Red East Pengolian Terrorists

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Red East Pengolian Terrorists
The current logo
Name Red East Pengolian Terrorists
Type Terrorist organisation
Location East Pengolia
Head Unknown
Job Embrace authoritarianism and Stalinist ideologies, support East Pengolia through disastrous means
Members Unknown
Headquarters Near Fishwow

Красный Восток Пингвины группы, commonly known as the Red East Pengolian Terrorists or REPT, is a Stalinist authoritarian terrorist organisation who raids West Pengolia and nearby cities in support of their ideologies and East Pengolia. Unpleased with the autocratic regime of Penghis Khan and wish to reunify Pengolian rule under a communist government. However, their radicalism and destructive means of achieving these have prompted even Bolsheevic Penguinsky to condemn their actions.

The irony behind the group is that the REPT has a social class system within the group to rank members, when by right socialism's fundamental principle is equal rights to all penguins.

The EPF has warned the public and is executing an action plan to capture key members of the group, while Professor Shroomsky of the AIA also conceived of an action plan, although it involves staying out of the REPT's way and all authorities, as well as attacking them head-on when possible.

In November 2015, they changed their goal from placing West Pengolia under communism to spreading the idea of communism around the entire world. They started off in South Pole City, USA, with terrorist attacks on November 30.


The precursor to the REPT is the Workers' Party of Pengolia, an illegal political party seeking to overthrow Penghis Khan's rule. The group was made up of former The Society Against the Stupidity of Penghis Khan members who were unhappy about the democratic ideologies the group hopes to perceive.

Meanwhile, the Autonomous Regulated Territory of Northeast Pengolia, an unknown self-proclaimed autonomous region in northeast Pengolia in support of Bolsheevic Penguinsky. They often sent operatives to spy on the ruler of Pengolia.

In 2005, the two groups merged to form the United Fishermen's Society, in view of Pengolia's national export (and import), fish. In 2007, several members in the new group, whom previously served in the two groups, sought to breakaway from the United Fishermen's Society, claiming they were not passionate about their job. They went on to form the Red Pengolian Terrorists.

On May the 4th, 2009, they renamed themselves the Red East Pengolian Terrorists after moving to East Pengolia. In 2010, the United Fishermen's Society, whom many of its members fled to the REPT, was eventually absorbed into the now-larger group.



Usually, the REPT targets large cities in Eastshield, Club Penguin and Shiverpool. According to official data from the EPF, REPT members often spread themselves over a certain area, for example the Plaza or the Industrial Zone of Shiverpool. They also have an organised plan whenever they execute their raids.

REPT members operate from an undisclosed location (obviously) somewhere near Fishwow, East Pengolia. There, they plan their next raid and proceed to perform drills for members. Penguins are recruited yearly through kidnapping, although most recruits made the choice themselves. They then book air tickets under false names, often using common household names such as "Brown" or "1337", and fly to the desired location on different flights with various stopovers. Some members would perform acts of terrors on those stopovers as well, although it usually results in them being caught and so forth.

They would not necessarily meet up at the store but rather roam the area, sometimes as far as a mile away. However, from there they go into telephone booths and communicate with one another on their execution of the raid. There are very few penguins involved, usually two or three. They arm themselves with fish in support of East Pengolia's national pastime: Fish Slapping.

They then proceed to hijack stores, calling for hostages to pledge allegiance to the communist reign. They would then be monitored by the group and should they break the pact, they would be kidnapped and placed in their headquarters. They usually assert their loyalty by showing them a video clip of penguins receiving harsh treatment in prison cells.

Usually they return through separate flights under the same false nickname. They would dump all their goods near the store and leave immediately. When they are intercepted and caught, they usually remain silent and self-delete.

Not all of their tactics work, though. Some have been caught after police intercepted phone calls between a member and a random location in East Pengolia, prompting twelve members to be caught, all of which have confessed. Stores usually acquire foreknowledge on the situation and are prepared with weapons to intercept them. They are usually put through horrendous torture (mostly terrible polka music) in prison cells, which also drew an equal amount of criticism from the masses.

Social classes[edit]

The complete irony that derails the entire group from it's fundamental purposes is the fact that they have a social class. The whole idea of communism is for everyone to be equal, with equal power and wealth. Basically, the Red East Pengolian Terrorists are rejecting this statement, and this contradicts with their proposed ideology of communism.

There are several social classes, ranging from жахливий (Almighty in Urksanian) to сищик (Operative).

Here is a loose description of the social classes in a public statement by the organization.

Наша група складається з різних компонентів, кожен з конкретним завданням захищати. Керуючим цих органів є всемогутній директор, який головує на всіх компонентів для забезпечення справедливої ​​і впорядкованої роботи, а також рівне ставлення до солдатів. Існує також відділ логістики, які займаються приготування їжі, прибирання та забезпечення об'єкта і технічних деталей операції йде повним ходом. З вище позиція Мізки відділ, який планує рейдів і операцій. Існує бойовий дух підрозділу, яка переконує колег, щоб заручитися себе як наш дорогий терористів. Сержантів і лейтенантів головувати на оперативників, які виконують місії і терпіти позбавлення Капіталісти привели. HAIL MIGHTY КОМУНІЗМ, запобігти ФАШИСТСЬКИХ бюрократів

Original text: Our group is divided into different components each with a specific task to uphold. Governing these organs is the Almighty Headmaster, who presides over all the components to ensure fair and orderly work as well as the equal treatment of soldiers. There is also the Logistics department which engage in cooking, cleaning and ensuring the facility and technical parts of the operation are well underway. Of a higher position is the Brains department which plans the raids and operations. There is a morale subdivision that convinces fellow workers to enlist themselves as our dear terrorists. The sergeants and lieutenants preside over the operatives, who carry out missions and endure the hardship the Capitalists have caused. HAIL MIGHTY COMMUNISM, PREVENT FASCIST BUREAUCRATS

When processed, the result was this:

"Our team consists of: one traditional and therapy for the position of President and army BB."

Domestic and International response[edit]

Bolsheevic Penguinsky, East Pengolia's leader, openly disagrees and speaks out against these raids. Their reply is that "we're doing this for greater good". However, the truth is that they capture the innocent, spray them with laughing gas, and rob them (after that, they let the victim go). They will even attack their own comrades (AKA other socialist supporters) if they don't like the group or its actions. He also states that "attacking Capitalist Noobs is a waste of time and the worker's resources", claimming that instead of attacking the Noobs, they should "be productive and show them by works and not violence".

Government agencies in the USA such as the Elite Penguin Force and the Antarctic Investigation Authority have saw to it that all members within the group are to be captured and placed in custody immediately. However, both organizations have very different perspectives as to how to deal with the crisis. The EPF wants to slowly collect evidence and fine them when the time is right, while the AIA does not follow the EPF's guidelines and tackles the group head-on.

The Margate Antarctica Islands has also went forward to condemn the actions. They have blacklisted the group and are calling Penguinsky to get rid of them.


  • They openly admit to being terrorists, claiming that it is something to be proud of.

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