Razorbeak Racers

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Razorbeak Racers

The original cover.

The Limited Edition cover.
Inspiration(s) Requests for a turbo-racing game.
Developer TD Runner Racers
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
October 3, 2009
Release in the UTR
September 16, 2009
Release in Dorkugal
October 29, 2009
Additional info
Genre Racing (turbo-racing subgenre)
Platform Snowtendo DS
Rating E
Speed World

Razorbeak Racers is a turbo-racing video game where penguins race for the 'TerraTrophy!'. It competed with Penguin Kart. On September 30, 2009 a "Limited Edition" game was created, with behind-the-scene looks & how the game was developed. The game was the sequel to Speed World, which is one of the main reasons for it's big success.

Razorbeak Racers is a racing game based on the popular racing sports in UnitedTerra. It features many famous people from around the universe, and according to the developers, it was intended to be a faster and more mature alternative to Penguin Kart (series), trying to appeal to older penguins, however, being on the Snowtendo DS, this feeling was lost to some people, especially reviewers.


Character Turbo-Bike Unlockable
Pablodepablo Box Bike From start.
Tidalwave11 Mullet Bike From start.
Darktan None. Hovering over the track. Unlocked when you win a race on Expert Challenge mode.
Tails6000 Gem Cycle From start.
Hat Pop Bunny-mobile From start.
Explorer 767 Royal Shovel Kart From start.
Mabel Nagging Limo From start.
Ninjinian Kookie-Kart From start.
Snowman 1001 Ice-Kart Unlocked when you win an Simple race.
Captain Str00del Str00del-Skateboard Unlocked when you win the Str00delLand mission.
Sensei Stealth Cycle Unlocked when you win a Medium race.
Icer Cloud Kart Unlocked when you win an Expert race.
Herbert Horror No bike. Hovering over the track. Unlocked when you beat all missions on Expert Challenge mode.
Mabel Injoface XIX Automobile of Arrogance Limited Edition only.
Penguin Micro 4th Wall Board Only in Limited Edition
Willy the Penguin Average Bike Via special cheat code. (W1LL71)
Kwiksilver Floating Grandfather Clock Bike Via special cheat code. (KLOCKZ)
Gobee Floating Sleigh Via special cheat code. (O1D31F)
Arachnid Boy No bike. Slings around with webs over tracks. Via special cheat code. (S9ID3R)
Sanity Penguin Binary Mech Via special cheat code (010101)
Flywish Hoverboard Via special cheat code (PWNAGE)


  • The game was nominated and won a couple of awards in the VGA Awards 2009.
  • There is 2 versions of this game. The original version and the Limited Edition.
  • Only the Limited Edition includes Wi-Fi connection.


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