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Funniest Story Award/Fourth Wall Award: 2014 CPFW Awards
A REALLY Random Story!
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Start 31st March, 2013
End 1st April, 2013
Prerequisites Me no understoond you beeg word.
Rewards I can finally go to the toilet.
An Explosive New Year Fanon Characters Special 2015!

A REALLY Random Story is the first April Fools special of the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. In this special, crazy things happen, including Nexer6472 accidentally making a monster out of an Armo set, me having to go to the toilet really badly, EPF agents pranking each other with the classic traps, random commercials that no one gives a crud about appears, and worst of all Feey1 Pie and his brothers accidentally releasing the Box Dragon. And all because of a malfunction on the Fourth Wall. Will they manage to fix the universe? Will Club Penguin Fanon Wiki ever be the same again? There's only one way to find out...

Chapter -1: Shortest Chapter Ever[edit]

This is the shortest chapter ever.

Chapter 0: Introduction[edit]

"Merry Christmas everyone." Amigopen was recording a video on the 31st of March.

"Tis the Season!" Lollipop said.

Later, they spent a LOT of time recording Christmas Carols, Ornaments and Presents.

"APRIL FOOLS!" They both shouted at the end of the video.

Fooly8 was trying find his Box of Pranks with Fuzzle.

"Where could it be?" Fooly wondered.

"I don't know" Fuzzle said.


He suddenly saw a mysterious wall.

"Maybe the box is behind that wall!"

And... it wasn't there.

Feey1 Pie quickly jammed the last spoonful of cereal into his beak, and then wiped his chin. He jumped up from his chair, tightened his shirt, and raced through his castle. He waddled to the other end of his castle, and then opened a large, metal door. He walked into a small cellar, which he stored Cream Soda in, and turned on a faint lightbulb. He waddled slowly over to a box lying on the ground, and threw it opened. Suddenly, a bright purple, swirling light filled the room. It was Feey's personal portal into the Box Dimension, which his grandfather had given him. He grabbed a nearby duffel bag--full of weapons, survival gear, and more--then threw it into the portal. Then he jumped inside himself.


Feey1 suddenly found himself within the Box Dimension, which seemed to have grown weirder for the soon-to-come April Fool's Day party.

"Hey! Brother, nice to see you here," Metal Knight, standing behind Feey, greeted him.

Feey turned around to see Bow, Bonny1, and Fum waddling towards him. They to had large hiking/camping packs, and were all prepared for an adventure.

"Nice to see you guys. Where's grandpa, he said he would bring my Super Suit through the main portal?" Feey asked, referring to Zayne.


In nanoseconds a Penguin Super Suit came through the portal towering over the three penguins. It was Feey1's finest Super Suit, which he had sent to his grandfather two weeks before. His grandfather even took the liberty of polishing it! Standing behind the Super Suit was the wrinkly, old Zayne Pie. He did not have his pet Shocktopus resting on his shoulder however.

"Grandpa, nice to see you!" Feey said, shaking flippers with his grandfather as his brothers said similar things.

"Hello, Feey. I got your Super Suit thing polished, just before you explore this weird place," Zayne said, leaning against the Super Suit and gazing around the Box Dimension.

"Yeah. It's good to have a nice vacation after that nasty war, and the fear that you were just in one as well!" Feey said with a cheerful tone.

"I can't wait to go on my first exploration! I wonder what we'll find," Bonny randomly piped in, completely changing the conversation.

"Yes, I'm sure we'll be able to learn more about this Box Dimension," Metal Knight replied, adjusting his metal mask.

"Alright, thanks a lot, grandpa. We'll see you on April Fool's Day!" Feey said, adjusting his pack, and climbing up into his Super Suit.

Zayne simply waved goodby, and waddled out of the portal. Feey1 then activated his Super Suit, but kept the cockpit open. Then he and his brothers loaded the bags onto the Super Suit, so that they would not need to carry them across the unknown terrain. The brothers, besides Feey (being in his walking Super Suit), waddled over to the border of the main room. No known penguin had ever left the main room, and explored more of the Box Dimension; the brothers were about to make history. The main room was surrounded by a sphere of Wutt Energy, and Feey drove his Super Suit up to it. He slowly stuck the right arm through the energy, then proceeded to step out of the main room.

"This is random" the narrator said.

"Wait, I'm the narrator! What is happening?" the narrator wondered.

"Oh...alright. It seems that the Pie brothers are going to explore the Box Dimension, Fooly8 is looking for stuff within boxes and Amigopen is being a goofball. Hey what's that noise?'s Fu-"

"Meanwhile, I, the great leader of the universe, was typing random words on Google. Suddenly, I had found a mysterious link that appeared on screen. I clicked it and I was transported to a mysterious site:

I searched my name in the Search tab and I appeared there! After I saw that I could edit my fate, I became the Owner of the Universe and the richest thing on the world! Later, I'm going to make Mabel fall in love for me! And I'm going to change a bunch of things around here!"



"Well, not all of it is true, but I actually found this site on the internet and edited my profile!"

Chapter 1: Nexer's Evil Accidental Plan[edit]

The museum announcer finished painting a Leego set a rock color.

He revealed it. "Hello everyone, here is the most micro sculpture ever!"

Meanwhile, Nexer was at the museum, bored. He was not exactly a villain, seeing the quality of the damage done. For example, he had taken a dime from the bank, he scratched a car, etc.

"I know! I'll destroy the museum!"

But he had no way to do that.

"I know! Control System!"


  • bzzk* Hi! This is Fudd! Whenever you see a 'bzzk' means that I'm hacking the system so you can read what I'm saying! I know it is random, but there is a... *bzzk*

"What the heck was that?!?" Nexer asked.

Nexer then sneaked into the Control System...

"Are these the controls?" Nexer asked the command lead.

"It sure is!"

Nexer began pressing buttons.

Suddenly, the Leego piece started shaking furiously...

  • bssk* The Fourth Wall is in dan- *bssk*

"Those Messages from Fudd are SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!" someone said.

Nexer didn't care. He was finally a true villain now. "Aw yeah..."

Meanwhile, in the Box Dimension, Feey1 and his brothers were making history. After leaving the Box Dimension's main room, they found themselves hiking down a mountain of cardboard boxes. It was extremely difficult, since the boxes would sometimes collapse under them. Feey had to make his Super Suit airborne sometimes just to keep it from falling into the boxes.

"This place is so amazing! Just watch me throw this snowball," Fum Pie said as he threw a snowball. The snowball bounced three times in mid-air, like a stone skipping in water.

"Oh, yeah? That's nothing! Watch this," Bonny1 said, getting competitive. He made his own snowball, and threw it. The snowball bounced four times in mid-air.

"That doesn't matter, I rule a nation! Do you?" Fum responded cooly.

"A nation that only exists because of me," Feey1 whispered under his breath.

"What was that you said, Feey?" Fum asked, turning around to face his brother.

"Whuh? Oh, nothing," Feey sputtered in a nervous tone.

Metal Knight made a slight "hmmmm", and looked at the facial expressions of both his brothers. Then he came up with his own gloat.

"Have either of you two been to the Darktonian Realm, huh?"

"No, but..." Fum and Feey said in unison.

"Guys, just stop it!" Bonny said, stopping a would be battle.



"Stop. Did anyone else hear that?" MK whispered, glancing to his left and right.

"Yeah, I did. Where'd it come from?" Bonny asked, keeping his right flipper on his throwing stars.

"My Super Suit can detect sound waves, and right now it's telling me it came from our left," Feey said, pressing a bunch of buttons within his cockpit.

All the brothers turned to their left, but didn't see nor hear anything. It was very odd, and a bit appalling to them all.

"I'm sure it was nothing," Fum said, trying to move the hike along.

"No, let's stay here for just a little bit. I'm a bit hungry," Bonny lied, as he sat down and opened up his lunch bag.

"Fine, my Super Suit needs to recharge," Feey replied, turning off his Super Suit and jumping out.

  • bzzk* Oh, it's me again...wrong button. Oh, while you're hear. I must say that I, the superior master of this universe, fired the narrator. Yeah, so I'll be narrating for now on! *bzzk*

"Don't listen to Fudd, I'm still here!" the narrator screamed at your screen.

  • bzzk* HEY! Get outta here, this is my job! *bzzk*

"Make me, turd-colored puffle!"

  • bzzk* :O! I'm not brown-colored. *bzzk*

"Oh, well forgive me for not having eyes!"

  • bzzk* Wait, if you don't have do you know what's going on? *bzzk*

"I'm reading this script, of course!"

  • bzzk* Oh, okay. Wait.....don't you need ey...*bzzk*

Suddenly the narrator stuffed a unwashed, dirty sock down Fudd's small, puffle mouth. Of course, no in the story, and you too, didn't see it happen.

"WHAT WAS THAT!?" Fum asked, as he finished off his sandwich.

"That was.......obviously a puffle, and some weird cosmic being," MK replied, biting into his sandwich.

Meanwhile, the giant monster moved along out of the museum. Getting the report, W gathered info and sent it to Star.

"Thanks, W. I'll be right there," Star hung up and boarded GoGo Jet, also activating the other nine.

Hunter9463 blasted a ghost, and it was sucked in. He continued the ghost hunt, until he remembered something. "Wait... ghosts only appear in October!"

Suddenly the Haunted House disappeared. And a computer dropped on his head.

"Note to self: revenge on Rookie."

Rogue Alyssa Tvarkov was hanging upside down in her office in the EPF. Jason then walked in.

"Woah! Are you okay?" Jason asked.

Rogue gave him a look of stupidity and annoyance. "Does it look like I'm okay?"

"Uh... ha ha... I'll get you down."

Jason got out his Keysaber and cut the rope that was wrapped around Rogue's ankle. She fell on her head and hit the floor. "Ow... ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow owwwwww!!!!!!!!!"

While Rookie was busy setting up his next trap, Rogue and Jason went in Rookie's office and took his bobble head figure of him. Then they sneaked into G's office and placed it there.

2 hours later

Rookie came in his office and asked, "Gary? Have you seen my bobble head figure?"

Rookie then found his bobble head figure on Gary's desk.

"Gary! How dare you!" Rookie angrily shouted.

"What? This isn't what it looks like!" Gary was confused.

Meanwhile, up in the vents of G's office, Rogue and Jason watched them argue, with a little popcorn.

When the fight wrapped up, Rogue was up in the vents once more, using her Snowviet Snowball Gun, with a little red paint mixed with the snow. "Phase 2 of my revenge..."

Right before Rookie left, Rogue began firing.

"Argh!!!" Rookie ran to the EPF Gym Room to try to wash it off.

Unfortunately, the paint was from the Penguin Style catalog. "Nooooooo!!!!!!!!"

Rookie was polka dotted red for the rest of the day.

The holiday spread through the EPF, and soon, everyone was doing it. Jason had encountered cream pie above his door, a whoopie cushion on his chair, and banana peels around the floor. "I can never be pranked, ever. My eyes can catch them all the time."

"Great, this is gonna take a long time."

Ultimate DaiBouken couldn't really handle the fight because the Leego set was too big.

"Person, what's taking you so long?!"

Back at the vehicle storage, Person replied. "Sorry Star! Been having some problems!"

Person started Ultra Leon's engine.

He didn't know what happened, one minute he was muttering to himself about his eyes catching pranks, the next he was hanging upside down in his own office. Then the next he was pelted by what seems to be a lifetime supply of cream pie. He was just confused when Rogue walked in, confused and astonished.

"Hm, what did you say about your eyes catching pranks all the time? Eh, Jason Crash?" she said with a so-you-thought-you-were-perfect tone

He blushed in embarrassment from what she said.

"Um, lets uh... heheh. Don't tell anyone, please!" he begged.

Getting out her boomerang and her knife from her inventory, she tied the knife to one of the sides of the boomerang and threw it on the rope precisely, catching Jason when he falled.

"Do you know who done this to you?"

"Uh... no. Why?" Jason said confused.

"Pft, is it obvious? Only a right-handed penguin would do this, plus, this one's a klutz!" she said, astonished that he hadn't figured it out

"So it's Rookie?" he guessed.

"Dude, who else? That kid's klutzier than Klutzy!"

Poor thing, he never knew that it was Rogue who seted up the trap, and only framed Rookie

"All part of my illusive plan..." she thought to herself.

Rogue's in an evil mood.

As Ultimate DaiBouken tried to outmatch the set, Ultra Leon slashed at the menacing figure.

"Hey Ultra! Having a hard time?" Leon asked.

"What does it look like?"

"Forget it, let's just blast the pieces outta this thing."

Leon rushed up to the back of the figure. "TURBO SLASH!"

With his hands backed up behind his claws, Leon slashed with both claws, forming three blue X shapes that subsequently tackled the set at sonic speed.

The set was unharmed.

Chapter 2: ♪Boom, goes the Fourth Wall!♪[edit]

Fooly8 and Fuzzle finally found the box.

"YAY!" Fooly shouted, as he ran upstairs.

Suddenly, he tripped over a box and crash landed on the Fourth Wall.

Some bricks in the wall broke, but the Wall did not replace its lost bricks.

Fooly and Fuzzle ran up upstairs with their box and left as soon as possible

"Hmmm..kind of weird how some things float and some things don't here," Fum declared, as he stared at a nearby, floating cardboard box.

"Yeah, but that's what we're trying to figure out!" Feey1 said, as he walked by in his Super Suit.

"Actually, I thought you said we were trying to map the Box Dimension?" Metal Knight asked, as he polished his sword.

"Hey! I said we would be finding out a lot of new and interesting things, Bow," Feey explained.

"I don't care about all that sciency stuff; I'm just here to have fun!" Bonny1 shouted with glee.

Bonny1 suddenly whacked a nearby box with his left flipper, but instead of his flipper cutting through the box, it sprang back up and hit him in the beak. Bonny stumbled backwards in pain, and grasped his beak.

"AUGH! That box was like a bouncy rock!" Bonny shouted to his brothers.

"What?" Feey asked, as he became curious.

Feey1 quickly parked his Super Suit, and jumped out of it. He waddled over to the box which Bonny1 had tried to slice, and examined it. He knelt down beside it, and examined it. He wasn't a scientist, but since he was an engineer he knew some things about science and examining objects. He rubbed his flipper against it, and tested its bounciness.

"Yep, that things a loaded spring. Oddly, it feels as dense as a rock," Feey explained to his brothers, who were already getting bored.

"Ugg! Can we please move on?" Fum asked.

"Hey! You agreed that I would be leading this expedition, and that you would be under my orders. We aren't going anywhere, Fum," Feey barked back to Fum.

Fum became a little surprised by Feey1's attitude, and sat down on a nearby box. He rested his head on his flippers, which he rested on his lap. He stared at Feey as he examined the box for what seemed to be hours.

Fooly and Fuzzle flew into the Fanon Character Gang.

"Oh Creapnz!! OH CREAPNZ!!!!!" Fooly shouted, right where Patrick Tea was standing.

"Did you cause another nuclear spread?" Donneye asked.

"The Fourth Wall!!! It is auto-destroying itself!!!!" Fuzzle shouted.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!??!!?!" Amigopen yelled.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!??!!?!" Amigopen yelled.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!??!!?!" Amigopen yelled.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!??!!?!" Amigopen yelled.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!??!!?!" Amigopen yelled.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!??!!?!" Amigopen yelled.



"He's speaking...哎呀...我在讲华语...怎么办???“尼克叫道。


"Aw come on, that was my strongest move!" Leon complained.

"There's gotta be a weakness on this set!" Person said.

Hunter received a message from Aunt Arctic the Director.

"Hunter, Nexer6472 has used a life ray on the exhibit that was opened today."

"Do you mean the 'most micro sculpture'? Wasn't that...-" Hunter began asking.

"Yes- a Leego set colored in a rocky color."

"Of course. What would you expect from April Fools?"

"Star and Person are currently fighting the set. Go to the museum and track down Nexer. That's an order. Also, bring me a sandwich."


"Sorry. I don't know what happened. I just didn't wanna say DIT"


00700gold was bored. There weren't any places to guard because it was a holiday.

"I've checked every regular place in Club Penguin except one... the Box Dimension!"

Gold went to the Snow Forts, where a huge Box Dimension Portal sat during the April Fools' party.

"I never went to this place before, but I heard that some penguins lurk around here this time of the year."

Gold switched to his Blackout uniform and stepped in.

We will be right back after this break.

Do you need a really unhealthy meal?

Then why not come over to a McDoodle's near you!

We are now back.

"How come there's a freaking McDoodle's commercial that I never approve of is in this story!" Director Benny said.

Meanwhile, in the wilderness, the Piffles where making schemes to steal does pies!

"ARF ARF ARF" a seal said.

Then they all blew up.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!" Amigopen said.

Two angry Orange Puffles stood up, and raised their spears high into the sky and banged the spears into the ground.


The ground of cardboard boxes shook violently, and the purple clouds in the sky above the hostile Orange Puffles began to spin rapidly. Then a part of the sky seemed to turn into gum, and then it reached down to the spear tips. When it came in contact with the spear tips a massive


to occur, causing a sudden gust of wind. Then in seconds, everything went back to normal. Except, the spear tips of the Orange Puffles' spears were glowing brighter than ever before. They were also making a faint noise.

"Holy cow! My computer is detecting vast amounts of highly unstable Wutt Energy behind us," Feey said, as he piloted his Super Suit to turn around.

As the exploration group turned around, they saw the two Box Knights.

"What are those things!?" Bonny screamed, as he looked at the odd creatures

"I can't tell, they're too far away! I think they're puffles!" Metal Knight declared.

"Yeah, way to state the obvious, Bow," Fum muttered.

"Shut up, guys! We've got to be careful right now, we don't know if these things are violent or not," Feey said in a very and sudden harsh tone.

"What are they doing here?" the first Orange Puffle whispered loudly to his friend.

"Who knows..." the other Orange Puffles replied, shrugging his shoulders.

Fum quickly raised his flippers in surrender, not knowing that to the Orange Puffles, raising both arms was a signal for attack.

"ATTACK!" the second Orange Puffle said, readying himself with his spear.

The two Orange Puffles pointed their spears at the exploration group, and shouted "Throw!". Suddenly the spear tips glowed very bright, and then a "pop!" noise was heard. In seconds two bananas seemed to fly out of the spear tips, and hit Feey1's Super Suit's thick, metal torso. The bananas splattered against the Super Suit, and then awkwardly and slowly slid off.

"Bananas? Really, guys?" Feey asked the Orange Puffles, who were shocked that the bananas did not damage the Super Suit.

The orange puffles said "throw!" again, and then cream pies flew at the exploration group. One pie crashed into Feey's glass cockpit, which thankfully was closed; the other slammed into Fum's face, and knocked him over.

"UGH! That's it, you little orange pests!" Feey said in anger.

Suddenly a single windshield wiper swiped the pie off of the cockpit window, and Feey1's face was purple with anger (because he's a blue penguin, and when he gets angry his face turns red. Then the blue mixes with the red, making purple). Suddenly Feey's Super Suit's arms speared open, and he ran after the Orange puffles. The sudden charge frightened the Orange Puffles, and they quickly dove under some loose cardboard boxes. They disappeared.

"Wow! Feey, I've never seen you get angry like that," Bonny said.

"I wasn't angry, and I displeased. I just wanted to get rid of them, they could ruin the expedition," Feey said, turning back around and joining his brothers.

Chapter 3: Mabelopolis[edit]

  • bssk* Hello everyone! I made the whole Club Penguin better with some tweaks in the swf files! Enjoy! *bssk*


"So this must be the Box Dimension," Gold told himself. "Wonder what kind of adventure might wait here."

Right after he said that, two Box Knights appeared in front of him. "Oh."

"Aaah!" Star grasped the controls and avoided a punch.

"Quack Quack Quack! Welcome to Club Puppy Island!" said a Jellyfish.

Then the Jellyfish blew up.

And now I really need to go to the bathroom.

  • bssk* SHUT UP NARRATOR *bssk*

"He MABELIZED Club Penguin?" Nick gasped, shooting himself with some gun that somehow translates languages.

"FINALLY, A whole town for me!" Mabel hopped in joy.

"Oh, SHUT UP!" Welcome yelled at Mabel.

Suddenly, the whole place started to rumble. A terrible monster from another dimension stormed into Club Mabel Penguin "RUN!!!"

"Fluffypuffle, DID YOU HAVE TO BREAK THE FOURTH WALL UNTIL IT BROKE?? 我们该做什么?哎,我又讲华语了!” 尼克生气的喊到。

"Ets-lay ot-nay ake-may ouble-tay," one of the Orange puffles said.

"Wait, what?" 00700gold had no idea what it was saying.

This repeated about five times.

"Eave-lay!" the other Orange puffle yelled. It grabbed its arrow and fired towards the portal.

"Oh, you want me to leave?"

The orange puffle nodded.

"Huh. I thought this place was free territory."

"It-nay is-nay." Orange puffle 1 shouted.

"Evermind-nay hat-tay, end-say ienforements-ray." Orange puffle yelled.

Apparently Orange puffle 2 was a leader. It whistled and fifty orange puffles suddenly appeared.

"Huh. I never knew this place was that populated. Well I know what to do!"

Gold ran behind a puffle and pulled a box over it.

"They're too strong!" Orange puffle commanded.

The 20 remaining orange puffles ran away.

"Great, now I'm a fugitive. And I'm a part time EPF agent."

Feey1 looked at a family portrait of him, his wife, his puffles, and his chicks. It was a nice photo, taken in front of his castle. He really enjoyed the photo, and liked to bring it almost everywhere he went.

"Hey! Feey, you may want to look at this," Metal Knight shouted, as he looked off into the distance.

The exploration group was hiking down a steep mountain of boxes, which led into a valley. Well the valley appeared to sink down, and then rise back up into a range of steep and sharp mountains. It was very rugged terrain, and would be difficult for even the best of hikers.

"Oh no, that looks bad," Feey said, getting a close look of the topography.

"Wait here guys, me and Metal Knight will fly up, and get a close look of the topography. We look for a better way out," Feey told Bonny and Fum, as he and his brother soared into the purple sky.

Bonny1 nearly fell as he got comfortable on the ground, sitting on a box and lying on another. He stretched, and put his flippers behind his head. He sighed slightly, and took a sip of his water bottle. He was in complete relaxation mode.

"The life of a Pieteer is difficult, my bro," Bonny coaxed Fum.

"Probably not as much as ruling a country," Fum replied playfully, getting comfortable as well.

"Well, Feey1 does it somehow," Bonny replied, making a big mistake.

"What do you mean?" Fum replied.

"Hmm, Feey does rule an entire kingdom, which spans multiple kingdoms! At least he has presidents and kings for those kingdoms," Bonny responded, resting his eyes.

"You know, I think my kingdom is way harder to rule than Feey's. Those lousy mafias and gangs ruin everything!" Fum coughed.

"Meh, and then Feey has to deal with it. When are you going to learn to do things right, Fum?" Bonny asked.

Suddenly Fum became very angry, and glared at his brother with a face full of anger.

"Do things right? You don't understand how hard my job is!" Fum shouted.

"You probably don't either; you just let parliament handle all the grunt work, where you get all the fame," Bonny responded, sitting up more.

"Are you insisting that I'm lazy?!" Fum asked.

"No, I'm saying you're a weakling. Ever wondered why you're not apart of The Three Pieteers?" Bonny explained.

"How dare you!" Fum said, turning his hand into a fist.

"Yeah, well I...." Bonny said, right before....


Out of the blue, Fum suddenly punched his brother in the beak. Things were about to get


"STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!" Gary the Gaget Dude yelled


The whole Club Penguin blew up of annoyingness, with a blast so big that took out most of the Mabel Decorations.

Hunter stepped into the museum. "This is Hunter9463. I'm in the museum."

A commander responded. "Good. Find who's responsible and arrest him."


Hunter walked past dozens of crushed exhibits. "Wow, this place's been totally trashed." He stopped to think. "If I was a villain and I wanted to destroy a place... I would go to the control center."

In the command center, Nexer continued to press buttons that destroyed the museum even more.

"Great, now the museum is ruined!"

  • bssk* I'm back, and made Club Penguin even more better!!! *bssk*



"Phew, at least it cannot get worse" someone said.



"Hurry up. Get in. We'll head for um...where is Antarctica on the map?" Nick looked at the map on his teleportation device.

"Um...let me try," Welcome suggested.

37 second later

"Where is Antarctica on the map? I only see Club Penguin. Are we in an SWF file on Nick's computer?" he asked the others

"We are in an SWF file? On my computer? DIRECTOR BENNY!!!!" Nick screamed, ran in circles and fainted.

Chapter 4: Madness in the Box Dimension and Elsewhere else[edit]

TONTIN8 DIJO "Hay que arreglar la Cuarta Pared!"

Then they all went to the Fourth Wall, which wuz willy bwadwy wemenged.

Thewe whewe ownly a few bwicks weft on thwe Fowth Wall.

Wow. I spweak weird wight now.

Are you hungry? Need more Fat? Come to Burger Khan today and get a "Pay 2, Get 1" offer!

♩Move your Butt into Penghis Khan! Feel the Glory of being so Fat!♩

Feey1 studied the topography of the landscape which he and his brothers were planning to hike over. It was very steep and rugged terrain, with large boxes and steep cliffs. Instantly he knew that the group would have to find another way.

"We can't hike this, Bow! Too dangerous for the group, we gotta find another way," Feey explained to Metal Knight.

"Hmmm. I do not think so, brother. We're The Three Pieteers; we can do this," MK argued, as he slowly flapped his bat-like wings.

"Are you mad? Look at those cliffs, Bow. I know we're skilled, but we're not mountaineers," Feey argued back, using his Super Suit's arm to point to the largest cliff he saw.

"So? We can fly, we will just carry the others down," MK responded with a harsh tone.

"No, let's just go explore somewhere else. That canyon seems like a useless place to go," Feey responded.

"Fine then, you, Fum, and Bonny can go to your wimpy places! I for one will challenge myself, and go down to this great canyon; it cannot be as bad as the Darktonian Realm," MK said as he enclosed his wings, and dove down into the canyon.

"BOW, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT'S DOWN THERE! BOW!" Feey shouted at his brother, as he watched him disappear into the dark canyon, "Fine, but don't come crying back to me when you need to be rescued!"

"Meanwhile, the argument in between Bonny1 and Fum turned into a physical fight. Bonny is currently..." the narrator said until....

  • bzzk*...beating up his bro! Hahaha! Man, Bonny is an awesome fighter. Don't you think mister narra.....*bzzk*




  • bzzk* OUCH! Watch it you...*bzzk*


"Hey! Quit biting me!"


  • bzzk* I'm telling on you! WAAH! *bzzk*

"Nothing to see here! Cut to the next scene, cut to the next scene!!" Director Benny shouts as he covers up your screen so you can't see the sound effects of the fight in between the narrator and Fudd.


Fum threw another punch at his skilled brother, but Bonny easily deflected it with a classic ninja defense. Fum was physically unable to defeat Bonny, and was being beat pretty bad by him. He had also sustained ten bruises on his right flipper, and seven on his left. His face had one, single bruise and he was getting tired quick. His stance was off, and he was just simply too weak.

"See, this is why you aren't a Pieteer, bro!" Bonny said, as he hopped a bit closer to Fum.

"What are you talking about? I don't feel a thing!" Fum responded, wheezing in between every second word.

"Oh, do you feel this?" Bonny said, as he threw a big punch at Fum's beak.


Spit flew out of Fum's beak at 100's of miles per hour, and his beak suddenly started to thump like his heart.

"UGH. Is that....all!?" Fum asked, as he raised his fists up to shoulder level.

"I don't want to do this to you anymore, just give up," Bonny coaxed Fum.

"Never!" Fum said as he lunged toward Bonny with his right fist.

Suddenly, Fum tripped on a small cardboard box and face-planted into the ground. His body couldn't handle it anymore, and he passed out. Bonny sat down next to his sleeping brother, and checked his bruises.

He muttered under his breath, "Moron."

Just then, Feey1 flew back in his Super Suit, but without Metal Knight. Bonny1 became curios, and stood up. He waddled over to Feey to ask him where Metal Knight was, but before who could Feey spoke up.

"What happened to Fum, Bonny?"

"Oh, we got into a little fight," Bonny said, putting both flippers behind his back and hanging his head low.

"If it was little, why is he knocked out?" Feey asked nervously.

"Uh, okay fine I'll tell you why. Well, we got into argument that led to me accidentally saying that our bro was weak. Then he punched me, and we got into a fist fight," Bonny explained nervously.

Feey1 simply face palmed, and gave his brother a dirty look.

"Why would you do that!?" Feey asked in anger, "Fum is out cold, Bow is alone in a canyon, and I forgot to map our way out of here!!"

"WHAT! You don't know how to get out of here?" Bonny shouted.

"Uhh, yes; I was so happy to be with my brothers exploring that I forgot to map out our hike," Feey confessed.

Star grasped the controls as he tried to gain balance. The monster was just too big.

"Eat this!" Ultimate DaiBouken flew up into the air and fired the Ultimate Blast, stunning the monster.

"That'll keep it out of our thoughts for a while," Star concluded.

Bonny1 sat on a cardboard, very displeased. He stared at the ground, which of course was just another cardboard box, and thought about the recent events which were occurring. Meanwhile, Feey1 was over by Fum waiting for him to wake up.


Bonny lifted his head at the instance he heard the noise. He glanced to his left, and then his right, and then to his left again.


Bonny got a little worried, and quickly stood up. He jogged over to where Feey was sitting next to Fum, who was dragged into a sitting position next to a box.

"Did you hear that?" Bonny whispered to Feey.

"Yeah, it's probably those weird box humans again," Feey responded.

"I don't think those were humans, Feey," Bonny said, looking over his shoulder nervously.


Suddenly two orange puffles seem to appear out of nowhere, and charged at the three brothers. Bonny leaped into his classic defense ninja pose, and Feey swiftly dragged Fum to a safe area behind his Super Suit. The two Box Knights ran up to Bonny and confronted him with their spears.

"Ay! Mo pinkweengs oloud!" Orange Puffle 1 shouted, pointing his spear at Bonny.

"Leeve mow!" Orange Puffle 2 added, also pointing his spear at Bonny.

Bonny didn't move out of his position, but instead mentally prepared to attack. Suddenly Bonny jumped into the air, twirled in mid-air, and landed on top of Orange Puffle 1. Then he stood up, and kicked Orange Puffle 2 in the stomach, causing him to stumble backwards. Then Bonny punched Orange Puffle 1's head, and then leap off him. Bonny reached into his pocket as fast as a bullet, and pulled out a Fire Card-Jistu card. Instantly a bottle of spicy hot sauce appeared out of nowhere, and into his flipper. Bonny sprayed the hot sauce all over Orange Puffle 2, burning the orange puffle.

"Wow! Did that not hurt you?" Bonny asked Orange Puffle 2, preparing to tackle Orange Puffle 1 once again.

"AUGH!" Orange Puffle 2 shouted in pain, as he grasped onto his spear.

Bonny1 jumped around, and faced Orange Puffle 1. Then, all of sudden he was whacked in the back by something. He turned around, and a found a banana on the ground. He then saw Orange Puffle 2 pointing his spear at him.

"Pinkweeng, leeve mow oar I cill woo," Orange Puffle 2 said, with his charged spear facing Bonny.

"Oh yeah? And what are you going to do to me if I don't?" Bonny said in a gloating tone.


Suddenly, a weird, little box flew out of the spearhead and crashed into Bonny1's clothing.


Bonny was suddenly zapped with who-knows-how-many volts of electricity. His vision started to go black, and his muscles tensed out. Then he fainted, and fell to the ground with a loud thud. Feey1 saw the whole thing, and knew that things were getting bad. He quickly lugged Fum into his Super Suit, and started the engine. Meanwhile, the orange puffles prepared to take Bonny away tied to a cardboard pole.

Meanwhile, Rookie was running away from Miranda, who was chasing him with a fish

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!Que te jodan! Hijo de un imbécil!!!" she screamed.

Miranda was chasing him because he booby-trapped her pen, which exploded ink onto her face when she pressed the top of it.

Meanwhile, Rogue was busy doing pull-ups when they passed by,

"Mwahaha, success!" she silently said, she remembered the fact that it was she who booby-trapped the pen

"It wasn't me! I swear I'm being framed!" Rookie screamed.

Everyone in the corridors backed away as the duo passed by.

"Phase 3 of my 10-phased plan," Rogue muttered sinisterly, tying the last knot in her chain reaction trap in the Tactical training room (Hold it, how did she get there?!)

"EPF pranks are going global" she muttered, setting the bomb for the global EPF agent vs agent prank-a-thon.

Meanwhile, at a football (soccer in USA) match in Puffle'and...

"No one cares!!!" Welcome said.

Hunter made his way into the Control Room.

"An EPF Agent?" Nexer asked. "All the good side sent was a stupid ghostbusting EPF agent?!"


"...whatever. DIE!"

Hunter grabbed his pistol and fired. Hunter countered the shots with his cannon.

Metal Knight swooped down into the valley with ease, and landed softly on the ground. He kept his flipper near his sword, just in case a bunch of orange puffles attacked him. He glanced around to be safe, and saw that he was in a deep, narrow valley. The sides were cliffs of cardboard boxes leading up at an extremely steep angle, too steep to climb back up. The ground was littered with odd shaped boxes, some of them being sharp spears shooting up out of the ground. Their tips were very sharp, and seemed to shine when light touched them. There was also a light breeze, which sounded like someone whispering.

"Interesting place, I do say," MK said aloud, as he started to waddle leftwards.

As Metal Knight waddled down the valley, he noticed that it started to slope downwards progressively. The further he waddled, the steeper it became. He also came across massive cardboard boxes, the size of boulders that he had to climb over. Then, he started to come across more massive boxes. He started to get tired climbing over them, and finally settled down on one. He pulled out his lunch bag, and started to eat a banana. As he ate, he looked around and suddenly realized that he sat right next to a cave. As he looked at the cave, it was dark and a bit creepy. Metal Knight looked closer, and had the feeling that something was inside the cave. Just to be safe, he grasped his sword. As he finished his snack, he stood up, and waddled close to the cave. His sword, being a special gift from Darktan, had special powers, including one that when a possibly dangerous creature was nearby the sword would start glowing a purple color. Unfortunately, Metal Knight's sword was shining pure purple. It even started to shake, meaning that the creature was approaching Metal Knight. As the creature approached Metal Knight, he could hear it growl and creep forward. Then he heard it breathing, and shortly after smelt its cold and disgusting breath.

"UGH!" MK couldn't help saying after smelling the creature's breath.

The creature's breath smelled like a million rotten, half-cooked burritos that were left outside for five months, and were half digested by a some beast. Metal Knight covered his nostrils with his other flipper, and breathed through his beak. Just then, he caught the first glimpse of the was huge. Metal Knight soon saw the eyes of the creature. The eyes were large, orange cardboard boxes. The eyes then grew larger as the creature approached Metal Knight slowly. Metal Knight slowly backed away with his sword held high, also still covering his nostrils. He was ready for a fight. The creature soon revealed its's massive, scary-looking head.

"The Box Dragon," MK whispered to himself, as the Box Dragon crawled further out of the cave.

Suddenly, the Box Dragon leaped out of the cave with its jaw wide open and aimed at Metal Knight.

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Feey1's Super Suit landed softly on the ground, and soon the engines turned off. Feey hopped about of the cockpit, and landed on the ground muttering. He rubbed his forehead as he paced back and forth rethinking everything. He usually was good at remaining calm in situations like this, but now he was freaking out.

"Great! Now we're lost in the Box Dimension, Bow is off in some canyon, and Bonny just got kidnapped by orange puffles that speak jargon!!" Feey shouted, as he kicked a tiny box.

He sat down on the ground, and pushed back his hair. He rubbed his eyes under his eyes, and just mumbled.

"Ugh.." he suddenly heard Fum moan, and got a sudden burst of encouragement.

Feey climbed back up into his Super Suit, and saw Fum on the floor of the cockpit waking back up.

"Fum, are you awake?" Feey whispered loudly.

"ZzZzZz....mmmmm! Just a few more minutes, please," Fum said, curling up as if he was in a bed.

"Fum, wake up now!" Feey finally ordered.

In a second, Fum rocketed up from his sleep and rubbed his eyes awake. He shook his hair with his right flipper, and tightened his belt.

"Ouch! My whole face hurts," Fum complained, gingerly touching parts of his face.

"Easy now, you got hit hard," Feey said, joining his brother inside the cockpit.

"Hit hard by what?" Fum asked, sending a wave of worry and caution over Feey.

"Uhh, an avalanche of boxes tumbled over you," Feey lied so that the friendship between Bonny and Fum wouldn't be broken.

"Oh, were the boxes that heavy? Honestly, I feel like I just got punched five times and then fell on my face," Fum said.

"Hmmm..Alright, do you want to get out into more space?" Feey asked, realizing that the cockpit was pretty small.

"Meh, sure," Fum moaned.

Chapter Five: ♩ ♫ Who Let the Box Dragon Out? ♪ ♬[edit]

The Fanon Character Gang was completely confused as to what was going on.

"I absolutely do not understand this. I mean like, seriously, McDoodles commercial?" Nick was looking at the script.

"What happens next?" Chub asked.

"Um...lets see here..." Nick mumbled, " after we escape from the monster, which we have already done, Ditto Pies filled with Mabel fur fall from the sky..."

Just as Nick finished the sentence, Mabel went hairless. Then, pies filled with Ditto and Mabel's fur started falling from the sky.

"Oh, great, another Pingko. This time, the largest port in the USA. I wonder how long the USA can stay on its feet." Lollipop grumbled.

"Hello, it's me the narrator! I'm back for more talking, and pointing out the obvious!"

  • bzzk* HEY! Narrator, what's invisible, annoying, and stupid? *bzzk*

"Why I don't know, Fudd! What is invisible, annoying, and stupid?"


"Why you little monster, get over here!"




"Why can't those guys just get along?" Nick grumbled.

Gold crawled over a box boulder, and, landing on the ground, wiped some sweat from his forehead. He was being chased by more orange puffles, and recently tumbled down into the deep valley. He looked towards the end of the valley, where he heard chopping, and boxes being ripped apart. Suddenly the ground shook with a might roar, coming from a mighty beast.

"Am I hearing a dragon and some random knight fighting it?" he asked himself.

Gold started running to the source of the noise with his boombomb launcher.


Rookie fell of the ladder he was on and fell headfirst into the metal floor.


The bang was loud, so loud that it woke the sleeping EPF Headquarters in Club Penguin.

"What, bananas, what?" Rogue cried as she woke up to the sound of a bang. She's been asleep on her desk, in the middle of all the paperwork she had to finish. She looked at the clock wearily and moaned "1:30 in the morning" she muttered and stood up.

Rookie rubbed his head, he hit his head so bad, it hurts. As he heard the faint clink-clank of shoes on the metal floor.

"Darn" Rookie muttered. "Someone's HQ"

"Rookie? Rookie is that you?" Rogue yelled through the hallway, recognizing the propeller cap on the ground.

"Uh-oh" Rookie said as Rogue opened the door.

"Rookie, what are you doing here?" she questioned. Rookie was sweating buckets by now.

"That's what I'm supposed to ask, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"Well, I slept through my work. Then I heard a bang." she explained, "Now your turn, what's your reason?"

"Uh... uh..." Rookie said.

"What? What is it? Come on, spit it out!" Rogue yelled.

"Uh... um... PIE!" he yelled and took out and threw a pie, straight at Rogue's face.


"Creepy...," Gold muttered to himself.

Soon enough, he was able to see Bow fighting the giant Box Dragon.

"AAAH! Box Dragon!" Gold yelled.

"What the-? Who are you!?!" MK shouted as he spotted Gold out of the corner of his eye.

"I am Gold, the coolest penguin that..." Gold said, just before he was interrupted by a great roar.


"AUGH!" Gold screamed as the Box Dragon flew up out of the cave.

Gold dived under a box, as Metal Knight faced the Box Dragon. The Box Dragon flew straight up into the air, repositioned itself facing downwards, and stared at Metal Knight. Suddenly, in a split second, the beast swooped down and attacked Metal Knight. Metal Knight swung his sword wildly at the beast, chopping parts of it off, but he couldn't stop it. As the Box Dragon swooped down, it knocked into Metal Knight and pushed him over. Metal Knight crashed into the ground and moaned. He quickly got back on his feet, and brandished his sword at the Box Dragon. The Box Dragon did a repeat of what it had just done, but this time (while it was swooping down towards Metal Knight) it was shooting flaming cardboard boxes at him. Metal Knight deflected the boxes with his sword, and started to sweat as he became tired. Then an idea came into his mind, and with all his might and strength he lifted his sword up into the air, and then swung it down at one of the boxes. The smooth part of the sword hit the box like a baseball bat, and the magic within the sword sent the flaming box soaring forward to the Box Dragon and skinned the side of the incoming beast!


The flying monster collapsed into the ground, and fell asleep. There were a few moments of silence, until Gold skipped over to Metal Knight.

"THAT WAS AWESOME!" Gold praised MK, "That sword is magical."

"Well..this is sword is special, in a killing way," MK declared how examining his sword.

"Where did you learn how to do that?"

"Umm..I was trained by Darktan himself," Metal Knight said putting his sword back into his sheath.

Suddenly, one of the random rays from the museum flew through the box portal, bouncing off miles of random boxes and eventually blasting the Box Dragon, healing it and making it so big that the giant figure in Chapter 1 could ride on it. The Box Dragon flew up into the air, and out of the valley. It's massive roars could be heard from miles around.

"Aw...nuts," Gold muttered.

Bonny1 moaned, and felt himself getting motion sick. His stomach felt horrible, and a constant swaying made him want to vomit. As Bonny looked around, he soon realized that he was handing upside. His feet and flippers were tied to a long pole, which was being carried by...

"ORANGE PUFFLES!?" Bonny shouted in a astonished tone.

"Cwy-it!" one the the puffles demanded.

"Sorry," Bonny said sheepishly.

"He hill mace a nike meel," puffle 2 said to one of the others.

"You didn't just say what I thought you said right?" Bonny asked puffle 2.

"Wes," puffle 2 answered.

"Oh...nuts," Bonny muttered.


The ground suddenly shook, and a unexpected gust of wind knocked the orange puffles and Bonny1 down. The puffles started mumbling, and became quickly frightened.

"AUGH!" puffle 3 shouted as he saw the Box Dragon swoop down from the sky towards them.

Puffle 3 dived under a box, as the dragon flew by just inches above Bonny1.


"What is that thing!?" Bonny asked the puffles.

"Bosk Drag on!" puffle 1 screamed.

"'Box Dragon'? Quick, little dude, untie me I can help you guys!" Bonny told puffle 1.

"No, yu iz food," the puffle replied staring at the Box Dragon.

"Puffles don't eat meat!" Bonny replied in anger.

"Wet's gent owt ov here!" puffle 3 ordered.

In seconds all of the ten orange puffles (Bonny1 could now count them) ran away screaming like little chicks. The Box Dragon didn't bother them, it still swooped down and around Bonny; it wanted his meat. Bonny started to scramble in the rope, which he discovered to just be thin strips of cardboard. He wiggled like a fish on land, until he finally found a weak point in it. Quickly the rope became loose enough for him to jump free. Bonny quickly slid out of the rope, and stood up. He dusted himself off, and then looked up at the Box Dragon. Like a hawk, it flew in circles around Bonny in the sky.

"Oh my goodness," Bonny said as he realized the great size of the beast.

Bonny1 quickly dashed towards a massive cardboard box, and hid behind it. He quickly started to scheme out his escape plan.

A very gleeful tour guide led his tour group to the edge of the area in the Box Dimension where penguins were allowed. Smiling, he pointed gently into the Box Dimension and said his lines.

"This place is called the Box Dimension... Naturally, it is filled with boxes... It's also a great place for an orange puffle party!" he said.

The tour group clapped, and pulled out their cameras.

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As the tour group looked off into the endless land of boxes, they noticed something odd. Something was moving, but as a unison; as if it was a living thing. The group became nervous, but the tour guide was completely unaware...still pointing off into the Box Dimension. Finally, a penguin in a colorful plaid shirt rose his flipper.

"Uhhh..what's that moving in the distance?" the penguin asked pointing at the thing.

The tour guide turned around, and saw the Box Dragon briefly.

"Oh, that's nothing. Just remain calm, and..." spontaneously the tour guide suddenly started running for the portal, grasping his tour guide hat to keep it from falling off.

In nano-seconds the tour group became scared, and ran off behind him through the portal.


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"Shut up, Fudd! Do you want to spoil it for the ever-so-amazing readers at home?"

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"And proud to be one."


"Calm down for Pete's sake!" Nick yelled at Fooly as he facepalmed.

"Yeah, for my sake," a random penguin named Pete said.

"Who are you?" Nick asked as he looked at the yellow penguin standing next to him.

"I'm Pete. NOW DO IT FOR MY SAKE!" Pete shouted suddenly.

"Wow...this just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Listen, Fooly, the beast isn't out of the Fourth Wall yet! We're fine," Nick coaxed.


"Can you please stop slurring your words?" Nick grumbled.



Out of nowhere a frying pan collided into Fooly8's face, and knocked him out. Fooly collapsed to the ground, knocked out cold. Nick looked at Fooly, and then up a little to see Mabel holding the frying pan. Mabel noticed his "why'd you do that?" stare, and looked at him.

"What? He was annoying me!" Mabel shouted, "Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to a city all about me."

With that, Mabel hopped out of the room.

"Wut huppund?" Fooly said, waking up with a big bump besides his propeller cap.

  • bssk* Wait, now I'm confused... *bssk*

"Oh, shut up, Fudd!"

Now, back to the Box Dimension...

The Box Dragon caused so much chaos that in 18 seconds several buildings were gone. Leon, X, Y, Z, EX, and W had a hard time battling it. Feey1 heard the Box Dragon roar from where he was, and saw it flying towards the portal. He watched in disbelief as it flew up a cliff, and disappeared to the other side.

"Fum, we've gotta go!" Feey shouted as he started the engines in his Super Suit.

"What is it?" Fum asked, rubbing his head.

"The Box Dragon, I think, has escaped the Box Dimension! We've got to get back to Club Penguin," Feey explained as he pressed buttons and flipped dials.

The Penguin Super Suit roared to life, and its engines were ready for lift off. Feey1 climbed out of the Super Suit, and helped Fum up. He gently carried his brother into the Super Suit, and helped him into the cockpit. As soon as Fum as comfortable, Feey hopped in and closed the cockpit. He pushed a lever forward, and grabbed a hold of the controls. The Super Suit slowly hovered off the ground, and then took off after the Box Dragon.

"The Box Dragon escaping is actually kind of a good thing, now I can detect where the main portal is," Feey said as he skillfully flew the Super Suit.

"How?" Fum asked.

"Well, molecules from this dimension differ from molecules from our dimension. This dimension's molecules are less complex, and highly unstable; which is how I guess those orange puffles got their powers. Whereas molecules in our dimension are far more complex, and easy to distinguish from this dimension's molecules," Feey oddly answered.

"Whuh? I heard 'well'..........'powers'.......and 'puffles'," Fum responded.

"Whatever, anyways, we better find Bonny1 and get out of this place," Feey said as he pressed a nearby touch-screen.

"What are you doing?" Fum asked.

"I'm trying to develop a system to track Bonny and Bow's molecules so we can find them quicker," Feey answered.


"No, need...for Bow at least," Fum said, while looking out the cockpit.

Flying next to the Super Suit was Metal Knight, he looked at Feey1 and Fum through the cockpit and waved at them. Feey1 waved back, while Fum just remotely moved his flipper side to side.

"Well, that's unlikely. Now, where's Bow, you computer?" Feey said tapping the touch screen angrily.


Finally the touch screen showed a image of the Super Suit's scan, and all it showed was pixelly purple. Then a small, remotely penguin silhouette appeared amongst all the purple.

"There's Bonny1!" Feey shouted.

Feey1, like an airplane pilot, pushed the controls of the Super Suit forward and made it go faster.


Feey1 glanced at the fuel gauge, and his beak dropped open...he only had 30 minutes of fuel left!

"Oh great! Now we're almost out of fuel; we need to get out of!" he said as he nervously looked around for Bonny on the ground.

"How much fuel do you have left?" Fum moaned.

"Thirty minutes," Feey answered, and everything went oddly silent except for the roar of the Super Suit's engine.

None of them knew that Gold simply teleported to leave.

Nexer and Hunter's battle raged on. Nexer was more skilled with his pistol, giving him an advantage, however.

"Star, I need backup!"

"Right on it!"

The Penguin Super Suit soared over Bonny1, and Feey1 quickly motioned to Metal Knight to get Bonny. Agreeing, Metal Knight swooped down and caught Bonny without stopping. He soon flew up right next to the Super Suit.

"Oh, good! Did you guys hear that thing? The Box Dragon?" Bonny asked MK.

"Yes, I fought against it. It has escaped the Box Dimension, and we need to get back at once," MK said, while flapping his wings to keep up with the Super Suit.

"But Feey said he forgot to map out the way back," Bonny said.

"WHAT? Thing how should we get back?" MK asked.

"I think Feey knows where's he going," Bonny answered as he glanced at his brother.

The Box Dragon roared as it knocked W into the Pizza Parlor, and destroyed the entire building. It flew high into the roar, and let out another roar before circling Club Penguin from high above. Penguins, puffles, terns, and more ran around the city screaming and looking for cover. They dove under cardboard boxes, behind boulders, down to the underground rooms, and some....some stuck pizza over their face. Several buildings were already destroyed, and gas, water, and more were leaking out of pipes. It was a complete disaster, and a fire or explosion was very possible with the leaking gas. FT5 stood near the Stage in disbelief.

"Why does this city always have be to destroyed on a holiday!?" FT5 asked himself as he rubbed his forehead.

Suddenly, Gold popped up right next to FT5's side; which startled Star just a bit.

"WOW! What happened here?" Gold asked, while looking around.

"The Box Dragon did this, and we're working a plan to stop it," FT5 explained as he pointed up at the circling beast.

"Have you've tried anything?" Gold asked, still looking at the Box Dragon.

"We don't know what to do; it's made of cardboard boxes," FT5 said.


Suddenly, the Box Dragon swooped down for another attack on the city.

Chapter Six: Box Dragon Battle, ♫ YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH![edit]


Feey1's Super Suit soared through the box portal, and into the Snow Forts. Suddenly it beeped, and it spent its last ounce of fuel. The engines stopped humming, and the Super Suit started to lean forward towards the ground.

"We're going to crash!" Feey shouted as the Super Suit slowly crashed twinto the ground.




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Feey1 quickly opened the cockpit, and jumped out of his Super Suit. He helped Fum out as well, and rested him against the Super Suit. Feey then looked around to see the damage caused by the Box Dragon; he was in shock.

"Oh my, this place is in ruins!" MK said as he dropped Bonny down on the ground, and landed himself.

"Wow! This place got totally owned," Bonny awkwardly declared.

"And there's the Box Dragon, brothers," Feey said as he looked up into the sky.

The Box Dragon was back up high in the atmosphere, wrestling down Tritan. It let out a mighty roar every once in a while.

"Well, at least things can't get worse," Bonny declared.


The brothers looked over their shoulders towards the portal, and gasped. An entire army of little, evil orange puffles were standing halfway through the portal with their spears. They looked meaner than ever.

"Cill dem!" puffle 1 commanded the others.

"ARGH!" all the puffles said at once as they charged after the puffles.

Bonny1 quickly pulled out his hot sauce bottle, and sprayed the incoming puffles with it; Feey1 quickly pulled a snowball gun out of his inventory, and Metal Knight pulled out his sword and pointed it at the puffles. Instantly, Feey started shooting the puffle with snowballs, and Metal Knight counter-charged them with his sword; Bonny simply kept spraying them with hot sauce.

"Yu kan knot detheat uz!" puffle 1 declared, preparing to wham his spear into the ground.

Puffle 1 lifted his spear high into the air, and then slammed it into the ground. Nothing happened, besides the end of the spear becoming dent. The puffle looked dumbfounded, and then proceeded to do it again. Nothing. He did it again, and again nothing. Then he started to repeat it at a faster rate, almost doing two at the same time. Nothing.

"ARGH!" puffle 1 shouted as he saw the pulverized end of his spear.

"Feey, the puffle spears don't work! They're completely defenseless," Bonny said.

"You're right! Let's say we push them into the Box Dimension; back to where they belong," Feey said back.

"I hear you brothers," MK said as he pushed some orange puffles back towards the portal.


The Box Dragon unexpectedly swooped down again, and this time threw Tritan into the Clothes Shop. The entire building was destroyed, and thanks goodness that cheesy music stopped playing.



"YYYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!" everyone shouted in unison.

The Box Dragon roared again, as it flew over the Sports Stadium as the Hero Mechas continued pursuit. It flew up and over the portal, and then circled back again. It looked at the orange puffles, and roared.

"AUGH!" a puffle shouted, and instantly all of them were running to the portal.

Within seconds, all the evil puffles were gone and back in the Box Dimension. But the Box Dragon didn't follow them, it still hovered there, ready to face the Hero Mechas, in front of Feey1 and his brothers. It was quiet, and a bit spooky.

"What do we do, Bonny?" Feey whispered to Bonny without moving.

"I'm thinking, I'm thinking," Bonny said.




Then, without warning, DaiBouken, riding on GoGo Jet, came towards the beast.


He slashed his sword, got behind the dragon, and sliced again, forming an X. The dragon roared, flying away to be pursued more by the other Hero Mechas. The Three Pieteers looked at him with good expressions.

"Nice sword tactics," MK said.

"Pleasure. I am DaiBouken, product of prototype mecha creation. And you, may I ask?" DaiBouken replied.

"I am Metal Knight, member of The Three Pieteers; and these are my brothers," MK said as he pointed to his brothers.

"Do you have battle experience? We need all the help we can get," DaiBouken explained.

"Yes! Of course, I just fought the thing in the Box Dimension. A penguin knighted by Darktan can defeat anything and anyone!" MK said.

"Bow, what are you insane!" Feey shouted at his brother, "That's DaiBouken, the robot who rode the Brilliance which destroyed Darktan."

"That would be 'mecha'," DaiBouken corrected.

" killed my master?" MK asked, apparently startled and very angry.

"On the contrary, he couldn't be defeated," DaiBouken said. "He could only be weakened, and he is still alive, once again by the name of Theagnol Anator."

"He was fighting for a different type of world! He knew the USA would fall some day, so he tried to destroy at once, so that its citizens may not suffer," MK said in a very angry tone.

"That's what all evil penguins think. They think they're doing good, but they're actually harming others. So are you going to help us?" DaiBouken asked.

"Just this once, I shall battle at your side. After this, however, I will hunt you down and get my revenge," MK said with a dramatic push-in.

"Fine, you three do what you can. I need to find someone," DaiBouken said.

"Like who?" Bonny asked back.


"YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" a flying orange penguin with a giant hammer shouted.


The Box Dragon lurched sideways in the atmosphere, as if it was hit by something. Then, an orange penguin was seen falling down from the atmosphere. It was wearing a long, black shirt and was wearing goggles.

"Well, it's Star, my operator," DaiBouken replied as he quickly caught the falling penguin, put him down, separated into five vehicles and drove off.

Feey1 pulled out his Keysaber, and turned it on. He ran towards the scene of the battle, where the Box Dragon was being attacked by the Hero Mechas. Feey was soon accompanied by his brothers.

"Alright, Bonny, what's your plan?" Feey asked Bonny.

"Hmmm..we need to find the Box Dragon's weakness," Bonny said, studying the Box Dragon as it fought the Hero Mechas, "Since Bow is the only who fought the thing, he should be one the one to continue fighting it. Feey, you'll come up with a way to stop it."

"Wait, I don't know..." before Feey could finish, Bonny and MK were gone, "Ugh, fine! Do it the hard way."

Meanwhile, Gary was having a hard time with all the division leaders.

"Objection!" Rogue yelled, banging a mallet on the conference room's table."ODOR IN THE COURTH! ODOR IN THE COURTH!!!!"

"What is going on here?!" he cried as Rookie began bouncing off the walls because of eating way too much chocolate.

"Meow, MEOOOOWUHHHH" JPG said, going on his knees (wherever they are) and began to act like a cat.

"I'm the real Director Benny!" yelled Chirp the yellow Elite Puffle, who looked like Director Benny.

"No I am!" Rogue's talking puffle named Snap argued. Them the two began arguing until they hopped out of the room, where agents began freaking out with the two "Director Bennys", running away and screaming in terror.

"Agents!" Gary cried. But they didn't listen, because Rogue began to do the Irish jig, and the Director's no longer black shadow turned into random colors.

"Argh!" Gary yelled and stormed off. When he was nowhere to be seen, all of them laughed

"Did you see his face?!" Jet said while laughing.

"Ha ha ha ha.... ah. Best. Prank. Ever!!!" Rookie said.


Gary was talking to Agents Satin and Mercury.

"There's been strange sightings near the Forest..." he said "And penguins been disappearing near the Forest. Can you please investigate this?" he begged. The two agents looked at each other and nodded.

"Thank you" he said as they left in a hurry.

At midnight, Gary was about to shut down the office when Dot ran to him, worried.

"G! G we got a sudden transmission from Agents Satin and Mercury!" she cried. G looked at her as she ran to her lead station. The transmission was spotty but understandable.

"G! *static static* We've *static* been caught!*static static static* Help! *static* AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" it said then it ended.

"Should-should we investigate?" Rookie sputtered.

"We have to!" Jet snapped and took off to the Forest.

"Fine. Rogue, Jason! Come with us!" Gary said as they came with everyone to the Forest.

When they reached the Forest, Dot shivered when they heard an eerie sound.

"G-G-Guys? C-Can I s-sit th-this one o-out?" she said fearfully.

"No!" they all roared in unison, except for Gary, of course.

"Hey guys what's-" Aunt Arctic (who popped out of nowhere) was interrupted by her agents.

"Oh my gosh. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" they all screamed in terror.

"Find your happy place. Find your happy place" Dot says before screaming. "OH MY GLOB!!!!"

"Agents it's ME!" Aunt Arctic says. Everyone stops clamoring and looks at Aunt Arctic.

"How did you know that we're going to the Forest?" Jason asked.

"You, agents. Me Director" she said, everyone looked at each other and nodded.


"YEAH!" they all agree and run deep into the Forest.

They set a camp in the center of the woods.

"Rogue, can you please, please scout the perimeter?" Gary asked, she nodded and left.

"What's this?" she said as she ripped off a piece of paper from a tree trunk. "Do not look or it takes you... who's it?"

She looks back slowly and freaks out "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Back at the camp, they heard Rogue's terrified scream along with her continues screams of "CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAAPPPUH!"

Her screams became louder as she runs back towards the camp.

"Oh my gosh! What happened?" Dot said as Rogue began to run past them.

"APENGUINTWICEMYOWNSIZEWITHOUTAFACEANDWEARSASUITTHAT'SWHAT! (A PENGUIN TWICE MY SIZE WITHOUT A FACE AND WEARS A SUIT THAT'S WHAT!, in case you can't understand it)" she screamed as she ran to a random part of the Forest.

Everyone looks where she came from and sees what she meant.


Everyone ran to different directions.

"Rogue, tell me that penguin isn't who I think it is?!" Jason yelled into his earpiece, where everyone can hear it.

"Yes, it's SLENDERGUIN!" she yelled. Everyone clamored into their earpieces about the Slenderguin.

"What?! I thought he was a MYTH!" Jet cried.

"Slenderguin?! Oh, freak!" Dot yelled.

"Freak freak freak freak freak freak freak freak!" Rookie continued saying.

"Supernational things WASN'T part of our basic training!" Jason yelled.

"I don't think it's supernatural you twit!" Dot said.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Long line of static*" The Director's earpiece went out.

"Uh g-g-guys? I wanna teleport to my igloo" Dot said fearfully.

Rogue looks at her phone, "No bars!"

General moaning and complaints about no satellite access filled her earpiece with noise.

"Eh hey stop it" she said before seeing the Slenderguin. "OH CRAP!" she screams as she ran back to a different direction.

Soon, she was holding her weapon and a flashlight. "S-S-Slenderguin?" she said as she saw a flash of movement.

Soon, she feels something press against her back.


Rogue turns around and drops her flashlight that goes off. She tries to keep her gun from falling by holding it with two hands. "Oh glob! Oh glob!" she hears a familiar voice say.

"Dot?" she said.

"Rogue?" Dot said.

"S-S-Sorry for bumping against you" she said.

"Yeah, it's okay. But we may need to split now" Rogue said

"Why?" Dot asked.

"Slender would be really happy if he or she gets double the loot" Rogue said, both looked at each other and ran away to two directions.

Several miserable hours later, it was down to Rookie, Rogue and Gary.

"Tvarkov?" Rookie said fearfully into his earpiece.

Rogue paused from muttering insults in Russian and other assorted languages as she walked. She knew when Rookie called her by her surname he was dead serious. "What?"

"I am just going to say... that it was nice knowing you." he said calmly. "Thanks for teaching me how to be an agent back in the PSA and sorry for trampling on you back in Muscovgrad..."

Rogue grinned at the thought of that stupid incident in Muscovgrad...

"Rookie you idiot you trampled on me in my freaking homeland!" she screamed as he ran from one of the Ruscan agents who happened to be holding some C4.

"Ah! The dude's got C4!" Rookie screamed while running away. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

Every agent whom he ran pass turned their heads to where he came from to see a trampled on general and a confused looking C4 holding Ruscan agent. Some were even helping her up as she rubbed her head gingerly. That day when she returned to Club Penguin, she had it and was punching everyone on sight.

Rogue sighed happily and stopped in terror. The Slenderguin, in front of her. And she has nowhere else to go to.

"Nyet! Nein! Nee! Chigau! AAAAAAHHHHHH!" was all she could scream until static was heard on the other line.

Now it was down to Rookie. As he cowered while walking, he walked straight towards Slenderguin. He shook in terror as Slenderguin's long tentacles were coming straight at him and was soon a feet away from him.

"P-Please don't hurt me... M-Mr. Slenderguin s-s-sir!" he said nervously. Suddenly, a laugh could be heard from up behind him as Rogue jumped from the trees.

"Priceless! All priceless!" she said while holding a video-camera. Gary stood up from behind a bush he was hiding behind, laughing heartily.

"You sure?" Aunt Arctic said while removing a tentacle from her flipper. Dot, Jet and Jason did the same.

"Yup. Rookie you've been punked!" Agent Satin said as she removed the costume with Agent Mercury holding her.

"He he... we won? That's awesome..." he said and drifted off, then told Satin "Please get off me?"

"Oh, right." she said and jumped down.

"Serves you right, Rooks!" Dot said. Everyone else laughed as Rookie blushed slightly.


Metal Knight flew into the air, and landed on top of the Box Dragon's back. He quickly started to stab his sword into the beast's back, to see if anything would occur. Nothing. He kept stabbing, and still nothing kept happening. Acting swiftly, Metal Knight ran up the Box Dragon's back towards its head. He stabbed a couple times there, but nothing would work. At this point, Metal Knight was very annoyed.

"ARGH! Die you fowl beast!" MK said as he stabbed it again and again.


Suddenly, the Box Dragon bucked around and slashed around. The motion quickly shook Metal Knight off.


Metal Knight crash into a snow bank, and sunk deep within it.


....But quickly he was back out again, and chasing after the Box Dragon as it flew towards the Cove.

"That thing is huge, much bigger than us, you really up for the fight?" EX asked Bonny.

"Come on guys. We're gonna get that bucket of boxes," Person said.

"The Cove, eh? Where's that thing gonna get a surfboard?" Leon wondered.

"Sometimes I wonder about you..," Person sighed.

Hunter was knocked down. "Prepare to die, penguin!" Nexer aimed his pistol at his head.

Star immediately arrived. "Don't even think about it," he said, igniting his Keysaber.

"That voice sounds familiar... Sam?" Nexer faced him.

"Nathan?" Star lowered his weapon. "It was you? But why?"

"My parents were criminals. I wanted to follow their ways."

"You can't do that- think of all the people you'll harm!"

"All I can think about right now is my future. I seek a potion that keeps you at a young age forever, and I will destroy everything in my path to find it. To save people from death. I will not turn back, ever again."

"If that's true, I am not your friend anymore either."

Star silently helped Hunter up and left, not daring to look back.

A few minutes later, Nexer hesitated. Was he doing the right thing? Is this really the right way to save people?

He couldn't turn back. He punched the "Take Flight" button on the control system and flew over to the lifeless shape of the Chapter 1 monster.

"That was fast..," he thought. He blasted another life ray at it and revived it. Placing the launched control system, a small pod with a glass front, on its head, he went for the Cove.

"Laser Net, was what they said!" Z fired a coil of yellowish-green, sticky lasers from the silver spot on his chest, grabbing onto the dragon.


The dragon pulled, and the others had to help Z in the massive tug-o-war.

The ten GoGo Vehicles arrived, and combined into Ultimate DaiBouken in a really flashy epic transformation scene.


The Box Dragon shot a flaming box at the center of the sticky rope, breaking it. The Three Pieteers and the mechas had to plan on what to do.

"Alright, does anyone know how to defeat this thing?" Bonny asked everyone.

"No," everyone murmured back.

"When I was fighting it, I failed to learn its weakness; assuming it has a weakness," MK noted.

"Everything has a weakness," Star randomly said.

"How about this? We just drive it back into the Box Dimension?" Feey said, making motions with his flippers.

"Good idea, bro!" Bonny said.

"Alright, does anyone object to that plan?" Bonny asked everyone.

"No, not really," most of them replied.

"Alright! Here's the plan: first, we need our strongest to battle the Box Dragon back to the portal. Then, the rest of us will do what we can to force it in," Bonny explained.

"WHOA, WHAT THE DICKENS IS THAT?!" Y suddenly yelled.

Nexer's machine was hovering above the huge Box Dragon.

"What is that?" Feey asked as he looked at the hovering machine.

The machine looked odd to everyone except Star, Ultimate DaiBouken, Leon and Person, and most of them was very confused.

"I don't know, but hopefully that penguin could help us," Bonny responded, "Alright, let's do this!"

"Wait," Star stopped them. "That penguin won't help us."

"How do you know?" Bow asked.

"That's the machine we fought some time ago," Ultimate DaiBouken replied.

"And Nexer's probably in that extra contraption," Leon added.

A beam shot the already injected dragon, putting it under Nexer's control. The dragon got a physical transformation, lighting marks, a fire coat and icy claws spawning on it.

* bzzzk Since "machine" is too general, we'll change the name to "Nexchine". Fudd out. bzzzk*

The Nexchine got on the dragon's back, making a diabolical supermonster.

"Attack!" Nexer commanded.

The dragon flew towards the group, and fired a flaming box at Feey.

"Ice Gun!" W barely countered the box with an ice shot, freezing it.

"Green Energy Cannon!" A red cannon spawned on X's arm and fired green shots at the dragon. (The title doesn't lie.)

"Twin Laser Guns!" Two laser guns spawned, and Y grabbed them and fired at the dragon as well.

The dragon wasn't harmed. It came closer, and fired so fast that it fried X's cannon and Y's guns.

"Aaagh! Hot, hot, HOOOOT!" Y screamed as the guns caught fire. In response, W quickly fired an ice blast (actually a large amount of snow) on the guns and extinguished the fire.


"Guys, we have got to push that thing into the Box Dimension!" Bonny shouted at everyone.

"But how?" Y asked.

"Didn't you hear me!? We have to push it into the box portal at the Beach," Bonny answered.

"But Nexer's now controlling the thing, it'll be much harder," Star noted.

"Good point, Star. But it is our only choice. Everyone, try to heard that dragon into the portal!" MK ordered.

"Why should we obey you, Darktan-supporter?" W said in a mocking voice.

"DO YOU WISH TO DIE!?" MK replied as the wind sped up.


"Was that another building collapsing?" Feey asked Bonny.

"No! It was....thunder," Bonny said in an odd, dramatic voice.

Star cut off the drama and stopped the dramatic push-in. "Didn't you notice the dragon change?"

Suddenly, the fourth wall gave way. Outer-dimensional characters appeared on the island in a huge explosion.

Chapter 7: Ultimate Showdown[edit]

The fanon characters had to help the other characters get back home, AND they had to battle Nexchine.

"I have to do something? I'm a fanon character."

Stay out of this.


* bzzzzk Because he's already arguing with me bzzzzk"*

"Owwie... heey, a beacon!" SpongeBob checked over the broken bulb and replaced it.

"Hmm, a broken fort. Good thing I have some snow blocks on hand." Steve began repairing the snow fort.

Suddenly, the beacon flashed and fired a light into the air, which caught everyone's attention.

"Hmm. I'll lure them there and destroy them altogether..," Nexer decided. He drove the Nexchine to the beacon.

And then everything blew up and regenerated again, like a big bang. A "few" years later, the story ended and this thingy loops and loops and loops and loops and... APRIL FOOLS!!!!!

Ok. Lets continue with the real story...

Suddenly there was a big explosion, which destroyed all of the things that changed that day. And also Fudd's internet connection got lost and his computer broke down.

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