Reality Check

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Reality Check
Reality Check Movie Poster.png
The official movie poster.
Directed by The Christopher
Produced by The Christopher
Nicholas Nicknak
Written by Jonjon Jinjam
Screenplay by Melissa Daniels
Story by The Christopher
Jonjon Jinjam
Starring Greg
Derek Holmes
Music by Petey K
Studio Penguin Productions Studios
Distributed by Penguin Productions
Release date(s) September 16, 2011
Running time 140 minutes
Country USA
Language English
Budget 9 million Club Penguin Coin.PNG
Gross revenue 185 million Club Penguin Coin.PNG
Followed by Reality Check 2

Reality Check is a 2011 sci-fi epic fantasy film directed by The Christopher. The film is centered on the concept of servers that crash, where the main characters have to venture in a journey of survival and a new home. The film is to be released on September 16, 2011. Penguin Productions are the sole distributors of the film. The budget for Reality Check has been revealed to be 9 million Club Penguin Coins - which is quite low for a sci-fi film. It is one of the first films by Penguin Productions to be released in a 3D format. One of the most recognized film writers, Jonjon Jinjam, was hired to write the script - who worked on the story with The Christopher.

Principal photography began on February 11, 2008 and was completed on December 4, 2010. The film was put on hold multiple times. Reviewers have predicted for the film to set many box office records - along with a great opening week. The film stars Derek Holmes and Greg in the main character roles.

Plot summary[edit]

More Information is in here.

Reality Check is a movie about the servers in Club Penguin that crash one day and cause the entire universe to fail to exist. Incredibly, 5 penguins survive and begin to find land to build a new colony. When they discover that purple cloud(when combined with lighting) creates objects. When this is discovered one of the survivors betrays the colony, and runs away. He comes back with a massive robot army, and attacks the colony. The colony must then build a time machine, and go back to the past.

Cast & Characters[edit]

Actor Role
Derek Holmes Rodrick Miller
Greg Jordan Moose
Lilly Taz Jessie Holster
Samuel Taz Thomas Henry
Jonathan Steingold James Ferry
Dorkgus Light William Foghorn


That was so awesome! Well not as awesome as me, but a close second.
Well it's better than WHAT?!?.
Why can't all movies have graphic effects, action scenes, and awesomeness like?
Should Feey1 be in there? He needs a reality check! Hahahaha!
WHAT!?! This isn't even as cool as WHAT?!?. In fact it's super lame, I hate this movie. Boo! Boo!
It really makes me worried about the servers.
Arr! That be the finest movie since Night of The Living Sled! Arr.
Oh, it is great! I cannot believe these silly penguins made such a marvel!
I just love it so much,that I have recorded it in my laptop!
This is fresh and awesome, of course!
Average enough,it deserves a one-time-watch
This is intelligent enough to pit my great Ninja.
My cousin, Mabel, is stupid to hate this awesomeness
I am amazed with this marvel!!!!!
I agree with that glasses-wearing fuzball WHAT!?!? is better!
One of the best movies yet!
I just watched this about 55 times!
THIS MOVIE SUCKS! Well, it's better than WHAT?!?
Marvelous graphic, highly creative design. This is a must see, no matter where you are.
— A random human from some company called IMDb
I give it 5 recycle signs.
— Another random human]

Box office[edit]

The movie was very popular and was mostly seen in Eastshield and Castilla.

Audience statistics for various regions;

Region Audience
Antarctica (total) 6,011,718
Eastshield 35,321
Polaris SAD 10,479
Happyface State 34,367
Freezeland 22,144
Trans-Antarctica 31,300
Flystonia 13,210
Club Penguin Island 8,489
Geek Empire 4,289
Ed Island 7,489
Yow Kingdom 18,950
June Islands 3,541
Castilla 29,938
Snowiny 11,057
Snowzerland 30,473
Tropicalis 20,103
Southern Ocean City 12,572
UnitedTerra (total) 6,00,484
--- ---
--- ---
--- ---
The film was declared a disaster by Mabel,however the box office declared it an All-Time Blockbuster.


Main article: Reality Check 2

After its success, Penguin Productions planned a sequel is planned for the film. Petey K returns as soundtrack composer, but Cadence is the music director. Lyrics are penned by Ray Kodo. The director of the film is Gary the Gadget Guy, marking his debut as a director. Feey1 Pie is the lead of the sequel, along with a negative role by Ninjahopper.


Reality Check
Reality Check music album.png
Soundtrack album by Petey K
Released August 2, 2011
Genre Score, soundtrack
Length 50:00
Label Sony Music
Producer Stan PengLee,Petey K,Yusei
Petey K film soundtrack chronology
Reality Check
Reality Check 2
Singles from Reality Check
  1. "Down in the Nothing Lands"
    Released: August 9, 2011
  2. "Real Fantasy"
    Released: August 29, 2011

The soundtrack and film score to Reality Check was penned by Penguin Band lead-producer and member, Petey K - along with Yusei (although he is not credited as the score's main artist). Lyrics are penned by Phantom Heavyweight, however there are not much lyrics present on the soundtrack. The album was originally planned to be released as a double-disc album, but the producers decided to stick to one CD. The soundtrack was released on August 2, 2011 on Sony Music and managed to enter the Top 10 of the USA charts - along with other various chart entries. Most of the songs were made with a real orchestra, though some songs that needed a technology sound to it was made with a computer. The album included 21 songs from the movie, and one bonus track called "Down in the Nothing Lands" which is performed by Petey K. Most of the songs are instrumental, but a few songs include vocals. The album commonly sold for 90 Gold Coins, and 87 Gold Coins. It has be rumoured that producers Petey K and Yusei were paid 30,000 Club Penguin Coins each to work on the soundtrack.

The album is one of the first in soundtrack history to have an Emalf Alert label on it (to signify that the album includes emalfs). An edited version of the soundtrack, without the emalfs, was released too. All lyrics were written by Petey K and Yusei. The soundtrack was released on Sony Music. Two singles were released from the album - the bonus track "Down in the Nothing Lands" by Petey K and "Real Fantasy" by DJ Crow. Both singles received Top 40 success, with the highest positions being 4 and 11 respectively.

No. TitleMusicProducer(s) Length
1. "Reality Check"  Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K 3:09
2. "The Server Crash"  Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K 1:34
3. "Chosen Ones"  Awesome Drama Orchestra, Peter Kings, Yusei, Billy Gregory, PDBPetey K 1:01
4. "A New Life"  Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K 0:36
5. "Few Seconds of Life"  Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K 0:52
6. "This Won't Last Forever"  Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K 6:10
7. "New Colony Intro"  Awesome Drama OrchestraYusei, Petey K 0:51
8. "Going On a Mission"  DJ Crow, Ray Kodo, Awesome Drama OrchestraYusei 3:07
9. "The Guarantee"  Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K, Yusei 2:05
10. "WAR"  Awesome Drama OrchestraYusei 1:59
11. "Harmony" (remix of original version)Tim and Tom, Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K 2:31
12. "Dream World"  Awesome Drama OrchestraYusei 2:11
13. "Evil Lava"  Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K 3:00
14. "Success"  Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K 4:17
15. "Looking in the Face of Existence"  Awesome Drama OrchestraYusei 1:00
16. "History Flashback"  Awesome Drama OrchestraYusei 0:55
17. "Dark Clouds"  Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K 2:33
18. "Real Fantasy" (performed by DJ Crow)DJ Crow, Yusei, Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K 4:04
19. "Dramatic Finale" (also known as The Final Battle:
Infinite Realities!
Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K, Yusei 2:22
20. "Down in the Nothing Lands" (bonus track performed by Petey K)Awesome Drama OrchestraPetey K, Yusei 4:39


The film's success got it a lot of awards.

Antarctican Movie Awards:

  • Best Actor-Derek Holmes (Nominated)
  • Best Original Score-Petey K (WINNER)
  • Best Original Screenplay (WINNER)
  • Best Picture (WINNER)
  • Best Director-The Christoper (Nominated)
  • Best Music Label-Sony Music (WINNER for Sea By The Rocks)
  • Best Supporting Actor-Greg Jordan (WINNER)


  • This movie is very popular among Sci-Fi lovers.
  • This movie made a total of 40,210,374 Gold Coins the whole time it was in theaters.
  • Reality Check was most popular in Eastshield.
  • Some play re-enactments of this movie have been preformed at Yow Stages.
  • This movie started to sell a soundtrack of all the songs in the movie a month after it left theaters.
  • The average rating the movie got was 4 stars, but some critics gave it 5 stars.

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