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Rice Grains
The cultural joke refering to rice. Don't giglgle (starts giggling).
Type Food
Effects Fills up a penguins' stomach.
Source Rice Fields
Location Fruit Island and Nothing
Cost to buy Depending. A 10kg pack would be around 5000 coins.
Cost to sell You would eat it before you could even sell it!

Rice grains, or rice, are considered a staple food for humans. However, some areas in Antarctica cook foods with rice. MAI is the biggest importer of rice. Rice is usually taken from 'rice fields' that are found in Fruit Island and the virtual world of Nothing. Due to its rarity, it is sold at a whopping 5000 conis. Restaurants have to be authorized so as to serve rice.


Rice is a tiny white oval-shaped grain, one quarter the size of a coffee bean, that would have to be served in packs to be eaten. It is so small, that within 5 seconds of holding it, the penguin would probably lose it. Rice are graded into two areas: A and B. A-grade rice are usually those that are small, fragrant and very tasty. B-grade rice, the most common type of rice, are usually less fragrant and bigger. A-grade rice could only be found in the virtual world of Nothing, as the environment there is perfect for harvesting rice. B-grade rice could be found at both Nothing and Fruit Island, as it is suited to both climates.

Types of Rice[edit]

Rice comes in several different kinds and added flavors.

Golden Rice[edit]

A type of rice that is improved with Genetic Engineering used to produce more Beta-Carotene, and has a golden color. It cost 7500 coins per 10kg, however with no difference.

Bleached Rice[edit]

Bleached Rice is the most common kind of rice which is bleached for its white color and is generally flavorless.

Yellow Rice[edit]

A type of rice that is yellow in color, and tends to be stuffed with small pieces of shrimp, fish, or seaweed. This type of rice is the favorable kind.

Regular Rice[edit]

Rice in its natural form is a brown like color that is unbleached and is somewhat better for penguins, but not as pretty as Bleached Rice.


  • Filipines are planning to build a rice field.
  • Rice are usually considered to be a 'cultural joke' in Antarctica. They usually compare it to a coffee bean, and underneath would be the words "THIS IS rice ". This is to indicate the 'tininess' of the food and thus increased the popularity of eating rice.
    • It is also joked about that the rice is considered to be the smallest thing in Antarctica, although most disagree.
  • Castilla is the second main importer of rice outside MAI. Castillans enjoy eating rice in their dishes, like paella. However, Castillans only grow rice in a ceartain region, and only produce the Valencian Rice type.

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