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The Loyal Rentu
Title Ninja Penguin
Gender Male
Race Emporer Penguin
Faction Ninjas
Health Full
Level 400
Status Watching Star Penguins
Location Hidden Ninja Base

Rentu is Pen Chi's assistant, and his most loyal ninja.


As a chick, Rentu was odd, playing with black pieces of cloth and tying them around his waist. He heard rumors of "Ninjas", and Rentu was excited. This was something he had wanted to do all his life. He joined at the dojo, during the times when Pen Chi was the ninja master. He trained under Pen Chi, until he was a ninja also. Then LiquidFence happened, and Rentu followed Pen Chi into hiding along with the Ninja army. He became Pen Chi's most trusted advisor.


Rentu is Pen Chi's advisor, he acts on his behalf, and is more sensible then Pen Chi most of the time.


  • Rentu is younger then he looks
  • He is disgusted by Pen Chi's yellow snow eating habits
  • He found the secret Ninja Base

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