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Rektster Oneshot new.png
Rektster's regular look.
Title Master Sniper and Bounty Hunter, Dirty Double-crosser, Fourth Wall Breaker
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Bounty Hunter
Health Excellent
Level Higher than most
Status PWNing Targets
Location All around Antarctica
Birth date December 10, 1989 (1989-12-10) (age 30)
Place of birth Polaris
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Employer None
Salary Unknown amount every year from PWNing
Interests PWNING N00Bs!!!!
Strengths Shooting
Weaknesses Several, most of which are unknown
Fears He barely has any
Friends Unknown
Enemies N00bs, PWN Mafia
Archetype Neutral

— Rektster Oneshot after he presses his air horn.

Rektster Oneshot is a very skilled bounty hunter who hates noobs. He for some reason, wears a hat that says "obey" on it, carries an airhorn in his belt and is very skilled with long-range weapons. He's an expert marksman, close range combatant, disguise master, hacker and thief. He is usually out PWNing n00bs or penguins he doesn't like or waiting to be hired to do some possibly villainous deed. He has many different weaknesses, one of them believed to be Doom Weed. He also hunts down penguins he doesn't like, mainly STINC, or lesser members of the PWN Mafia. Many lesser evil penguins actually fear him. He also hates Mwa Mwa Penguins with a passion. He also doublcrosses others sometimes.

He's a real daredevil, and will do anything to get what he wants sometimes, especially to see explosions sometimes. He always has a habit of getting names wrong. He's fearless as well and never lets fear get into the way of his missions.


Rektster was born on the outskirts of a village in Polaris and was very poor and so were his parents. He hated his life and wished he was richer. They mainly lived off pickpocketing, stealing and breaking into other houses but didn't earn them much money at all. His parents eventually died of a disease and he was picked up by one of his mother's friends and sent him to an orphanage. He never got adopted and hated his life even more while living there. When he grew up, he eventually moved out and started working at a small tech company. After a few months or reading manuals and guides as well as learning from the internet, he knew how to hack and tried to use his skills to earn himself money with little success. He didn't get paid much from his job, either. After a year, the shop was raided by members of STINC who decided to train Rektster and turn him into one of them. He went under intense training, learning how to fight, use a gun, and so on. He discovered that he was great at aiming and firing quickly and hardly missed making him a great member.

At some point, he decided he still wanted to be free and broke out using his knowledge of stealing and thieving from when he was a chick. He managed to get away from STINC and constantly kept changing his name and moving from place to place to stop them tracking him until he forgot his original. He came to a shop that was selling some of Billy Mays' human products, which included a hat, glasses and a very loud air horn which he decided to buy to try and make himself look cooler. He came to Crookharbor hoping to get a job there and stayed in a hotel for a few days. On his last day, he was mistaken for a bounty hunter when he wandered into a criminal area and was given a very good price if he did a mission for them. Since Rektster was desperate, he decided to do it. He went to a weapons store and bought himself some weapons and modified them with technology. He managed to do the mission for them and succeed. He obtained what the criminals needed, and got a good price. Ever since, he's been a great bounty hunter and did missions whenever he felt like it or waited to be hired.


He wears a shoulder belt and regular belt in which he has his many gadgets in such as Ditto Grenades, Knicicles, Snow Pistols, his air horn and others. He wears a full black suit and his own jet pack which has a purple top part instead of yellow. He wears a black hat that has the word "obey" on it, black shades which never seem to stop shining, and he usually carries his modified rifle which he always makes upgrades to. He wears the colour Dark Red. He does not wear any feet items. Nobody really knows as to exactly why he wears these things, or who is responsible for it if anyone is.


  • The air horn he bought is used after he yells his battle cry ("PREPARE TO GET ONESHOT!!!").
  • He will play a minor role some time during the Wikia Catastrophe.
  • Rektster LOVES explosions.
  • The EPF has considered tracking him and put him on their top 20 most wanted.
  • He pronounces the word "you" as "ya", "my" as "mah", "hey" as "ey", "mate" as "m8" and "boy" as "boi".
    • Again, nobody knows why.

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