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RealMax Himself
Title PASCAR driver, adventurer
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Health 100% Okay
Level 101
Status Alive
Location South Pole City, Polar District
Birth date April 14, 1997 (1997-04-14) (age 22)
Place of birth Everton, Trans-Antarctica
Occupation PASCAR driver, EPF agent
Feather color Blue
Nationality Antarctican (Caltexican descendant)
Interests PASCAR, cryptids, adventures, animals, aliens, places, his friends
Prize possession Ancient Statue of a Monster that gives Wisdom and Courage
X-Antibody XealMax
Member of EPF, EQF, BoF
Archetype Good Guy
Codename Maximus

Armando "Max" Trujillo Gonzalez Snegireff Jr. III, otherwise known by his friends and companions as RealMax, or Max, is a blue emperor penguin, who is a young adventurer, and one of the youngest PASCAR drivers, plus an EQF, BoF and an EPF agent. He started to draw as a young chick, leading him to be one of the most famous young artists around, and also a one-time movie maker since he loves movies and wanted to make one. He currently lives in Inland, Eastshield.


Armando hatched in April 14th, 1997, in his parents' igloo, and was a very happy chick. Every day, he got to know about many things. He lived in Everton, Trans-Antarctica, for most of his life. He got his first two puffles named Gordo and Nieve (meaning "Fat" and "Snow" in Caltexican Castillan), when he was six, and lived and played with them. As he grew older (which "was cool", in his words), he got to work with his father, who worked at a pole barn company and went to his mother's parent's farm, to feed their animals.

School years[edit]

He also had to deal with school, which he absolutely hated, but had good friends. In 4th grade, he would be good, but a mostly average student, getting A's, B's, C's and even D's. In middle and high school years, he joined the school's band as a way to express music and joy, since he did, in fact, love music so much, he wanted to make his own band. He, however, quickly forgot about this though. The instrument of choice and his all-time favorite is none other than the Trombone. he purchased a Trombone for only 900 coins, off of his local music shop. Speaking of instruments, in his igloo, he has an array of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments, as well as many band instruments like guitars and today's version of the drum.

Teenage years[edit]

When he is not in school, he goes to his friend's igloos and play video games, and return home. He also likes to go to walking trails, admiring the beauty of Antarctica's wilderness. During this, he met a penguin named Ace, who would be one of his friends. he met him, eating chips on a bench, and sat next to him, admiring the beauty of a lake.

RealMax: So, you admiring the beauty?

Ace: Not really, I'm just bored, but, I like the reflection of the lake on the sky.

RealMax: I know right? I'm just here walking the trails.

Ace: Yeah? Well, I got to go the store to get myself a bucket of worms. I go fishing, wanna come?

RealMax: Sure, I'll take you to the nearest fishing shop.

Afterward they become good friends.

Joining the EPF[edit]

Max somehow got an invitation from an unknown penguin to join the EPF in his mailbox, and gave it go. He passed the test, and is part of the EPF. He has met several agents who are now some of his friends, like Rogue Tvarkov, Penquino and whatnot. He has been on some quests, and is by, in all stats, successful.

Joining the EQF[edit]

Similar to the EPF process, he, and we mean, somehow, he found the one and only stupid Kektus, waddling, and passed the EQF headquarters, and soon, he gave it a go like the EPF. He passed, and met agents there too, like Topkek von Kek, Puffles, DJ Kennington and Palais, including the head leader, Quackerpingu. He joins in many adventures, but is more of an officer within the EQF.

PASCAR Career[edit]

In 2016, he actually drove the No. 28 SuperSport Motorsports Pengvrolet for the Truck series and won five of the races and came in 5th in point positions. In 2017 he drove the No. 59 Pengyota for Comet dodger Racing and only won two races. In 2018, Rookie-Win Racing offered him a ride in the No. 94 Pord car and Max agreed to. Has ha snot won any races though, but did win Rookie Award of 2018.


As with most other penguins, he joined in many conflicts and events.

As a Fourth Wall Breaker[edit]

Like any penguin obsessed with the Fourth Wall, he is one of them, as a type VI (by mistake). He has broken the fourth wall multiple times, and joined the BoF afterwards quite recently.

The Mighty BoF[edit]

Like a friend of his, he found the BoF, and, thanks to one of Benny's boring days, Max was approved of joining the BoF immediately, because of Benny mashing the "Approved" button. Even though he did it by mistake, but nevertheless, Benny knew Max was a good penguin, an let him join. He currently serves as a servant of one of his friend, and currently works in the Department of Cryptids, saying that even some of the mythical ones, if you say, could even break the fourth wall. But overall, he still works in the BoF.


He had many careers and jobs in the past. Like mentioned, when he moved to SPC, he worked at a Pizza 7. One of his current careers in PASCAR, in which he currently drives the no. 94 Pord Pengvrolet for Rush Fence Racing.

PASCAR Career[edit]

As a little chick, he always had an interest in PASCAR, from the drivers, the tracks, the events, everything! Then in 2018, he exceeded from the SemiPro and Truck series into the big leagues. He has friends and teammates in the sport, but one of his sworn enemies/rivals is non-other than the dangerous Dave von Epic. Why? Well one race, three penguins were in the league, Ralph Meriwether, Von Epic, and Max. Both were in the top three, and, Dave not seeing Max, he moved left, but the left of his car hit the side of Max causing him to slide and finish in 7th. Dave was mad, and we mean really mad. Afterward Meriwether winning for the first time, Dave confronted Max, and "Heads up Pit Road!" and basically they fought, while Max was grabbed by some officials, Dave tried to battle his way to throw more punches and kicks, but was pinned and soon walked away, with a blood gash of course, because why not. He currently competes full time as of 2018 and won his first race in the Root Beer 500.

Likes and Dislikes[edit]

He has a number of likes and dislikes, with some being bellow.


Things that RealMax likes

Like Below!


Things that RealMax dislikes

  • Dave von Epic
  • X-Antibodies
  • Expired Foods
  • His Villains
  • North Joseon

Too Many To Name!

Friends and Enemies[edit]