Rick Astley

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Rick Astley
Rick Astley.jpg
Performing at a venue at Eastshield
Title Title
Gender Male
Race Bean Human
Faction Never gonna give ya up
Health Good
Level -1987
Status Rickrolling
Location Teh intarwebz
Occupation Singer
Interests Pranking
Friends TurtleShroom (penguin)
Enemies Rick-Rolling haters

Speaker.png Click here to listen to Rick Astley's theme!

Rick Astley is a bean human that sings a very popular song that broke records as of April 1st, 2009.


Rick Astley was apparently born in the mysterious continent of Europe. Penguins do not know where he got here, but rumors say he was on his way doing a concert somewhere in a odd place north of the Antarctic Peninsula, when his yacht turned to here. He now does concerts here.


He sings a VERY popular song in Antartica. It became extremely popular on April 1, 2009. It is often used in parodies and Rickrollin'. The leader of the United Penguin's Republic has been editing the song.

As a Prank[edit]

One of the most loved things to do with Rick's song is to trick people into viewing it when they expect to watch something else.

Famous examples in Antarctica include, but are not limited to:

  • Mabel speaking in the South Pole Council, only to have someone hold up a boombox and play the song at full volume.
  • Showing footage of Darktan figting Luce, only to be interrupted by Rick's song.
  • Hijacking the CP Night Club to play this song in the middle of a Dance-Off.
  • Interrupting Penghis Khan when speaking.
  • Interrupting a National Anthem with the melody.
  • Scaring Mwa Mwa Penguins by blasting the tune through The Pet Shop without warning.
  • People in Snowpoint City use it often,because whenever a visitor comes, they blast the song on full volume, and laugh as it echoes through Snowpoint City.
  • The music video playing at the end of "Human!", a SnowBob CirclePants episode.


  • Penguins often host his videos on WaddleTube as practical jokes.
  • He tried to stop rickrolling. It worked one day, then failed the next. See this.
  • Tails6000 loves The Leaders edited version of Rick's song so he starts using that version of the song for rickrolling. As he calls it literal rickroll'd
  • Whenever Psyche hears one of his songs, she screams in pain and faints for 3 minutes, then gets the heck out of there.
  • Gary the Gaget Dude LOVES his song,so he always has it on at full volume.
  • Hold Me In Your Arms and Whenever You Need Somebody are some other hits of his, say experts of Reality. They released them as CDs and they instantly sold millions (mainly in Puffle'and, because the populace would actually listen to those songs rather than his iconic hit. (These penguins have been there and were friendly there several times!)

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