RDA Recycling Center

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RDA Recycling Center
The entrance to the recycling center.
Key details
Type Recycling Plant
Level 500
Location Club Penguin
Inhabitants Workers

The RDA Recycling Center was a Recycling Plant on Club Penguin Island. It recycled the Island's unwanted Items into new useable Items, as it saved the earth and a couple of coins. Today the building is replaced by the Club Penguin University.


The Recycling center was first built by Gary the Gadget Guy when the economy began to fall and when penguins began to get concerened by the environment. However, G was constantly busy with his Agent Duties, so he sold the Center to the RDA. However, G still owns the place partially, but the RDA maintains the Center so that the job is done. Even though the RDA is a Snoss agency, their part in helping the Recycling Center has helped CP save over 1,000 Coins a day.

EPF Inquiry and Closure[edit]

Coming soon

Secret RDA Base[edit]

Below the Recycling Center is a top secret Snoss RDA Laboratory/Base. It is home to many scientists and some guards.


The Recycling Center helps recycle old items into new ones, saving Money and Energy.


  • The RDA is considering to place more Recyling Centers in other places, including Freezeland, Eastshield, and especially South Pole City.
    • Already all Servers in Club Penguin, including the German, French, Spanish, and Portugese Servers have RDA Bases under the RDA Recycling centers.
  • The Plant is a popular place for Penguins to have Trash Fights. (The Employess have to clean up the mess afterwards)
  • HF once started a Trash Fight at this place, only to have Swiss Ninja throw a Coffee Cup at him. (Ouch) As Revenge, HF threw a sack of Coffee beans at him.
  • Sometimes, when no one is looking, TurtleShroom (penguin) sneaks in here and litters. Secretly, annoying hippies entertains him.

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