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Full Name Armando Maximo Trujillo Gonzalez Snegireff, Jr.
Alias Max,
Status Alive
Born April 14, 1997 (1997-04-14) (age 22)
Everton, Trans-Antarctica
Species Penguin
Race Blue penguin
Gender Male
Height 3'4" (102 cm)
Residence Inland, Eastshield
Citizenship Antarctican, Caltexican, Ruscan
Ethnicity Caltexican-Ruscan
Nationality Caltexican/Ruscan
Employer EPF, EQF, BoF

Armando "Max" Maximo Trujillo Gonzalez Snegireff Jr. , otherwise known by his friends and companions as RealMax, or Max, is a blue emperor penguin, who loves to have a good adventure, hangout with his friends, and overall having a good time. He is an agent in three groups: the EQF, BoF and the EPF. He is also known for his drawings and also for his short animated movies. His set of hobbies include racing, eating and as previously mentioned, having a good adventure. He has a band called the Best of Loserz which he co-founded with his friend Gaben Fordsmen. He currently lives in Inland, Eastshield.


Early life[edit]

Armando hatched in April 14th, 1997, in his parents' igloo, and was a very happy chick. His father was Caltexican and his mother was Ruscan, to which every day, he got to know about many things about their families and other topics alike. He lived in Everton, Trans-Antarctica, for most of his life. During this time, he got to know places around his hometown. Around the age of four, he got his first two puffles named Gordo and Nieve (meaning "Fat" and "Snow" in spanish), and lived and played with them. He also got to know his other relatives such as his cousins, uncles, aunts, etc. He got learn about his father's job to which he attends and helps and his grandparents of his mother's side have a farm and also helped as well. However, as he reached age 5, he attended school for the first time. Around this time, he entered martial arts classes.

Educational years[edit]

When he attended school, it was okay for him, until the fourth grade how much of a nightmare school is and it would have continued for the next years into middle and high school. Speaking of middle school, he joined many different groups and classes. For example, in band class, he played the trombone, and would through high school. He would also join the school's track team, and would go to their games, which he said was pain-staking but made it through. During the 7th grade, the entire school was in the gym, waiting for the supposed teachers' "big party surprise." However, during this, a fight broke out, to which it essentially spawned out to the other students, in other words, an all-out free-for-all of punch throwing. And he was trying to escape before he was spotted by several jerks. He was pushed and chased all the way home while been screamed at, which included emalfs at him.

As high school came around the corner, he got normal grades and was in band class, but this time he played percussion, and joined the basketball team. However, in the sophomore year, he got into his own personal fight. Around lunchtime, he, his friends and a couple of the cool kids were in their circle-shaped table to discuss the basketball game that would happen just after all the class periods. Until a newcomer jerk and his newcomer group (to which they were from different schools) came to taunt them. Max made the biggest mistake at telling them a bad joke at the leader, which he took seriously, but Max told him that it was just a joke and cool down, but the jerk threw the first punch, and he purposely fought back as self defense. However, this was not the first time. This jerk penguin whose name was David was in fights in the past.

David came from a rich family, and would often rub it in, and many penguins hated and liked him. During this fight, Max and David were fighting on top of one of the tables, but, because Max was trained, he grabbed David who was taller than him, and forced jump with his strength and they crashed onto a food tray and plastic utensil. David was expelled while Max only got a week-long suspension.

After high school he entered college courses of science and zoology. He finished it successfully having good grades in both courses. During this time he would be in gaming tournaments, that is when he met Gaben Fordsmen.

Life after education[edit]

In early 2015, he had bough himself an igloo in which he now resides in Inland, Eastshield. He was a figure in several gaming tournaments, most of which were Super Smash Mates tournaments. During one game, he battled Gaben Fordsmen, who would have become one of his best friends. In the battle, Gaben won and Max congratulated him, and asked if he wanted something to drink afterwards, to which he agreed to. After they had a drink together, which consisted of eggnog and bepis, he added him on Chitter. They soon became friends afterwards and Gaben said he is actually part of the EPF and let him join, to which he agreed to. He would eventually get introduced to a penguin named Jamie, by Fordsmen, who would be friends with, and the three would be best friends.

Joining the EPF[edit]

Max got the invitation from Gaben to join the EPF, and soon gave it go. He passed the test, and is part of the EPF. He has met several agents who are now some of his friends, like Rogue Tvarkov, Penquino and whatnot. He has been on some quests, and is by, in all stats, successful.

Joining the EQF[edit]

Similar to the EPF process, he, and we mean, somehow, he found the one and only stupid Kektus, waddling, and passed the EQF headquarters, and soon, he gave it a go like the EPF. He passed, and met agents there too, like Puffles, DJ Kennington and Palais, including the head leader, Quackerpingu. He joins in many adventures, but is more of an officer within the EQF.


As with most other penguins, he joined in many conflicts and events. He got his start in his music career with a music app, but then founded a band.

Music career[edit]

One day, he got an icePad, as he heard of an app called "SoundStudio," and was intrigued to make music. Once he bough one, he made several songs, most of which are instrumental, and at one point had even gotten a record producer to make an album based on his work.

RealMax discography
Studio albums 1
Extended plays 1

Best of Loserz[edit]

In early 2016, he and Gaben had the idea of making a band and they did. They called it "The Best of Loserz," and soon decided to add more members into the band, mostly their friends. They released their first EP, "Dank Highways" in August, and also signed to their music label Big Shot Records, and thus made music, consisting of two studio albums.

The Mighty BoF[edit]

Like any penguin obsessed with the Fourth Wall, he is one of them, as a type VI (by mistake), and he did it unknowingly. He has broken the fourth wall multiple times, and joined the BoF afterwards.

He found the BoF, and, thanks to one of Benny's boring days, Max was approved of joining the BoF immediately, because of Benny mashing the "Approved" button. Even though he did it by mistake, but nevertheless, Benny knew Max was a good penguin, an let him join. He currently serves as a servant of one of his friend, and currently works in the Department of Cryptids, saying that even some of the mythical ones, if you say, could even break the fourth wall. But overall, he still works in the BoF.


He had many careers and jobs in the past. One of his current careers in music. He also had a past career of basketball and track, and still likes to play basketball in his spare time at the local park.



  • He likes watching food making processing videos.
  • He likes PASCAR.