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The troublemaker
Title Red Robertson
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Location Shops City, Shops Island
Birth date September 13, 2014 (2014-09-13) (age 5)
Height 1'8"
Nationality Shopper
Interests Getting in trouble, annoying Blue
Friends Lavender, Violet, Blue
Enemies Blue

The voice of reason
Title Blue Robertson
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Location Shops City, Shops Island
Birth date September 13, 2014 (2014-09-13) (age 5)
Height 1'7.5"
Nationality Shopper
Interests Playing with Armos, Asking questions
Friends Lavender, Violet, Red
Enemies Red

Red and Blue Robertson are the twin chicks of Lavender and Violet, president and first lady of Shops Island respectively. They were both born on September 13, 2014. Like typical siblings, they have a strong love-hate relationship.

Even though their relationship is also antagonistic in nature, they see each other as "partners in crime" more often than not. One will often let the other get away with being troublesome, if not outright helping each other out in their pranks and mischief. They both have a strict "no tattling" policy, and if the agreement is broken, wedgies are to be induced. Red and Blue also hold similar political views, which happen to closely align with that of their father. Both of them are big fans of Hockey Manlet and buy plenty of Electric Shocktopi paraphernalia. Similarly, Red and Blue have a strong dislike of scrubs of all types, much like their father.


Red and Blue were conceived in the aftermath of the Fall of Nexon, not long after Lavender and Violet had gotten married. They were hatched on September 13th, 2014 - Lavender and Violet had expected only one chick, but were pleasantly surprised when twins hatched instead. Over time, Red and Blue developed almost polar opposite personalities and character traits. Despite this, they still love each other and live happily in Shops City with Lavender and Violet. In 2018, they began attending private school in Shops City. Although their parents stated that a public education would be ideal, the chicks were put into private school for their own safety.


Speaker.png Click here to listen to Red's theme!

Red is the more outgoing and more troublesome of the twins; he has a bad habit of constantly getting into trouble, either with his parents or at school. Although he doesn't intend to do anything wrong, he believes that rules are for schmucks and that the only way to have fun is to stretch the limits of what is allowed. He often parrots the sage advice given to him by Chill57181, "It's not about why, it's about why not!" without fully understanding the nuance in the message. Although he has a bad tendency to get in trouble regardless of where he goes, he always means well and only does stupid things to get a reaction out of people, or to have fun. If things ever go truly and horribly wrong, Red has a tendency to deflect blame onto his brother Blue. When not causing trouble at school, Red tends to torment his twin brother in a playful manner, and often gets Blue to join in on his shenanigans.


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Blue is the shy and quiet twin, who is often dragged into the spotlight due to Red's troublesome antics, rather than by his own doing. He is considered to be the more reasonable and intelligent of the twins, although he is quite modest about it. Instead of finding enjoyment in causing a ruckus and wreaking havoc on his parents' sanity, Blue finds enjoyment in browsing the internet, playing Blockcraft or building things out of Armos. If Blue ever does go out of the house, it is either for school or because he got dragged into one of Red's silly schemes. When he does get dragged into Red's plans, Blue often acts as the voice of reason for the twins and is responsible for avoiding any major trouble from occurring, although sometimes he isn't successful. Blue often asks his father to bring him on trips if these trips involve the SIA or science in general.

Red and Blue's Shenanigans[edit]

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Red and Blue are known across Shops Island not just for being the president's chicks, but also because they tend to get into quite a bit of high-profile trouble. Compiled below is a non-exhaustive list of things Red and Blue have done which have made headlines across Shops Island.

  • As they were tired of being forced by Violet to eat their vegetables at the dinner table, Red and Blue once made their way to the Common Legislature to declare independence from Shops Island, and claiming that their bedroom was now sovereign territory, a little bit like a certain igloo nation. Needless to say, they were sent to bed early when they got back home and their declaration of independence was not looked to kindly upon by their father.
  • Red and Blue once caused a diplomatic row between Lavender and then-USA president Spike Hike when Red said that he supported Donal Tenorio at a publicity event in South Pole City, jokingly stating "Make Antarctica Great Again!". He was severely reprimanded when he got back home.
  • Red once got in a Chitter meme war against Feey3 and won, almost causing a diplomatic incident between Shops Island and Maverick.
  • Red and Blue had the Mine shut down for a short period of time because they, with the help of X-Treme Penguin, tried to mix jousting with Cart Surfing with disastrous results. They also tried mixing jet packs with mine carts for an even more disastrous result.
  • They have publicly stated that Hockey Manlet would make a better president of Acadia than Brant. It's a wonder how they haven't got Shops Island into tension with Acadia, or even a diplomatic row - yet.
  • Red and Blue once tried to power the Hydro Hopper boat with jet fuel, in an attempt to jump over buoys more easily.
  • Red has, on multiple occasions, made fun of Slender's supposed albinism on Chitter, leading to tensions between Lavender and the Magonian Emperor.
  • Blue has a nasty tendency to make snowballs full of ice and rocks; this has sent Red and other friends to the hospital quite a few times.
  • Both twins often loudly proclaim their dislike for penguins speaking "Ooga Booga", which is their way of referencing foreign languages. This has caused many awkward moments for Red and Blue's father whenever foreign diplomats visit Shops Island.


  • Red wants to drive the Meme Machine someday.
  • Blue wants to work at PASA when he grows up.
  • They are good friends with X-Treme Penguin and Red often gets Blue to try rebuilding X-Treme Penguin's failed inventions.
  • Many of the higher-ups in Shopper politics insist that Red and Blue would be shot on arrival if they were ever to travel to Acadia. Lavender has vowed to never take them there for both their safety and sanity.
  • They have been branded as "cool little dudes" by Hockey Manlet, and were given the high honor of "Cool Guys" in Achadia.

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