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Redspeed3 meeting Xedspeed3
Title The controller of magic, Rudolph, and The Logical One.
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Ninja, Warrior, Genius Penguin besides Gary...
Health 100%
Level Genius and logical
Status Offline for now, coming back soon!!!
Location Penguifornia and Club Penguin
Birth date February 14, 2001 (2001-02-14) (age 19)
Occupation Scouter, adventurer, writer, inventor (sort of), warrior, wizard...
Interests Herself, puffles, education, logic, dynamite, magic
Friends Dash101, Colfax, Everyone, Sometimes the honorable fungus...All ninjas, Warriors.
Enemies Darktan's Army, Preps, Pookies, Chaos, The creature, her grandmother, Richman
Archetype Great

Redspeed3 is a skilled penguin who is intelligent and creative penguin. Her grandparents are Sapphire Asthenia and Zafree Asthenia. Her parents were Scarlet Speed3 and Professor Maroon Speed3.


Redspeed3 is a great penguin. She loved magic and of course science. Her evil grandmother was a relative to someone in Darktan's Army. Her grandfather was planning to destroy all Senseis. Her grandfather was related to someone who was related to the Hochstadt Family. Although she is not part of the family, her mother was related to a High Penguin. It is unknown who the High Penguin is though.

Her father was a professor and mad scientist. Mostly her father's goal was to find as much Doom Weed and find out why it gives powers. Her father's success was creating a substance that Doom Weed was the main ingredient but all you have to do is drink it then you will be powerful forever. Redspeed3 was her father's first tester. She drank the liquid and she had eternal power forever. Her father's liquid backfired though. The liquid was stolen by an antibody. It soon ended up to be with Darktan. Her grandmother unfortunately gave birth to another penguin. This penguin had a hatred for Darktan. Redspeed3 and the penguin worked together to plan something. It was planned for months. Unfortunately, Redspeed3 got a virus and didn't show any signs of what she had. When she was sleeping, she sneezed out a big bunch of blue goo. The goo formed into a tall X-Antibody. Then Xedspeed3 was formed. The other penguin, Striker, got one too. Xedspeed3 and Xtriker planned to destroy Club Penguin.

During five days, Redspeed3 was being chased by her antibody. Her mother had gotten one too, but she managed to kill her antibody. Redspeed3 and the Striker were battling Nightmare. Striker was killed when trying to kill Darktan. Striker was related to someone in the Snoss Family.

Redspeed3 travels in time mostly illegally... the Time Agency tries to recruit her but she declines it. She has not yet been arrested for the mistakes of present-time because of past-time. She's known for her novel and for the invention of the "time watch". Her success of many inventions lead to her being a trustworthy person to help solve the cases of many unknown robberies.

When she came to a coffee shop one day, and everything went wrong, it was the beginning of Red's adventures and tales. Redspeed3 had a ton of curses from her family, her great-great-uncle had the curse of rhyming, so every July 4th, he would rhyme until 12:00 AM, otherwise known as midnight. Redspeed3 and Dash101 were the heroes who saved a bomb from going off in Club Penguin, which would have destroyed the whole entire place, make Herbert look bad, and kill everyone in it. The bomb was created from an enemy named Chaos.


Redspeed3 first came into involvement when she tried to end Operation Blackout. She is an EPF and PSA agent undercover, so you wouldn't find her in the EPF or PSA army. She knows all about Herbert P. Bear and of course Klutzy. During Operation Blackout, when Herbert released his sunrays, Xedspeed3 succeeded in her explosion. Which caused more damage to Club Penguin.

Sadly, Redspeed3 couldn't do anything about it. Redspeed3 worked also as a spy and followed anyone who looked suspicious. Mostly her predictions were right. Swiss Ninja was there at Club Penguin. Redspeed3 spent her time during Operation Blackout figuring out with her logic skills trying to pass Herbert's lair. She made it to the last level easily without any equipment. All the cameras she shut off in the server were deactivated. Redspeed3 had little time to wonder where Xedspeed3 was when she heard another explosion occur. It was in the EPF building. Redspeed3 knew Xedspeed3 wouldn't have done it because Xedspeed3's intelligence was only about what she saw was important to Redspeed3. Herbert destroyed the EPF, or so they thought. Redspeed3 knew better then anyone else. She of course was a detective! No one could forget her Sherlock Holmes hat she had received in Club Penguin. During the time she had, she knew that if the EPF and PSA destroyed Herbert's sunrays, there was still more to go... Herbert still was evil. Redspeed3 met Herbert before every agent found out, but she didn't know who Herbert was. Gary was the second to find out after Redspeed3 told him.

Redspeed3 was not as normal as every other penguin in Club Penguin. She found hidden alleys and almost drowned while tipping the iceberg. She is the only penguin that would probably have real antlers. Redspeed3 is in Club Penguin looking for evidence of EPF missions that were never solved. She was once so close to finding out if her brother, Striker, was alive, but unfortunately, he was a villain. Striker, unknowingly had access to all rooms and could walk freely out in the open without having to look mischievously.

Though Gary, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and Redspeed3 had availability to each other to twice others when trouble is near by. Though, Striker, Redspeed3's evil buddy succeeded getting into mischief and not being caught. Redspeed3 and Rookie were not at all safe when they found Striker coming near them. Redspeed3 surprised her brother, and that caused him to almost die. Luckily Redspeed3 saw Gary, and they fixed her brother back to new. Suddenly, the causes got worse, Redspeed3 and Striker were pulled together in a blinding light. Nightmare killed Striker and Redspeed3 never went on a mission in public. Red also watched the pie war.


  • She had eaten Doom Weed before,but she never wants to make that mistake again.
  • When asked about her parents, "I will refuse to answer your question, you seemingly have no respect of other people's business."
    • When mentioned about her puffles,"My puffles? Well certainly Mustard and Basketball are smarter then you think. They tried making my grandmother go back to Penguifornia! Heheh those meddling puffles!"
  • She knows Swiss Ninja
  • She can translate any language with her antlers
  • Somehow, her antlers have wi-fi...
  • She is not the only logical one in the family, her puffles are more logical then her.
  • With her antlers, she can hear more clearly and up to about the length of a puffle's hearing
  • She is an EPF and PSA agent, also a great detective...
  • She's quite a genius at the piano too
  • She may be the only penguin alive in her WHOLE family… …Her parents may have been in the explosion
  • It is unknown, and rumored that Redspeed3 is half lobster or robot…
  • She is a confusing penguin...she really is!
  • She has written everything that ever happened in her once was stolen by Link, sold to the president, bought by Aunt Arctic, copied by Gary, given to Fred as a gift, lost in Germany, found by Swiss Ninja, floated into the waters of Herbert's drift, arrived on the land of Club Penguin, read by Explorer, given to Tails6000, lost again in the book room, found by the mailman, and brought to Red's igloo. Her book is still not finished and it is the beginning.
  • She once set off one of her inventions, "The Tree-Rocket 3000" that launched off (by accident) in server "Rocky Road" and instead of getting banned, the server was not able to be accessed anymore.


  • A random penguin: Are you smart?

Redspeed3: Do I look like I'm smart? Yes, I am smart.

  • Another random penguin: Spell it.

Redspeed3: I can spell it but it doesn't need to be spelled right now.

  • Some other penguin: Are you smart?

Redspeed3: Do you breathe, if the answer is yes, then it's yes.

  • Some other penguin: what is the color you're wearing?

Redspeed3: Red.

  • Some other penguin: What is that?

Redspeed3: My antlers.

  • Some other penguin: What colors are your puffles?

Redspeed3: Yellow and Orange.

  • Some other penguin: What is the first question I asked?

Redspeed3: Do I look like a fortune teller? Do I look like a stalker? I don't know!!

  • Some other penguin: How much could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Redspeed3: That would depend on if it's an European woodchuck or African woodchuck... certainly why does that matter?

  • When writing in her book of plans of making radioactive bomb, a random penguin asks what it is:

"What the heck is that?"


"You are going to destroy Club Penguin, aren't you...?"

"If I did, I would be as idiotic as Swiss Ninja and half as stupid as Darktan, but I'm not."

"So, what are you making then?"

"If I told you, you would have to forget what happened immediately."

"Why should I?" "Because you would then go tell Gary, I would go to jail (again) and escape the usual way."

"Sure. I promise."

"I'm making a radioactive bomb that I would save for one day when it's useful."

Random penguin gasps and runs away, as Red continues to write.

  • When some penguin tells her that she's not making sense:

"Don't interpret it then!…Just accept my answer!"

{These quotes up above are used directly from Redspeed3 talking to other penguins.}


" I am a penguin, not a reindeer, you my friend shall not call me Rudolph!"

"If someone knocks, I would not answer the door."

"How many times do I have to say this, a woodchuck can chuck as much as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. But sometimes a woodchuck isn't a woodchuck if the woodchuck was named chuck because then that woodchuck chucking wood wouldn't be a woodchuck if chuck wasn't a woodchuck. Don't chuck wood if you're not a woodchuck!"

"I am not related to Santa."

"If revenge is what your only answer is, your not a very wise guy. Revenge can be damaging, but not if it means something like………life and death!!"

"When Sensei asks me again to be a ninja, I am definitely going to challenge him!"

Her very own Christmas Song to Herbert: "Jingle Bells, Herbert smells, Rookie laid an egg, the sleigh mobile lost a wheel, and Klutzy ran away! Hey!"


When Herbert comes,...... " I defeated you before Herbert, I'm not afraid of you any more! Bring it on!! I'm ready to accept the challenge!!"

When hit with a ball.... "Ouch! Can't you see I'm focusing here?!"

When slapped with a fish…… "What was that for?!?! I didn't slap you with a fish......hey, what kind of fish is that anyways.....?!?!?"

When someone is randomly yelling at her..... "Being mad won't do anything good for you, but if you believe you succeed in one thing, trust!"

When asked about Herbert……… "Is that fluffy fat polar bear up to no good again?! Herbert should have already learned his lesson, poor Herbert is in trouble!"

When seeing her antibody for the first time..... " Who are you,what do you want, you look creepy, can't be.....your you?!"

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