Robert Koddalonth

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Robert Koddalonth
Robert, composing a song for Willy and Kody
Nicknames Kody
Title Robert Koddalonth
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction None
Health Good
Location Eastshield
Birth date September 21, 1996
Occupation Actor
Employer Penguin Network
Feather color Yellow
Hair color Redheaded
Interests Music, Bubble Gum
Friends William Tennyson, Sandy Sharon
Enemies None
Archetype Good

And that's why I always use a propeller cap.

Robert Koddalonth is an Antarctican actor and compositor that works for Penguin Network.

Koddalonth first debuted in a movie called The Feathers Revolution, released in April 2002. Later, in 2005, Robert was hired by Penguin Network to be the main character of a show called Psycho Paradise, that was cancelled two years later. After three years without working, Robert came back as the voicer of the character Farow from an animated cartoon called Trouser Snakes. Currently, he is working on Willy and Kody, where he acts as the character Kody and composes songs for the show.
Robert also runs a little website, where he posts some things about his life, funny images he finds around the Internet and some inspirational phrases he thinks of while he's at the bath. He says his hobbie is composing songs with his friends, mainly William Tennyson, and some of them were even used in Willy and Kody. In October 2012, he was hired to write songs for Club Penguin: The TV Series.


Hatched in South Pole City, on September 21, 1996, Robert came from a rich family. On the school, he loved acting. His talent was discovered by a penguin called Norton River, the director of The Feathers Revolution. Two years later, he participated again in a movie called At Least We Tried. Right after, Penguin Network called him to the channel, where he debuted with Psycho Paradise. Koddalonth soon became famous due to the success of the show. Kody didn't know how to deal with the fame, and all his fans were making him stressed, so he needed to take a break on a small city on USA's interior.
After three years, he came back to work on Penguin Network by voicing a secondary character from the show Snakes. There, he met William Tennyson, and the two soon became good friends. Because of the friendship between the two, Penguin Network thought that it would be interesting to make a show starring the two, and then, Willy and Kody was born, where Koddalonth acts as Kody, and is working on the present.



Television (live action)

Television (animation)

  • Snakes (2008) (voice)


From Willy and Kody

And that's why I always use a propeller cap.
I could use some pants.
Light years is a measure of distance! Not time!
What's wrong with you? Why are you not wearing a propeller cap?
This cliff is steep!
What do you mean by "propeller caps are soooo last decade"? (to Lindsay)
I question your fashion sense seriously.

From his website

Hello! I'm currently at Delfinopolis.. in other words, where I always am. Today, a gorgeous girl passed in front of my house, so I startled her with a shout. She gave me a nasty glare. That's the news from Delfinopolis!
What do I like about my city? The air is tasty here.
Well, you can't change the world without a little pain.
We do have a lot in common. The same Earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what's the same instead of always looking at what's different... well, who knows?
It's more important to master the cards you're holding than to complain about the ones your opponents were dealt.
There are bad ways to win-- and good ways to lose. What's interesting and troubling is that it's not always clear which is which. A flipped coin doesn't always land heads or tails. Sometimes it may never land at all...


  • Some penguins say he shares a striking resemblance with Franky.