Rex Goodwin

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Rex Goodwin

Rex at the launch of the Puffle Notebook in Club Penguin.
Born Rex Alistair Goodwin
May 9, 1989 (age 26)
Residence New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra
Gender Male
Nationality Terrain
Ethnicity Chatham Islands Penguin
Alma mater Sheepman University
Occupation Exec. of UTOOSA • Head of Peach
Years active 2006–present
Employer UTOOSA, Peach; self-employed
Net worth DAU.51.9 billion (July 2015)
Parents Aaron Goodwin (father)

Rex Alistair Goodwin is a Terrain billionaire and entrepreneur. He is known for his numerous high-profiled business ventures and technological creations; known for creating the PuffleTop, an advanced version of a PadTop and co-founding Peach He is also the founder of UnitedTerra's space agency, UTOOSA, and its current president. He first became famous after his discovery of the famous PuffleTop began. He gained publicity and started getting more interest in space after he found out a secret of his childhood. He is typically found in UTOOSA Headquarters, probably getting ready to send another shuttle into space.


Rex was born on May 9, 1989 to Aaron Alistair Goodwin. When he was young, Rex used to love space. He once wished to become an astronaut, or to own or control a space program, though his dreams were torn apart by his father, who wanted him to carry into his footsteps and become a business man and travel all around the USA. Rex lived in his own Lynx Generation, in which him, his family & a couple of dozen of other penguins were living in as refugees. When he turned older, into his teenage years, mostly from 13 - 17 his father made him forget about his dream of space, and got into the work of being a businessman, though his business-life did not last. After he moved into UnitedTerra, when he was 16, he started working on an invention. It was a remodel of a PadTop. When Rex was 15, he got a PadTop for all his hard-work. He thought though, that the PadTop wasn't as good enough, so he started taking a 2-year course in engineering & computer-works. When turning 18, he started working on an invention that would become a hit. Rex was a fan of Puffles, and puffles inspired him, after.



  • He is a billionaire; even richer than his USA-counterpart Brendan Stars.
  • Rex likes staying healthy, so sometimes takes tips from Ninjinian's health videos on PengTube.
  • He is president of UTOOSA, the UnitedTerrain space organization, which he founded a while ago.
  • He also has an official Beakbook. Many try to impose him on Beakbook, but from a special feature that recently arrived, it shows his official Beakbook.
  • Goodwin also has a verified Chitter.
  • The penguin also co-founded Peach Inc.

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