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Robert X'vian
Hello Clarice...
Title Robert's X Antibody
Gender Male
Race X Puffles
Faction Nightmare's Army
Health Good
Level High
Status Working with Nightmare
Location With Nightmare's Army

Oh Robert... You ignorant boob!
— Robert X, to Robert

Robert X is the X-Antibody of Robert O'vian. He is pure evil! he enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on others, the opposite of what Robert does. He is also very intelligent and high class and flies a helicopter.


Robert O'vian caught the X-Virus while playing with Mandy. Then he rushed somewhere where his screams couldn't be heard. He then coughed out some black goo and Robert tried to give him love but Robert X threw him into a dumpster and went to join Nightmare's Army. Then Flywish attacked him. He somehow escaped Flywish's moves and went on. Then he met Nightmare and he quickly gained his trust. They became friends and they always attacked good guys.


Robert's main goals are to make people as miserable as possible. He has a "bad luck" power, where he can manipulate probability to cause the worst outcomes for people. This ability is amplified when someone does something that traditionally is said to cause bad luck such as breaking mirrors, walking through ladders and stepping on cracks. However, his powers can be weakened if someone is carrying something that is said to cause good luck like horseshoes and clovers with four or more leaves. He travels across the continent to pull put people in situations where they can't win. He is very cold and calculating and manages to succeed in his plan. However, many times Robert O'vian and his friends stop him.

He is friends with Nightmare and works for her occasionally, spreading the X-virus and recruiting more antibodies for her. Due to his bad luck powers, he can manipulat antibodies into joining Nightmare's army easily. He uses his helicopter to go to locations.

In many ways he is the opposite of Robert

  • Robert is naive and a little childish, while Robert X is intelligent and has a touch of class
  • Robert wants to make people happy and goes through length to do so, while Robert X tries to make them miserable.
  • Robert is not dating Mandy, his crush, while Robert X is married to Mandy X
  • Robert doesn't have his piloting license, while Robert X passed the test.
  • Robert has Buck Teeth, while Robert X has fangs.


  • He has an English accent.
  • Robert O'vian is trying to get him to become good. It never works. Robert X calls him an "ignorant boob" for thinking so.
  • Like Robert, he has freckles on his cheek. However his freckles line up to form an X-shape.
  • Gregory tends to zap him with lightning which always ends up with him getting injured.
  • PinkroomX once set him on fire with her fire ninja powers.
  • He is married to Mandy X
  • He is a parody of Anti-Cosmo from The Fairly OddParents.

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