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The band's official logo.
Background information
Origin Unknown
Genres Rock, rap rock, dubstep
Years active 1998-present
Labels Fourth Order Records
Associated acts Awesomesauce
Nova Boom
Hunk T
NRT Peng

Roadway (formerly known as Highway) is a band formed in 1998. Its songs are mostly of the rock genre, but sometimes punk and pop too.


The band was formed in 1997. Nova Boom, when he had just graduated, came up with the idea of a band. His buddies joined the band. Hunk T became the guitarist, Gelly became the drummer, Fliker became the bassist and NRT Peng became the pianist and the backing vocalist. The name changed from Highway to Roadway in 2004 for unknown reasons.


  • Nova Boom (vocalist): He composes all the band's music. He came up with the idea of the band. He is also the youngest of all the band members. He is also known for his straightforwardness.
  • Hunk T (guitarist): He is the lead guitarist. He is also known for shouting out extra loud into the mike.
  • Gelly (drummer): He is the drummer of the band. He is known for his extremely thin penguin body, unlike normal penguins.
  • Fliker (bassist): He is known mainly for his clumsiness, but makes up for it with his humor.
  • NRT Peng (pianist, backing vocalist): The nerdiest of the band members.


Flamin' Eyes[edit]

Released in 1998. The main song was "Life's Downside", with other songs including "Framin' Life", "Life's Edge", and "Does it Last Forever?" It is best remembered by the quote on the cover, "WILL TO SURVIVE".

It was pretty successful and sold 5.1 million copies. SnowMusic rated the album a 79/100 saying "This album's will to survive is commendable." MusiGalore gave it a 6/10 saying "Did this album come out of will to survive or will to die?"

Freeway Life[edit]

Released in 2000. The main song was "Heck No", with others including "Turbo", "Nutcracker" and "Speedz".

It wasn't very successful and sold 1.5 million copies. SnowMusic gave it a 53/100 saying "Trevor sounds like he is slobbering all over the mic", and MusiGalore gave it a 4/10 saying "This album is worthless and is fit for only one place - the trash."

Losers Win[edit]

Released in 2001. The album was named after the main song "Losers Win", with other songs including "Go Outta Here", "Win My Soul", "Failure" and "The Fool".

Losers Win was EXTREMELY successful, sold 12.9 million copies and is considered Roadway's best album. SnowMusic rated it a 10/10 saying "This is the music which has come straight from the heavens. Now I can believe rocks fall from the sky", while MusiMagic gave it a 96/100 saying "Nobody DOESN'T want this album."


Released in 2006, Hillclimb was the first album released under the Roadway name. The main song was "Hillclimb", with others including "Flyaway", "To Norway", and "Neverendin' Road".

It was very successful and sold 7.4 million copies. SnowMusic rated it an 8/10 saying "This is the perfect album if you wanna get rocked", and Musicalz gave it a 7.5/10 saying "This is a great album. And Fliker has done an excellent job with the bass."

Glamous and Game[edit]

Released in 2009. Songs included "Fame and Glams" (main song), "Partyz", "Fool's Disco", and "Race With Lamborghinis".

It was commercially successful and sold 4.2 million copies, but not as critically successful. SnowMusic gave the album a 7/10 saying "It's... good" while MusiMagic gave it a 69/100 saying "A really odd album which doesn't live up to our expectations."


Released in 2011. Songs included "Sweet Scenery" (main), "Donkii", "The View", and "Eyes or Cameras".

It was very successful and sold 8.8 million copies. SnowMusic gave the album a 8/10 saying "It's really nice. Way to go, Nova Boom!" MUSIQUE gave it a 8.5/10 saying "Horribly nice."