Rick von Injoface

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Richard "Rick" von Injoface
Rick von Injoface.PNG
The prankster of the family
Title Rick von Injoface
Gender Male
Race Yellow Puffle
Faction Mabel's distant cousin
Health Wonderful
Level Medium
Status Being despised by Mabel
Location Somewhere annoying Mabel, Danny Bom's igloo

Rick Von Injoface is Mabel's distant cousin and the prankster of the family. Because of his pranks he is despised by his family, especially his father and eldest sister. He is the son of Chuck von Injoface and Jenni von Injoface.


Rick was born 8 years before Mabel. His father already had two daughters but really wanted a son. Rick would make him seriously regret this. After two months Rick started to play pranks, at first they were bad and poorly done but over time they became wonderful and amazingly planned. Although he enjoyed his pranks his parents were very unhappy and Rick was constantly grounded, but he didn't let that stop him. Even though most of his family is evil, Rick isn't and spends his time playing harmless pranks and goofing off.

He was later adopted by Katie Finn.


Rick, being an Injoface would probably be despised. But he isn't because instead of being mean and evil, he's kind and nice but people may get mad when he pulls a prank. He also enjoys spending time with his cousin Matthew von Injoface, as Matthew is Rick's favorite cousin.

Most notable pranks and on who[edit]

  • Mabel: Spilt a bucket of fish on Mabel then poured ketchup on her.
  • Emily von Injoface: Put stickynotes in her glasses, so she couldn't see.
  • Label: Replaced make-up with garbage.
  • Director Benny: Put glue on his megaphone, but this glue explodes.
  • Cabel: Revenge for Cabel eating his Poritos, put glue on a shovel then smacked her with it.


  • He's one of the few von Injoface family members that aren't cruel, the others being Foamy and Matthew von Injoface.
  • His favorite food is poritos.
  • Ayerop has a rather massive crush on him.
  • He loved to prank people with Rick Astley music.
  • Even though he's in "Generation X", he's younger than many "Generation Y" Von Injofaces, because his father had him really late.
  • He is in Pranking Trio.
  • He is close friends with Gruff but they sometimes fight when it comes to pranking Chuck.
  • Rick enjoys pranking Mwa Mwa Penguins and pranks them whenever possible.

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