Red Shield Bank

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Red Shield
Type Extremely privatized
Industry Banking
Genre Private Bank
Founded Late 2012
Founder(s) Unknown SIC Member

Unknown, Shops Island

Number of locations Shops Island and colonies, Castilla, Snowzerland, Snowiny, Nexon, Geek Empire, and others.
Area served Areas which serve influence to Shops
Key people Unknown SIC Member, Slender
Products MONEY.
Services Embezzlement
Operating income High
Net income WB$; 900,000,000,000 (2014)
Owner(s) Unknown SIC Member
Subsidiaries Trans-Antarctic Pipelines

The Red Shield Bank is an extremely privatized bank owned and controlled by private stockholders, namely the Unknown SIC Member and Slender. Its purpose is to embezzle money from external sources and countries, and put the money into the Shops bank vault and treasury without the government even knowing. They are considered international pariahs, and are a common topic in UAN Security Council meetings. The bank is heavily targeted by outside governments and political activists.

Though the corrupted corporation fails to get themselves a seat in influential positions in the Shopper Government, Red Shield is often secretly protected from its adversaries by the government, in exchange for covert bribes. The Red Shield also attempts to gather support from other corporate-scheme machines, especially those from Mylou and Maverick.

As of recently, the Red Shield has been convicted of helping the "Shopper War Machine" by embezzling more money than ever to be put into military funds. The bank has secretly helped greatly in the funding of both the Fall of Nexon and the Plague War.

Since 2014, the Red Shield has had a prominent seat in the local government of the City of Goberna.


The Red Shield was founded in late 2012, by the Unknown SIC Member. During its early days, the bank had to manually deposit wealth from their bank into the treasury. However, via some bribes in early 2013, the Red Shield was exclusively able to deposit and withdraw as much money to and from the treasury as they pleased. This made many government critics extremely mad, and feared that Shops would turn into the next Finipines; a corporation-run mess, even though some of it already is.


The Red Shield operates in every corner of Shops Island, and has its main headquarters somewhere underground in Eastern Shops. Along the Eastern Shops coast, the bank owns its own private port hub to transport embezzled money. The Red Shield also heavily stalks New Delphis, since since there the bank can secretly induce and raise tariffs between Antarctic and Polarian traders. These tariffs aren't improved by Shops, and the profits made off them are used by the Red Shield and used to their advantage.



The Red Shield generates lots of money directly from the New Delphian border, since they hold a trade monopoly on the border. The Red Shield also secret business owners all over the Ninja Archipelago and the Asiapelago, which run fake businesses and con penguins out of money, just to get sucked into their income. None of the nations, however, know about this.

Ever since the Frosian Islands were conquered by Shops, the Red Shield has used it as stomping grounds to charge extra tariffs on traders from foreign countries, to make money for themselves. It's been their biggest and most successful heist yet.


The Red Shield holds a rather frightening monopoly over the trade at the border between the USA and Polaris, in New Delphis. Shops, unknowingly to these two large countries, never set tariffs for trade between the USA and Polaris. The two countries are also too rich to care about tariffs anyway, which is perfect for the Red Shield. This gives them the power to increase tariffs, and cause the USA and Polaris to snap on Shops, causing sanctions. In hindsight, the Red Shield holds the fate of Shops in their own hands, and are willing to use it in the wrong way if they don't get their way.

The Red Shield also holds a substantial amount of power in the fact that they can pull as much money out of Shops' treasury as they want. This is devastatingly dangerous for Shops, and this is the reason why the government tries to appease them. The bank also uses this monopoly to bribe politicians into doing what they want.

Ties with Government[edit]

Ever since its founding, the Red Shield Bank has tried to get a seat in the Shops Island Council and later the Common Legislature, much to their failure. The Red Shield wishes to have a seat in government to fool the general public into thinking the bank is a government-owned organization, when in reality, it isn't. Even though one of its shareholders, Slender, was an Administrator in the Common Legislature at that time, he publicly said that he represented the Shopper people and nation, not the Red Shield Bank.

There have been multiple attempts by the Shopper government to squash the Red Shield, but all have failed with threats from the bank, and with bribery and internal support from the Unknown SIC Member. President Lavender has also made it very clear that he'd like to squash the bank. However, the Red Shield has retaliated by threatening an assassination.

Manipulative Power[edit]

The only reason the Red Shield hasn't died is because ever since the bank was allowed to withdraw money from the government, it's taken advantage of that privilege and has threatened to drain Shops dry if they don't get their way. The government has been forced to conform, as they can't find any loopholes around it.


The Red Shield has always been paranoid about a civilian uprising. In this case, they've secretly embezzled upwards of 500 million WB$ in an effort to create their own private defense sector, which employs around 500 private troops. The defense sector was created to protect the bank, its owners, and its highest stockholders at any cost.

List of shareholders[edit]

Of all shareholders, none of their connections to the Red Shield are known to the public. This is the list, as recorded in the Bureau of Fiction's archive:

Add your name here if emblezzements are your things.


Many media sources have tried to expose the Red Shield time and time again, and tried to get them shut down for illegal embezzlement. However, since this privately-owned bank has unofficial ties with the government, it would be able to be void of all charges. The bank is also heavily criticized for bribing anyone and anything to get its way; something that's been proven time and time again by the Red Shield.

Common Misconception[edit]

Many penguins think the bank is owned by Shops, or by the Shops Island Council, but this isn't true. The Red Shield is privately owned, and has almost no ties with the Shopper government. The only connections lie within the money the bank injects into Shops' treasury unknowingly.

Charges and Lawsuits[edit]

The Red Shield has been targeted many times, and has faced many lawsuits. However, the company has their own lawyers to do the fighting for them. The lawyers are paid millions of WB$ to win every case.

Mafia Connection[edit]

There are many conspiracies clouding the Red Shield, one of which is the fact that they're suspected to have connections to the UPM and the International Syndicate. The UPM is supposedly supplying the bank with weapons and hit-penguins, while the bank supplies them with truckloads of money in return.


Local Recognition[edit]

The Red Shield is locally recognized as a government bank, which is a misconception. The bank has used this to their advantage, and uses it to control the flow of money as they choose without the public knowing any better. However, many government critics haven't been fooled, but they've been silenced by the latter masses.

International Recognition[edit]

  • USA - The USA barely acknowledges the Red Shield's existence, and doesn't even know what it does.
  • Federal Republic of Polaris - Polaris doesn't care about the Red Shield, and thinks it's just an average, over-exaggerated banking corporation.
  • Castilla - Castilla has grown extremely skeptical of the Red Shield, and promises to help Shops in taking the bank out in any way possible.
  • Snowzerland - Snowzerland absolutely despises the Red Shield, and has sworn to work with Shops to destroy it.
  • Zhou, North Joseon, and East Pengolia - These socialist nations use the Red Shield as an example of the flaws of capitalism. This annoys the Shopper government.


  • Although the Red Shield Bank can technically take money out of the Shopper Government, they choose not to for risk of an intervention.


The theme of the Red Shield Bank is iconic. It is unlike any other Antarctic anthems, and to those who have heard it, it sounds much like a cult chant or anthem. The actual music for the song was first composed and played in Alemania, in the 1200's.

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