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Type S.A.
Industry Automobile Industry
Founder(s) Charles Renno
Headquarters Parie, Frankterre
Key people Carlos Gosan (CEO)
Products Cars, Trucks, Tanks
Revenue GC; 41.3 million (bi-monthly to date)
Operating income GC; 1.1 million (bi-monthly to date)
Employees appx. 40,000

Renno is a Frankterran car company that sells automobiles in it's home country and in several other parts of the AU. It is not sold in the USA but some have been imported over by avid car fanatics.


The company was started in 1898 in Frankterre by a penguin named Charles Renno, an engineer who was eager to compete with the newly emerging car companies in the High Penguin Confederacy and Alemania. With a parthership with one of his friends, Mr. Renno opened his first factory in the oitskirts of Parie about 20 Kilometers from the city center. As the Frankterrans began to use automobiles, many chose the Renno since it was cheaper than the imported foreign cars. However, in 1913, Khanzem invaded Frankterre island. The Naughtzees began to take over the Renno factories, but Charles Renno refused to have any of his workers make tanks for the Khanzem war. Thus, Renno car production halted until 1918, when the Good Guys liberated the island. After a few years after liberation, the factories were cleaned up and the car business continued to be successful. In 1953, Renno opened their first foreign factory in Castilla. In 1993, the company had 6 factories in Castilla and Lisboagal, and they finally added one in Rusca. In 2009, the Snoss invaded Frankterre, and the company was fiercely opposing Swiss Ninja's campaign to buy the company since they feared he would ruin Frankterran nationality and run the conpany into debt. Luckily, they were able to stay out of Swiss Ninja's reach and did not suffer the ecomomic disaster of Swiss Ninja's companies and Renno was not sold to Mobileshroom. Today, Renno is a proud Frankterran car company that is decently surviving the unstable economic times.


Approximately 77% of all products manufactured by Renno are not exported outside the Ninja Archipelago. To this day, the majority of the cars are still sold in Frankterre, while the Castillan Empire is the second biggest importer on Renno automobiles. Lisboagal and Rusca sell decent amounts of Renno automobiles to those who are associated with the factories stationed there. Liguria is the largest buyer of Renno cars that does not have any factories on it's land. 20% of the other automobiles and trucks are assembled and sold in the Castillan colonies of Parhentina, Frio, and Caltexico in the Latin Antarctica island chain. The last 3% is sold to foreign car fanatics who may come from the USA, the Polaris SAD, or the UTR.

Car Types[edit]


  • This is a parody of Renault, a French car company.
  • Renno also produces trucks, buses, and tanks for other countries.
  • During the Khanzem War, Renno was responsible for engineering some of Antarctica's first tanks.

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