during lightsaber training, he was best at being able to perceive when a bullet would strike. Eventually, after years of training, Ray applied for the rank of Jedi Knight and successfully managed to pass the trials. In the last year of the High Penguin Confederacy, Ray was able to achieve the rank of Jedi Master, only to have the temple he trained at attacked by Sith and Khanzem soldiers weeks later.

The temple ended up being destroyed and his master killed which ended in Ray and a few others fleeing the temple while it was burned to the ground. Ray went into exile, moving from place to place, never staying anywhere for more than a few weeks as to make sure Sith or Khanzem soldiers wouldn't find him and making sure never to leave a trace. Eventually, shortly before Khanzem's fall, Ray settled down and made his home in a remote forest the other jedi described as a location very strong with the force. Every now and then, he would make trips to other nearby jedi temples to salvage anything he could find or find out if any jedi had survived. He would also travel on foot to the closest towns he could find as a hooded figure to refill on food and supplies.


Ray has participated in several Jedi-Sith and Khanzem battles including sieges on the many jedi temples, many of which have been unsuccessful and have led to the jedi's ultimate defeat and eventual isolation. In the past, Ray has made his support to the anti-Khanzem force known and supported many of their actions to impeach Whoot and end his unfair treatment of High Penguins. Since the disbandment of the Jedi Order, Ray has kept quiet during his years in exile and only very rarely makes his presence known. When he does, he hides himself beneath his cloak when in public in the hopes of concealing his true identity. Ever since the Jedi Order's fall, he has had very close to no involvement in anything whatsoever, apart from sometimes showing his support to Wikipenguino's and his groups' missions.


Ray has no specific faction, but is particularly loyalty to other former members of the Jedi Order and often sides with them.


Once, Ray was an obedient young padawan in the Jedi Order, and always standing up for what he believed was right. However, he was impatient, and had also been very outspoken against Khanzem's actions, and would have done anything to put an end to their rule and discrimination against High Penguins. After the order became defunct and the remaining jedi scattered, Ray learned to be calm and patient, and learn to look before he leapt. Ray is often compassionate, and was always a firm believer that giving up was not always the way, and strives to prove that. He is also considered wise, and usually shares his wisdom with those around him like when he trains Wikipenguino and finds that he makes mistakes.


Ray possesses a strong connection to the force, and uses his knowledge, training and experience with it to move objects without touching them, create protective fields, perform "mind tricks", telepathy and much more. Ray has experience with using a lightsaber, and is particularly skilled in it, having quick reflexes and being able to deflect projectiles before they hit. However, he isn't as skilled with dual-wielding that he would want to hand-craft another lightsaber but his skill with two lightsabers is just about reasonable. Ray is also capable of using double-bladed lightsabers and using firearms if he ever needs to. He's also a speaker of many different languages and dialects and often finds his knowledge of them useful when he goes abroad.


Ray with his lightsaber drawn.

Ray's Lightsaber[edit]

As is common with jedi, Ray possess a lightsaber, that is white in colour and powered by a mysterious crystal. Ray prefers to use standard crystal-powered handcrafted lightsabers that jedi used in the past instead of modern day battery powered keysabers. Ray hand-crafted his own lightsaber as part of his jedi training and still uses it to this day. Ray's lightsaber has aided him in and helped him escape many tight situations with the Sith, Khanzem as well as other opponents that he's had to deal with.

Ray's Lightsaber.


Due to his great age, his High Penguins features are slowly diminishing, including his ability to recover from injuries that most penguins would easily succumb to, making him a slightly less challenging and more vulnerable opponent. Because of his weaker self, he more prefers to train than to fight. Ray usually waddles slow, but can move quickly if he must.


  • Have patience, as time will reveal all.

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