Red Team

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Red Team
What you recieve if you become a member of red team
Title Red Team
Race Penguins
Faction Red Team
Health Fit
Level 135
Status Alive
Location Any sport grounds

Red Team are one of the teams involved in sports. They're skilled in snowboarding and soccer (Football).


Red Team began as a league, rivaling the Penguin League. Both leagues wanted to find out who's best and they had a game of football. However, the referee would not allow the names of the teams playing and so they had to change their team names. The Penguin League team picked Blue Team after their founder, Jack Blue while the other league chose Red Team, named after the shirts they were wearing. Red Team lost but the crowd loved it so much that the leagues were finished and there were more games. Red Team lost the next few games until the death of Blue Teams founder, Jack Blue. Red Team made a come back and began to get better. When the sports shop opened, Blue Team renewed their title and soon they began to get better. Later on, a team named Purple Team soon rose up and began playing. The first match for Purple Team was a game of dodge ball between them. Red Team won, winning 2-1. The Penguin Games came along after this and the soccer field arrived giving a boost for Red Team since they were skilled at soccer. However, it is still unknown which is the best team ever and the matches will probaly never end.


Red Team is one of the major teams in sport next to Blue Team. They have skilled snowboarders and a good soccer team. However, their football team is no good and their snowball fighters arn't very good. But who really is the best team ever?


  • They was once a snowboarder from Red Team who let a random penguin compete against Blue Team to win back his tropy. The random penguin won the trophy and there is even a rumor that he was part of the EPF!
  • Their training base is on Red Island where they also play some games.

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