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Background information
Birth name Retro Pixel Robertson Jr.

May 12, 1988 (1988-05-12) (age 31)

Club Penguin USA
Origin United States of Antarctica
Genres Rock, R&B, Pop, Dance
Occupations DJ, Dancer, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Swimsuit Model, Gift Shop, pro swimmer, pro skater, Antarctican Idol, Judge, Party Planner, Warrior
Instruments Guitar microphone
Years active 2000-present
Labels Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts DJ Crow, Cadence, Peng Guin, Gloria Walker, Fluffy the Puffle, Nyninyne, Meaghan, Young Wade, Omar Grest Gary the Gaget Dude, Tay Tay, Penguin Band, Angie Hills
Notable instruments
Guitar microphone

Retro Pixel Robertson Jr, better known by his stage name TheUltimateRetro, or Retro, is a Antarctican R&B rock, pop, dance, dancer, and song writer. He started his career when he met Cadence and she taught him to DJ at the Night Club, and he met the Penguin Band, who taught him how to rock as well. Retro started his career in 2000, and he became a famous singer. He is part of the cast for the TV show Club Penguin: The TV Series


Retro was born in the year of 1988 at an island at the right side of Club Penguin with his older brother, Polygon, and his younger sister, Virtual. He start to play games and music at the age of 5, when he started to tap on the table and got the feeling of the rhythm! In 2000, he met Cadence, and said he couldn't dance. Cadence then taught him how to dance and sing, and in 2006, he performed for the first time Night Club and met Cadence's Family. There, he finally got to perform in Antarctican Idol, before becoming famous in 2007. In 2009, he met Franky and told him how he was a big fan, so Franky tutored him for a week. The next day, he got a letter from the government that not only awarded him and his parents $100,000,000, but also invited him to a very special performance and become a millionare. Later on, Retro became a Judge in Antarctican Idol.

in may 2008 he met Cadence again and she said that she need help to get a party set up, and she said that the auction for the new cast of Club Penguin: The TV Series after the party got set up. He soon met Peng Guin and became friends, and danced in the party on the next day when he discovered that he got the roll on Club Penguin: The TV Series.

In June 2008, when Retro hung out with Cadence at The Beach, he saw Tay Tay who said that she wanted Retro to do a swimsuit modeling gig and make designer swimsuits. Retro then performed at the Night Club for a party. Cadence's family came, the Penguin Band came (and then met them), Franky's family came too. He showed Cadence his sword, but when doing so she was shocked that he was a warrior, but she soon became fine with it. One week later, Retro got infected with the X-Virus and a clone named Xetro came out of him and flew away as Cadence saw it happen! Cadence told him she got infected by the X-Virus before too. Retro and Cadence, soon after that, planned to make an all-night beach party. It began earlier than planned.

Everyone Retro knew (and others) came, and they all had a great time. At middle of the party, Retro did a a dance move he made called "The Retro", then when he finished he started to have a crush on Cadence, and when Cadence saw his dance move she started to have a crush on him, too. He then met Gloria Walker, and they became friends on the next day. Retro, Peng Guin and Gloria Walker began rehearsing for the show at the party. He met Fluffy the Puffle one month later, as well as meeting DJ Crow. He then gave him private DJ lessons to help him become successful, and now Retro's life became awesome and epic, which he will never forget.

Musical career[edit]

2000-03: Retro Ultimate Awesome![edit]

Retro started his career in 2000 when he meet cadence. In 2005 he was managing the Night Club, and he was asked if he had a stage name. He then thought of using the name of "TheUltimateRetro". He got private singing lessons with Cadence, and performed in the Night Club. In 2006 it was his first performance, and Retro got a record deal from Club Penguin Music Records. The new album named Retro Ultimate Awesome! was recorded in 2007, was delayed and it got released in May 13 2010. The album was a big hit and it became a best seller. Retro and Cadence was so happy, Cadence threw a releasing party on the day of the album was released. Retro finally got his first friend Cadence, and she became his partner.


Retro is a bit childish, or very happy, but a bit of an aggressive pop star. He is into stuffed animals, and his first stuffed animals was a teddy bear named Mr. Fluffy.


  • He has a crush on Cadence.
  • He has a secret room with a waterbed, a flat screen HD TV, an indoor swimming pool with a water slide, an outfit room with a changing room, a dance floor, a food stand to eat snacks, and a arcade room. His secret room is locked with a code need to be entered. When asked, he replied "I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU TRY TO ENTER MY SECRET ROOM!!!!!!!" and punched the asker. He only lets Cadence, Peng Guin, Virtual, Polygon and the Penguin Band in the room.
  • He loves bacon.
  • He isn't very intelligent, and is known for having poor grammar. Just like most rappers!

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