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Right and left hand traffic is very important to Antarctica, as penguins are either left flippered or right flippered. Here is a list of countries which uses what type of driving system:

Before continuing on, I would like to tell you what it means. It means where the car drives. And you think you drive on the left and right? Like as if because both side are filled with traffic, that means "mixed"? No. You see if you are driving back home, it looks like you are driving right. So as when you go out. Intresting? Test it with your parents' and their car when you go out.


The USA drives on the right. The rule goes to all drivers ever since 2001.

Old Town, Eastshield[edit]

Before and after the formation of USA, Old Town used the left-hand driving.


Most islands in Weddell are car-free, but those that do usually drive on the right, except the Freezelandian islands.

Dorkugal and the Geek Empire[edit]

Dorkugal also drives on the right, though it is all inside-style, meaning most could walk (also on the right).

The Geek Empire drives on the left, or walks on the left in most cases,


Right and left-hand traffic in MAI varies according to island.

In Margate Central, or Margate Antarctica Island, penguins drive on the left as was first implemented alongside the Principality of Sherby Hoodwounds. This rule continues to this day.

In Margate Cross, penguins drive on the right. The concept behind this was that when cars were first introduced in Margate Cross, the government was indecisive as to which direction penguins should take. Eventually, they agreed that whichever foreign country's boat landed on the island, the foreign country's driving system would be implemented as theirs. Apparently the Warmslates was the first boat to arrive, and they drove on the left.

In Sherby Hoodwounds, penguins now drive on the right. When the Republic came they wanted nothing to do with the Principality in terms of trivial matters, including lane of traffic (Principality drove on the left, which inspired Margate Central). As cars were not common in the island yet, penguins drove on the right.

In Auzua Mostafique, penguins drive on the right to follow the USA system as they were a free republic.

In Lasoun, penguins drive on the left. For no reason.


New Club Penguin (including all the places in the UnitedTerra) drive on the right, although cars (called Mastgers) are very rare in NCP.


Freezeland drives on the left, despite cars are uncommon, except in cities.


In the Warmslates there are a few roads, but they drive on the right.


In Arda they do not have cars, they use canoes. They "canoe" on the left.

East Pengolia[edit]

East Pengolia drives in the centre, since they have one lane roads.

Finestade Land[edit]

People who live in Finestade Land drive on the right.

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