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Robert O'vian
Robert Ovian.PNG
He's not at work right now?
Title The goody goody puffle
Gender Male
Race Pink Puffle
Faction O'vian Family
Health Intelligent
Level Well there is no level because he has peace
Status mopping the floor
Location In Von Injoface Enterprises or somewhere else.
Birth date July 14, 1986
Occupation Janitor
Interests Being nice, laughing
X-Antibody Robert X
Friends Almost everyone
Enemies Decapod
Archetype Goody-two-shoe

Robert O'vian is a puffle who lives under the ground of Club Penguin. He is the beta tester in one of Abel's buildings. He also is learning to drive a helicopter. He ends up failing each time. He also has a crush on Mandy von Injoface.


Robert was born very intelligent. He and a crab were good friends until that crab turned evil. Then Robert decided to study for tests in school and make test tubes. He was also nice to everyone and made friends with a yellow penguin, called Trickster. He respects Mwa Mwa Penguins and Darktan's Army and tries to be friends with them. This does show that he is a Goody Two-Shoes. He respects good penguins too and loves Fish. If something bad happens he cries or becomes mean for once. He's the beta tester for his bosses's company and seems to treat the place he works at as the most amazing place in Antarctica. He also is in Ninja training with his friend Mandy.

Robert also is very good at cooking. He makes meals for Abel as well as inviting him to dinner. He also admires a cyan penguin named Eduardo Flippers. Eduardo had always hated him.

This was mainly because Robert accidently destroyed an igloo that Pengui spent his entire life making. He also admires two superheroes named Snowman Dame & Lichen Lad. He also has a driving teacher named Mrs. Blow. He also dislikes Decapod, but wishes to reform him. He is very good at Card Jitsu but often loses ot Mandy, Flywish, or Trickster.


He loves cleaning and cooking and being nice to everyone. He cleans anything he sees. He is also afraid of dirt. He is also a beta tester in one of Abel's factories and does a very good job at it.

Best Friends[edit]


Relationship with O'vians[edit]

Of course, Robert loves his family but his family hates him. This sometimes upsets Robert but his parents and some cousins are the only ones who actually loved him.


  • He is a Goody Two-Shoes
  • Despite being smart, he is very naiive and lacks common sense.
  • He works for Abel von Injoface and loves his job.
  • His laugh is "Tee hee hee hee hoo hoo hoo hoo"
  • He sings songs about his work.
  • Everyone calls him a kid because he acts like one.
  • His neighbor Eduardo calls him a nerd.
  • Yes, he is a parody of Spongebob Squarepants.
  • He is terrified of Flying Dutchopper because Dutchhopper tried to eat him.
  • Mandy von Injoface is one of his best friends. He also has a crush on her but she doesn't really notice him.
  • He also works for Mabel X as one of her assistants in their army along with Winston and Matthew.
  • He has an X-antibody.
  • Mandy and Flywish are currently training him to be a Ninja.
  • He often goes around kissing other penguins which grosses them out, or pleases them, it really depends.
  • He treats his cleaning supplies if they were alive.
  • Like Disco Puffle and Dustin, he has freckles.
  • Many Penguins make him do tricks and he actually does them.
  • Unsurprisingly, Corai wants to adopts him.
  • He surprisingly is friends with Flywish, unlike Mandy.
  • He thinks Mandy has a crush on Flywish. She never hits Flywish in front of Robert.
  • He gets along horribly with Dustin.
  • He often gets the wrong idea in some situations.
  • He is terrified of WishFlyX.
  • Zeno124 made an animated show called Snowbob Circlepants that he claims wasn't based off of Robert's life.
    • Everyone knows it actually is based off of his life.

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