Reichskommissariat Culldrome

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Reichskommissariat Culldrome
Culldrome Isles
Proposed Reichskommissariat of Ed Island

Flag Coat of Arms

Capital Culldrome City
Languages English, German
Government Civil Administration
 -  Proposed 1921
 -  Cancelled 1943
Currency Culldrome Thaler (⏇)

Reichskommissariat Culldrome was a proposed territory of the Republic of Ed Island encompassing the entirety Culldrome Isles, first proposed in 1921 and drafted as a military plan in 1925. Culldrome was chosen for annexation due to its proximity to Ed Island and its abundance of natural resources, as well as its fairly recent industrialization meaning its military forces would be vastly unprepared to defend against a modern technological power.

Today, the plans for Reichskommissariat Culldrome remain a humorous topic for diplomats between Ed Island and Culldrome, due to the close relationship between the nations as members of the Axle Powers.


Reichskommissariat Culldrome was first proposed in 1921 as a way to offset the losses suffered by Ed Island in the Khanzem War by gaining access to the natural resources within the archipelago. Along with the then-proposed purchase of the Straits Kingdom, it was determined that with Culldrome's resources Ed Island could remain completely self-sufficient and would virtually eliminate reliance on foreign nations for imports such as oil.

Ultimately plans for the annexation of Culldrome were put on hold after the outbreak of the Wulfen War, and the plan was officially cancelled in 1943 when it became clear reconstruction would take precedence over any foreign invasions or annexations. Policies referencing Reichskommissariat Culldrome remained in Ed Islandian law as late as 1990, although by that point they were little more than oddities within the nation's legal system and not representative of any remaining intentions for annexation.

A common topic of debate between scholars is the actual likelihood of an Ed Islandian invasion of Culldrome had the Wulfen War not broken out. According to several Republic officials interviewed on the topic in the 1970s, the invasion of Culldrome was to occur in the summer of 1933, with Culldrome City projected to be captured within a year due to the little industrialization of the nation. Over 10,000 Reichskommissariat Culldrome police uniforms were produced between 1930 and 1931, as well as stockpiles of sub-machine guns and other weaponry to be used by occupational forces.

Invasion and Plans for the Region[edit]


  • Reichskommissariat Culldrome appears in the novel The Hanglo-Antarctican/Naughtzee War as an Ed Islandian territory, due to its fictional setting in a victorious Khanzem Antarctica allowing for the proposed invasion to succeed.

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