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Riya Vonardo
Title Lava Puffle
Gender Female
Race Lava Puffle
Faction Foamy, Mectrixctic's Army
Health Good
Level Good
Status Being evil or something
Location Foamy, Mec, anywhere something's gone wrong.

Riya is a sadistic and evil puffle that has a crush on Foamy, despite the fact that they're both so different.


At an early age, Riya was always sadistic and evil. She enjoyed watching people get hurt, she always bullied weaker puffles and hurt the older ones. Years later, she felt as though she needed to spread her "evil" and went to find a evil army. She was looking for Darktan II but found Mec instead; she noticed Foamy and immediately fell for him. She joined Mectrixctic's army in a heartbeat.


She can be found spreading her so-called "evil" about and obsessing over Foamy.


  • She is rather sadistic and evil, but tries to shake some of it off to boost her chances with Foamy.
    • Foamy was the reason she even joined Mectrixctic's army in the first place.
  • She was a black puffle before becoming a lava puffle, therefore she can ignite into a fireball.
  • Her family shares a lot in common with the von Injofaces: they can talk and possibly live as long as a penguin.
  • She tends to get hurt in her harebrained evil schemes.
  • She has a Foamy shrine, but don't tell her that we told you.

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