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Operation 45, also known as Redemption, is a mission given to the unskilled and inept Agent Isai Castro. He must prove that he's worthy of being kept in the Elite Penguin Force. The Director temporarily transferred him to the Academy and to the Special Activities Division in order to shape him into a good agent. Will he stay, or will he be booted out? Will he die in training, or will Isai live another day to flirt with Dot? Read to find out more.

Part 1: EPF[edit]

Chapter 1: The Troublemaker[edit]

One day at the EPF HQ in Club Penguin, every agent was doing their work or training. Isai was in his cubicle doing his work.

Isai:"Wow. So many files."

Isai looked at the files on his desk. Suddenly he thought of someone - Dot.

Isai:"Forgotten to talk to her today."

He quickly did his work. When he was done, Isai made his way through the corridors and found Dot chatting with two Nexonan agents who were transferred from Nexon. Shocked, he waddled forward quickly.

Isai:"Hey, back off! She's mine!"

The two Nexonan agents looked at each other. Surely they knew that he was talking about them.

Nexonan agent 1:"Dot, he's your boyfriend?"

Dot:"WHAT?!? No."

Isai:"Whatever. Just stop flirting with her!"

Nexonan agent 1:"Why can't I?"

Isai:"Err...I don't know."

Nexonan agent 1:"Good. Now back off."

The Nexonan agent walked away with Dot, slightly holding her flippers. This made her blush, but it made Isai angry.


Isai rose his flipper and tried to deliver a powerful punch at the Nexonan agent. The Nexonan agent saw this and quickly dodged it with Dot. The fist did hit something. A computer on someone's cubicle. The computer screen cracked.


The fool looked at the name tag on the cubicle. Dr. Kowlaski.

Isai:"Does anyone know a Dr Kowlaski?"

At this moment, someone walked in, a friend of Kowlaski's, General Nick.


Isai:" was damaged Nexonan agents! They were trying to hit me!

Nick raised an eyebrow and glared at Isai.

Glancing at Isai's nametag, Nick said, "Isai Castro, we have security tapes. I have a feeling you're lying, so you'd better own up.'

Isai sighed, and told them the whole thing. Nick whipped out his EPF Phone, typed in a few notes, and handed it to Jet Pack Guy, who went into the room after hearing the commotion.

Jet Pack Guy: "So this is the 4th time you've gotten into trouble because of others flirting with Dot."

Nick: "You do realize that if this happens one more time, you'll be kicked out of the EPF."

Isai: "What?!? No! It was the Nexonan agents' fault, not mine!"

Jet Pack Guy:"Oh. Alright we'll take care of everything."

Jet Pack Guy gave Nick a sort of hand signal. The General winked back to him in return.

Nick:"Now, get back to your work. Your productivity is falling."

Isai nodded slightly and went back to his cubicle.

A few hours later, there was a coffee break. After drinking his coffee, Isai tried to flirt with Dot again, only to see the two Nexonans again. He saw one of them hugging Dot. In fact, that's just a hallucination. The Nexonan is actually grabbing a magazine of ammunition that was behind her.

Isai:"Now he's gonna get it!"

Isai tried to went into the room and confront the Nexonan, only to be stopped by an agent.

EPF Agent 1:"The Director wants to see you."

Isai went into the Director's office along with that agent. In the dark room, he can make out 4 shadows.

Isai:"Who... who are you all?"

Director:"I'm here, with your mentors."


With the light that came from the blinds in the room, Isai noticed one shadow move. The light revealed the shadow to be General Nick.

Nick:"The Director decided that you should undergo the Academy's training again."

Director:"This is Nick, you met him a while ago. He will be one of your mentors."

A shadow moves behind Nick. It is right behind him.

Kowlaski:"You broke my freaking computer."

Isai walks back in fear.

Isai:"I'm sorry. Really, it was by accident."

Director:"Isai, meet Dr. Kowlaski. He'll also be your mentor."

A cough is heard at the other side of the room, at the corner at the right of the door. The soft clanking of high heels against the marble floor was heard as the shadow walked towards the light of the blinds. What was first seen was the outline of the mysterious mentor.

Director:"Ah yes. Your only female mentor. Say hello to General Rogue Tvarkov."

Rogue Tvarkov:"Hello, agent."

Isai was frightened by the choice of mentors. He knows very well that Kowlaski will give him a hard time, that Nick will not go easy on him, that Rogue is one of the strictest teachers in The Academy.


The trio seniors didn't say a word. Instead, Kowlaski gave a signal to the agent standing next to Isai. He grabbed Isai and threw him into a black van. Inside the van...

Isai:"Oh joy..."

Chapter 2: Training - Day 1/2[edit]

Back to the trio...

Kowaski: "Look guys, I have an operation to take care of. Train Isai yourselves. Oh, train him in Krav Maga. He's gonna need it to survive."

Nick:"Ok pal."

With that, the trio went their own ways- Kowlaski to the SAD HQ, Nick and Rogue to the Academy.

Nick:"I just realized. Why were you there at the corner?"

Rogue:"I was late. I teleported to the room. I found myself there."

Once the van reached The Academy, Isai is immediately pushed out of the car.

Isai:"Ow! Hey!"

The car quickly goes away. Isai looks up to find the two generals already waiting for him.

Nick:"Welcome back."

Isai looks towards Rogue, whose piercing gaze was drilling into his eyes.

Isai:"Where is Dr. Kowlaski?"

Rogue Tvarkov:"He has important matters to attend to."

Nick turned to Rogue who had a sly, knowing look in her eyes. It made Isai shiver.

Nick:"Take him to the barracks."

Two agents behind Isai grab him and marches him to his barrack. Once Isai got his privacy, he looked around. He'll need to clean his barrack. He yelled.

Isai:"This is the worst day ever!"

Nick:"Yell or complain again, and I'll make you clean the toilet with a toothbrush! Or-"


Two recruits then barged in and carried Isai towards the toilets.

Isai struggled to break free. "Let me gooooo....! I don't wanna clean the smelly toilets with a toothbrush!!!"

Nick then appeared beside him. He then folded his flippers and said.

"Rule #1 in training - Don't break the rules and rule #2 - Don't complain. Carry it out without fail.You'll clean the toilets with a toothbrush, and that's an order!"

Isai: "But..."

Nick: "Rule #3 - Don't talk back. Now, do your cleaning or I'll make you clean the other toilets!"

With that, Nick shut the door of the toilets after giving Isai the toothbrush.

Nick: "Recruits, stay here and make sure Isai doesn't run. "

Recruit #1 and Recruit #2: "Yes sir!"


Dormitory 207. The dormitory where students from Batch 207 stay in. At the moment, Generals Nick and Rogue were in there. Nick walks in to find Rogue on the desk, reading a file.

Nick:"Whose file are you reading?"

Rogue shows him the front page of the file. Isai Castro's.

Nick:"What are you planning now, Rogue? You're gonna use his weaknesses against him?"


Nick smirks. He sits down beside Rogue and they both plan for tomorrow.

Nick:"Now, what is Kowlaski doing anyway?"

The scene quickly switched to Kowlaski kissing his new girlfriend-Marine, in his office.

Kowlaski:"Oh baby."

Marine:"Oh yeah."

Kowlaski suddenly stopped kissing his babe and took a file out.

Kowlaski:"I am busy these days doing dirty works for the government."

Marine looked at the cover of the file. Operation 45.

Marine:"Another mission?"

Kowlaski:"Yep. And I got a new recruit to train. A troublemaker. I think that he's worse than Rookie."

Marine:"Now come on honey. What is he good in?"

Kowlaski:"Exactly nothing! I don't even know how he passed the Academy!"

Kowlaski took a copy of Isai's profile from a shelve. He read it.

Kowlaski:"The Academy isn't even established. Meh."

Marine:"So how are you training this guy?"

Kowlaski:"He's called Isai. And guess what? We are also training him."

Marine:"You didn't really answer my question."

Kowlaski:"What are you asking again?"

Marine faceflippered.

Marine:"How are we training Isai?"

Kowlaski:"We destroy him."

After hearing this, the Bureaucrat's girlfriend got shocked.


Kowlaski:"I mean that we are going to build him into a new person after destroying his previous weak self."

Back to the Academy...

Nick:"Yep. Kissing with his girlfriend."

Rogue:"0_O. How did you know?"

Nick:"I can break the Fourth Wall, and you can too. Remember, we work for the BoF. Anyway-"

Suddenly a voice spoke.

Voice:"Right behind you."

The duo turned their back and saw Kowlaski standing behind him.

Nick:"What the?"

Kowlaski:"The SAD Beach House is near The Academy. Just checking on Isai."

Nick:"So you finished kissing your babe's Frankterrean lips?"

Kowlaski:'Uh...yeah. But hey, I talked about Isai to her too!"

Rogue:"A fourth mentor?"

Kowlaski:"A minor one."

Kowlaski went to the toilet along with Nick to relieve themselves. They overheard Isai grumbling.


Agent 1:"Less talky more scrubby!"

The Bureaucrat started speaking again without Isai noticing.

Kowlaski:"Dissidents trying to rebel against the Zhouese government under my training are forced to brush their teeth with the toothbrush they used to clean toilets when they break a rule!"


Kowlaski:"Oh, so you wanna try?"

Isai:"Err, no."

An hour later, Isai finally finishes cleaning with the toilet.

Nick:"That was fast. Good. Now, head to the mess halls. We're having Margatian cuisine today."

Isai:"Yes sir!" He then dashed towards the mess hall, feeling very hungry.


Nick:"Alright recruits, now is time for jungle survival class. A special class"

Isai:"Jungle survival? I thought it was time for dinner!I'm-"

Nick:"Recruit Castro!" Isai then shut up.

Nick:"Lift the lids of your plates!"

All the recruits lifted their lids. Isai looked disgusted.


Nick:"On your plates are snails, worms, O-berries and cockroaches. With some rice, of course. This is the food the natives of Margate's Festos Island eat. This is what you'll have to eat should you end up in the jungles of the Asiapelago, or Margate. Now dig in, and don't worry, it's cooked."

All the recruits started to eat, even though they all had disgusted looks on their faces. Nick then walks over to Isai.

Nick:"Recruit Castro, why aren't you eating?"

Isai:"Why do I have to eat it?"

Nick:"Do you want me to call Rogue here to shove the food down your beak?"

Isai shook his head frantically and ate.


A few hours later, it is 3 am. Isai is waken up by being dumped with ice cubes.

Rogue:"Day 1. Wake up, recruit."

Isai groans and wakes up.

Isai:"Oh hey Ro-"

Rogue:"You are to address your superiors by their title and surname."

Isai:"Yes, General Tvarkov."

Rogue smirks.

Rogue:"Good, now you're to run around Academy Island several times in 20 minutes, otherwise there'll be consequences."

Isai:"Seven times?"

Nick:"We usually mean three or four times, but seven is fine with us. Now, go. Your time has already started."

The agent started running around Academy Island like the instructors ordered. However, after about 6 minutes, Isai got really tired.

Isai:"Man, I am really tired."

Isai looked around. Bushes.

Isai:"I am gonna go hide there."

Isai immediately jumped into some bushes.


Rogue:"I am going to oversee him."

Kowlaski:"Stop. Are you going to follow him into every mission after he graduates The Academy?"

The General thought for a while. It wasn't a good idea. She decided to accept the Bureaucrat's advise.

Kowlaski:"We need to check on him to see if he's running. Try to spy on him."

Rogue:"Whatever you said, Bureaucrat."

Rogue took a binocular and hid in a spot. She didn't see Isai.

Rogue (COM):"Isai isn't here. Over."

Nick (COM):"Look around the surrounding bushes."

After a clear observation, Rogue concluded.

Rogue (COM):"Spotted Isai in some bushes."

Nick:"Drag him out."

Rogue went over to the bushes and dragged Isai out of it.

Isai:"Let go of me, you communist pig!"

Rogue tried to slap the lazy student after he called her a commie, but in the end her mercy got the best of her.

Rogue:"One last time, Isai. I will give you one last chance to run!"

Isai ran.

20 minutes later...

Kowlaski:"He ain't here yet..."

Rogue looks at her phone...

Rogue:"He's at his 6th and a half round. You want me to make him run faster?"

Nick:"What're you up to now, Rogue..."

Rogue took out a small vile with blue liquid in it. She took out a small injection-like bullet and administered the liquid into it. She loaded her gun with that bullet.

Nick:"Now I know that you're going insane..."

Rogue:"I think you'll laugh rather than yell at me once you see what this thing will do..."

With that, Rogue disappeared.

Kowlaski:"She barely used her phone to teleport..."

Nick:"Forget it, Kowlaski. Just be happy that you don't know much about her Tvarkov shenanigans..."

Rogue was watching Isai through some hidden cameras.

Nick:"How did you make him run so fast..."

Rogue:"I sent him to the wonderful world of hallucinations."

Nick:"Your sarcasm never ceases to amaze me."

Isai was hallucinating that one of the Nexonan agents was kissing Dot.


Kowlaski:"...Was that supposed to happen?"

Rogue laughs.

Rogue:"I don't care if it was supposed to happen or not, as long as the kid is running then I'm perfectly fine!"

Nick:"Wow, first cruel thing of the day..."

Rogue's smile disappeared just as she looks at one of the monitors.

Rogue:"Estimated ETD's 30 seconds."

Isai came running just as Kowlaski was preparing an injection of sorts. He injected it on Isai.

Isai:"Wha- what happened?"

Nick:"You finished the course."

Kowlaski:"You're late by 20 minutes and 43.6 seconds."

Isai:"Where am I... all I remember is feeling a sharp pain on the back..."

The two men looked towards the lone Russian, who smirked.


Rogue:"I don't give a bloody care."

Kowlaski:"The consequences of failing to run the course for 20 minutes are fatal."

Kowlaski gives Isai a toothbrush.


Kowlaski:"You're to brush the teeth of the sharks!"

A few minutes later, Isai was brushing the teeth of some sharks, with Nick watching. Kowlaski and Rogue went to another room to discuss some plans. Soon, the General went away to grab some water when he heard Isai shouting.


Rogue and The Bureaucrat quickly ran out of the room and saw Isai and a confused Nick, who was about to jump into the freezing water.

Rogue:"Stop! I am more agile, Nick. Let me handle this."

The female General jumped into the freezing water and rescued Isai from the sharks. The result was a shivering student and a drenched General Tvarkov.

Rogue:"Kowlaski, no SAD training methods or punishments are to be given here from now on. Got that?"

Kowlaski:"Yes General."

A few hours later, it was noon. This time the lunch was more appetizing.

Isai:"Wow, thanks Kowlaski."

Kowlaski:"It's Bureaucrat to you! Anyway, it's a way of apologizing after the fatal encounter that I forced you to go through."

Nick:"You forgot to say your thanks to Rogue, though."

Isai:"Oh. Where is she?"

"Right here."

All three men turned to look at the younger General, who had bandages all over her. Her black hair was beginning to spike due to the salt of the sea.

Kowlaski:"I thought you were in—"

Nick stared at Kowlaski. He knows what this is.

Isai:"Uh, General Tvarkov, I just want to say thanks for rescuing me."

Rogue:"Anytime, recruit."

Isai:"Also, sorry about the wounds."

Rogue looks herself down.

Rogue:"Oh, it's alright. I'm used to it."

Nick looked towards Kowlaski.

Nick:"So, what've you and Rogue been planning?"

Kowlaski smirked.

Kowlaski:"You'll see."

Chapter 3: Escape[edit]

A few days later, Isai was tired. In the last few days, Rogue and Kowlaski made Isai exercise like a demon. He had to do 550 sit-ups and push-ups daily, not to mention running across Academy Island. Some bruisings on his face was the result of a Krav Maga training with Kowlaski.

By now, it was midnight. Isai found himself in his bed, but he couldn't sleep after Kowlaski forced him to drink 9 cups of espresso after failing Krav Maga.

Isai:"Man, I can't sleep. Why did I even join the EPF in the first place when I am the President of Castrolla?"

Isai had a flashback.

It was 3 years ago. Isai was touring Club Penguin, as a tourist that is. Since nobody knew about the country much, few penguins knew of his position. Suddenly, an EPF agent walked to him.

EPF Agent:"Psst. Wanna join the EPF?"

Isai:"Oh sure. "

Isai was escorted to the place where he would take the EPF test...

Present day,

Isai:"Oh. Castrolla was colonized by Nexon. I sure hate them. Anyway, I should escape."

Isai got up from his bed. Brandishing a wooden plank he found on the floor as a weapon, the student got out of his room. He sneaked out of the block easily and evaded security, as he was a Ninja too.

By now, Isai reached the main block. This would be hard, as this is where Nick and Kowlaski would hang out and enjoy a mug of coffee.

Isai:" do I get past them..."

Just then, an agent with the same feather color came by.

Isai:"Doesn't he come by here almost every night? I wonder..."

Isai smirked. He quickly bonked the head of that agent before making a mad dash. Being a fool, he didn't think twice about one general. Meanwhile, the two generals noticed Isai.

Kowlaski:"Oh shoot he's running!"

Nick:"I've got this!"

Nick was about to run when a strong gust of wind pushed him back into his seat.

Kowlaski:"Holy macaroni! What was that?"

Nick noticed the hint of yellow and chuckled.

Nick:"It's more of a who, Kowlaski. It's Rogue."

Nick smirked again, sipping his coffee.

Nick: "Let her handle it. It'll be fun watching her chase him, even if it's for a minute or two"

Rouge wasn't too happy about having to chase him. She was about to get a good night's rest, and there and then he tried to run.

Rouge: "I swear , Isai, you'd better make this easier for me. Stop running!"

Isai's feling of hope was crushed into fear as he panted, breaking into a sprint he knew he could not sustain for much longer. Of course, he had to trip over a rock, didn't he?

Isai: "arghhhhh..."

By this time, Rogue was in front of him, tapping her feet and waiting for him to look her in the eye.

Rouge: "Hold in push-up position! Now!"

Isai frantically and clumsily got up. His arms and feet felt like they would give way anytime as soon as he held in the position.

Rogue: "Recruit, nobody, I mean no one, leaves Academy Island until you're done, whether you like it or not. Do you understand, Isai?"

Isai nodded nervously. Rouge looked even more scary now despite her youth.


Part 2: SAD[edit]

Chapter 1: A Few tricks[edit]

By now, Isai had finished his training at the Academy. He was now a graduate. However, the ex-President only completed half of his training.

And now he was, sitting in a black helicopter, preparing to take off to an unknown location. The trio was discussing again.

Kowlaski:"This is your Director's order. Transfer him to the SAD."

Nick:"SAD? Will he die?"

Kowlaski:"He has a fatal rate of 5%. Relax, he'll be better than the Marines after his term in my agency."

Rogue:"And you better not let him do any training involving sharks."

Kowlaski:"Training? Nah, I'll give him a mission on arrival straight."

Rogue:"Does it involves killing a shark with bare hands?"

Kowlaski:"No, what are you thinking. This is serious business."

With that, Kowlaski got onto a separate black helicopter. With that, the two helicopters took off to the SAD's Beach House.

It was a short trip, few minutes reach. The two choppers landed at what used to be a luxurious villa. It is now the SAD's most frequented hangout - their Beach House.

Kowlaski:"We have arrived."

Isai and his temporary superior got out of the helicopters. The graduate looked around the place. There were tons of guards wielding automatic weapons everywhere. One of them even wielded a Minigun!

Isai:"What's my first mission?"

Kowlaski:"Relax. Just get in the house."

Minutes later, Isai found himself on a leather couch with Marine on his left and Justin Chan on his right. Kowlaski was sitting on an office chair. Everyone was holding a glass of Cream soda. In order to calm his nerve, Isai took a gulp from his drink.

Kowlaski:"We found 2 SSS agents living in our area - Club Penguin. Head over to their house and arrest them. And by arrest, I mean teach them a good lesson about working for that Kaiser. Isai and Marine, you will handle the arrest part. Justin, you be the driver."

SAD Agents:"Yes sir!"

The three got into a car. They drove to the first agent's igloo. Marine knocked on the door once Isai and she got out of the car.

Voice:"Who is it?"

Marine:"I am your neighbor, would like to meet you."

Someone opened the door from inside. Out came out a Snoss wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of glasses.

Marine:"Nice to meet you."

Marine shook hands with the penguin. While they were doing that, the Frankterrean took out a Glock from her holster and shot the Snoss in his stomach.


Marine:"Special Activities Division. You are under arrest for espionage."

The female agent kicked the SSS agent a few times. After that, she handcuffed him.

Marine:"This is how you arrest someone. Got it?"

Isai:"Sure. What do we do to him?"

Marine:"Get him on trial, maybe bribe the judge to have him executed. That's all."

Isai:"I meant where would we store him?"

Marine:"The trunk."

Marine instructed Isai to tie the Snoss up and throw him into the car's trunk. After that, Justin drove to their next destination. It was only a few blocks away from the first Snoss' igloo.

Marine:"Alright, you will do the arrest this time."

Isai loaded his Glock, given to him by Kowlaski. He kicked down the igloo's door. When he got in, Isai saw three Snoss agents sitting on a couch and aimed his gun at them. Before one of them could take out their own guns and fire at the intruder. Isai shot all of them. Marine, hearing the commotion, came in.


Isai:"Killing them. They wanted to fight back."

The female agent went over and checked their pulse. Two of them were still alive.

Marine:"Thank goodness you only killed one of them. Tie them up and throw them into the trunk. The dead guy, just leave him there. We'll condemn the house."

Isai carried out his superior's order. When they arrived back to the SAD's Beach House, he took out the two Snoss captives, for the last one died of over bleeding. The captives were led to Kowlaski.

Kowlaski:"Good job. Say, I heard that there are also two Snoss sympathizer."

Marine:"Agent Isai shot one of the agent and the other sympathizer. Here are the survivors."

Kowlaski:"Not bad, Isai. You finally killed someone intentionally."

Isai:"Sir, the other agent died of overbreeding."

Kowlaski:"Meh, I don't care. Interrogate them, agents."


Kowlaski:"Not you. The specialists."

Two agents wearing masks took the two captives to a basement.

Kowlaski:"Alright, you can go home and rest now. We have an operation 5 days later. Here is the SAD HQ's address."

The Bureaucrat gave the SAD Agent the address.

Kowlaski:"Remember to come here daily. We got drills to do."


Kowlaski:'No, shooting practice. We are going to need it."

Chapter 2:Operation Sky Programmers' Spear[edit]

A few days passed. Isai found himself being briefed by Kowlaski, as are some other operatives. He also found himself in a Battle Dress Uniform, not to mention that he was armed with a SMG. The Bureaucrat himself was dressed in a sort of armor made with alien technology. A helmet adorned his head. He was sort of struggling with the weight of the Minigun that he was holding, although he was suited to holding it anyway.

Kowlaski:"Gentlemen, today we are given a mission by President Spike Hike. The Workers' Liberation Front struck us long enough! We are to capture or kill the Leader of the WLF if necessary. Killing him will be preferred."

SAD Operatives:"Yes sir!"

Kowlaski:"Right. Go go go!"

The Bureaucrat and the operatives got onto a helicopter. It was a moment before the advanced chopper arrived at East Pengolia. The chopper managed to be undetected and landed at a compound.

Kowlaski:"Storm this place!"

One of the operative took out a rocket launcher. He fired a rocket at the gates, opening an entrance for the band of SAD agents. A gunfight ensured between the terrorists and the SAD agents. Isai took cover with Kowlaski and Jackson "Dude" Thin behind a pile of crates, allegedly storing ammunitions.


Kowlaski fired his Minigun at the terrorists, killing and injuring some of them. Of course, the terrorists fought back.

Terrorist 1:"Darn! Fire ze deletion laser at ze capitalist pigs!"

One of the terrorist took out what appeared to be a blaster. He fired it at the trio's cover, deleting it.

Kowlaski:"Kill him and run for cover."

Isai aimed and fired at the terrorist, shooting him. After that, they quickly took cover somewhere else, safe from a barrage of bullets.

Isai:"Darn. What now?"

Jackson:"Kill the enemies."

Isai threw an armed grenade at a squad of terrorists, blowing them up. As the SAD Agents advanced, resistance from the terrorists lowered. Soon, they found themselves in the main building. Jackson reloaded his shotgun.

Jackson:"Good work."

The group cleared the first floor of all intruders before going up to the second. What is the leader's room lies in front of the SAD Agents' helmets.

Kowlaski:"Get in."

Using his Minigun, Kowlaski rammed down the door. What next was a hit in the visor from the butt of an AK47. The terrorist mastermind ran out of the room and fired his AK at the SAD Agents, injuring some of them.

Terrorist mastermind:"DIE, CAPITALIST PIGS!!!"

The Bureaucrat was still fazed from the hit. Isai fired some shots at the mastermind, only to dodge them.

Mastermind:"You are no match for me!"

The mastermind returned fire at Isai.

Isai:"You are wrong! YOU are no match for me!"

Isai took out a grenade launcher and fired it at the mastermind. The scene was um, very gory.

Kowlaski:"You finally killed him, Isai!"

Isai:"Yeah, I did."