Rebel Penguin Federation

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Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF)
RPF Logo.png
The logo.
Name Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF)
Type Army
Location Club Penguin
Head Mr. Waffle 45, Ultipenguinj, Elitesof, Sky Blue36
Job Protect CP as a vigilante police force and destroy enemy armies

The Rebel Penguin Federation, also known as the RPF, was a group of militant vigilante penguins based in Club Penguin that has sworn to protect the island and to destroy enemy armies like the UMA.


On May 8th, 2007, the ACP and UMA were locked in a brutal fight known as "World War III", and the allies weren't doing well. The UMA was promoting hacking on Club Penguin to gain coins and other items, and under their leader Pink Mafias, it seemed that the UMA were going to get their way. That was until one day when a UMA general realized that he and his division were fighting for the wrong side. This UMA general came to be known as Commando717.

Commando717 launched a rebellion against Pink Mafias, and UMA soldiers quickly sided with him. This rebellion would be known as the “Rebel Penguin Federation”. RPF took Tuxedo, and then invaded Parka and Tundra. Once the RPF force was large enough, an invasion of Mammoth was commenced which put the RPF on the radar for the UMA high command and the ACP. RPF fought along side the ACP, and soon the UMA was no more, RPF had won a three month long war and successfully accomplished the impossible. RPF would be known as the largest rebellion to ever succeed in Club Penguin Warfare.

The Rebel Penguin Federation went on to reinvent the way armies were played, introducing everything from Nations, to Practice Battles, to the Join Quiz you take when you join an army. RPF was the largest army of 2007, and continued that way well on into the opening of 2008. After Commando717 left, the RPF fell on harsh times for a while and then faded to the background of history.

As of 2014, the RPF has come back to prominence. There may be no single titan of oppression to take them down, but there certainly are tyrants who think they can bend the rules in their favor. The RPF has plans to prove them wrong. In 2018, the army was shut down when a leader betrayed them.


  • The army is extremely well organized, with divisions in the army, air force, and navy.
  • Their uniforms are black in color.


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