Red River 2

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Red River 2
Red River 2.png
"Red River 2 the rescue!"
Title Red River 2, レッドリバー
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Ninja
Health Wonderful
Level 100
Status Master
Location Keukenhof Castle,Zürich,Snowzerland

Red River 2
First ruler of the United Cities of Swiss Ninja
Reign Birth of Swiss Ninja - two days after Swiss Ninja's birth.
Coronation July, 2009
Full name Red River 2
Born April 1973
Birthplace Club Penguin
Swiss Ninja
Successor Swiss Ninja
Offspring Swiss Ninja, Gaston, Fisch, Clovis
Royal House United Cities of Swiss Ninja
Dynasty Yilk Dynasty
Royal anthem Small in a Big World
Royal motto Red River 2 to the Rescue!
Father Yilk
Mother Unknown

Red River 2 or レッドリバー is the son of Yilk and the father of Swiss Ninja. Red River 2 Hatched around April 1973. Red River 2 is still active today. Red River is also on Club Penguin's legislature. He succeeded his father's dream to take part in the island's politics.

Early Life[edit]

Red River 2 was born in the April of 1973 to Yilk and Alicia Hochstadt. Yilk's last wishes was to name his son Red River 2 before he was captured. Alicia, his mother, went to look for him so she left Red and his sister, Bonjie, in the care of his uncle, Dave Hochstadt. Red was told who his father was and what happened to him, and about his family's history. Dave raised him and Bonjie until they were adults. Red River 2 was a rather decent student in school and got good grades. Unlike his son, Swiss Ninja, Red River 2 worked hard and long for his Ninja title, which he earned by the time he was 16. By then, Red River 2 enjoyed to flirt with girls since he was rather muscular and dedicated much of his free time to exercise. Red River 2 dedicated himself to being a Ninja and mainly became friends with other Ninjas. He had a girlfriend named Tammyfeih that he met when he led a group of ninjas in training into a war against Evil Ninjas that were corrupted by Sensei Wraith. Tammyfeih was among of the ninjas in training. After they won, Tammyfeih and him had more time for themselves. His best friend, Jsudsu9988, was his friend since a very young age. Jsudsu9988 was Yilk's friend first and acted as Red River 2's mentor and moral support. They traveled the Antarctic together with his new found girlfriend. At the age of 21, Red River 2 joined Olde Antarctica's military and joined the Water Kingdom's navy because he is half High Penguin, and wished to see real action. Red River 2 took part in some battles that had been with the Fire Kingdom. After a few years, Red retired from the navy. He and his wife decided to explore the world more together and went on a long fishing trip, where they moved away to a far place called the Alps. Tammyfeih is Swiss Ninja's mother, and gave birth to Gaston, Swiss Ninja, Fisch, and Clovis in the same area but at different times. About a year after Clovis's birth, the family moved back to Club Penguin so the chicks could start their education. Red and his wife ensured that their children got good grades at school. Red River 2 joined the island's legislature, and was an active member until he retired colpletely in 2010. Red was a very busy member of the legislature and his opinions were always wanted at meetings. Hence, Red River 2 grew more distant from his children, although he still loved them and only saw them at night. His unawareness of his children's whereabouts hindered him from seeing his children mature and grow successful in many business fields. It was not until Swiss Ninja returned to Club Penguin as the ruler of Snowzerland for the first time as a visit that Red River 2 found out about his great success. Red River 2 and his wife agreed to retire and live with his son in the lush green atmosphere of Snowzerland. Red River 2 currently lives with Tammyfeih in Swiss Ninja's residence, the Keukenhof Castle, in Zürich, Snowzerland.


Red River 2 is most revered as the father of the infamous dictator-emperor (Kaiser), Swiss Ninja Hochstadt. The General public reveres him as a figure of scorn for upbringing a cruel penguin of no morals, although he is not aware of this. Red River 2 is also the father of the yacht-loving millionaire Gaston, Swiss Ninja's twin brother, Fisch Hochstadt, the heroic jester Clovis Hochstadt, and apparently the shunned disgrace, Cheddar Ninja.


  • "My job is my life. My life is my job."

  • (When asked about Swiss Ninja) "Oh, my son has turned out to be very successful. He always got good grades at school and became a very responsible, kind, and generous ruler politically and economically."

  • "No, Cheddar Ninja is not my son, he is my nephew." (This has been proven false.)

  • (When asked about Clovis) "Heheh, that boy always brought laughter and happiness to the family. I am proud of him for at least becoming an EPF Agent."


  • Legend has it that Red River 2 never spanked or punished Swiss Ninja and Gaston ever in their lives, which is a possible explanation why they have big egos.

  • It is also rumored that Red has a secret ego, and that he does buisness with Mafia. He denies this, and it is still unsure if this statement is true.

  • Red River 2 and his wife continue to own their igloo in Club Penguin, although they permanently live in Snowzerland. The igloo is now available for visiting penguins to rent for vacation. Nevertheless, the igloo receives heaps of hate mail and death threats because of their dictator son, Swiss Ninja.

  • Rumor has it that members of Holyberden spy on him.

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