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Born July 17th, 1980
Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Penguin
Other names Person, Neighborhood Smart Guy
Occupation EPF, BoF
Employer Gary the Gadget Guy
Home town Club Penguin
Known for being Star Kirby12's partner
Partner Star Kirby12
Children none
Parents unknown

"Shadow Knight" redirects here. For the species, see Shadow Knights (species)

Steven Williams VIV, better known as "Richperson", is Star Kirby12's partner. He has an incredible intelligence on both math and science, which lets him give critical help that helps others very much. He is not that good at fighting, but all of his intelligence makes up for that, in fact he has been able to travel through time due to way too much intelligence for a penguin(about 500 IQ points).


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Nightmare Epic and Shadow Knight transformation[edit]

Person had an extremely major role in Nightmare Epic, possibly the greatest role he has had in the entirety of For Great Justice. Early in the story, Person was taken captive inside Ultra Leon, and was possessed by Nightmare into Shadow Knight. Shadow Knight battled Kwiksilver and Speeddasher several times throughout the story, and was responsible for Kill's death. He was ultimately defeated and returned to normal, and reunited with Ultra Leon to assist Tails6000 and Speeddasher in taking on Nightmare.

After the event, Person was able to manipulate the so-called "X-Energy", a unique variation of the X-Virus, and managed to give himself the ability to use Shadow Knight's powers when he needed them.


Richperson does not have much of a wide arsenal. His main weapon is his solar powered shades, which can fire solar beams with power dependent on the sunlight it absorbed. He also uses his Battle Suit 3000, his personal combat suit. To slightly increase his battle abilities, Richperson puts on a pair of cuff links.

As of the Great Darktonian Pie War, Person owns a bundle of Atomic Apples, explosive bombs that scatter apples everywhere... that also blow up. He also owns the one and only Eraser Missile, literally an eraser tied to a missile that can delete certain entities. In the GDPW, it had a special "Clobber" feature to knock out the Darktonian Army.

As Shadow Knight, he uses his Dark Staff & Shield, from which he can fire blasts and absorb hits.



  • "Did you know that 1337/0 can summon monsters?"