Razorbeak Island

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Razorbeak Island
Key details
Type Island
Level Unknown
Location Somewhere off the coast of NDC
Inhabitants Western Kanta Penguins, anyone living in Razorbeak City

Razorbeak Island is a semi-tropical island, and a state of UnitedTerra.


The island was once an underwater volcano, but the water level went down and left the top of the volcano above the water. Soon rocks formed around the volcano and made an island around 1879. About 50 years after the creation of it, some Western Kantas made their way on a boat shortly before their home on Kanta Island was blown up by magma and lava flows. The Kanta Penguins made the island their own, but they then were conquered by Puffle'and in 1930. The Puffish organized the island by building a main port city, Razorbeak City, and several villages for the Kanta Penguins. The Puffish turned the island into a large food producing island, where their main exports were sugar cane, molasses, and pineapple. The Inhabitants were subject to be the laborers, which upset them. In 1970, the Katana Penguins rebelled, and they drove the Puffish out of the island. The sugar cane and pineapple plantations survived, and the Kanta Penguins continued their use as they decided to join PreTerra. At the Fall of PreTerra in 1984, Razorbeak Island joined the Republic of TerraMount, which it stayed in until UnitedTerra was formed in 2001. For several years, Razorbeak island stayed part of the TerraMount free state until 2009, when it became a state of UnitedTerra.


One place is Mount Razorbeak, the dormant volcano that formed the island in the first place- without it, the island would fall apart. The jungles are lush and many, and within them is the Falls of Magnetism, a waterfall oasis that contains water with a special mineral that attracts metal. Outside the Jungle are the few plantations that produce sugar cane, molasses, and pineapple. The main area, however, is Razorbeak City, which is built around the island. The city's downtown and Old Town is located near the main city harbor.


  • Western Kanta Penguins
  • Citizens of Razorbeak City
  • Mullets
  • Grey fish


  • Skuas
  • Magnetic Spiders


  • Trees
  • Water
  • Fish
  • Sugar
  • Pineapple
  • Molasses
  • Mango
  • Banana

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