Robo Dog

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Robo Dog
Robo Dog
Title Robo Dog
Gender Male
Race Robotic canine
Faction Faction
Health He's destroyed right now so he has no health.
Level 10
Status Destroyed
Location Gary's lab
Interests Destroying stuff
Friends No one
Enemies Sopgjgi, Tails6000, etc.

Robo Dog is a stunt dog invented by G, used to do things the Elite Puffles can't do and test new things. The rest is classified.


After one of the Elite Puffles got severely injured during a fight with Herbert, Gary invented the Robo Dog after months of testing. He used it after being caught by Herbert and then he captured Robo Dog and reprogrammed it to destroy the EPF. After his final transformation he started destroying various places around Club Penguin. After Sopgjgi and Tails6000 destroyed him, Gary took the remaining parts to repair it.


Robo Dog caused huge property damages throughout the residential servers of Club Penguin, destroying several igloos and vandalizing the Plaza. Repairs lasted for months while the mayor advised the homeless to rent space in larger member igloos.


  • Robo Dog is made out of the same hardware as the Proto-Bot.
  • He is classified as Just Plain Secret on the Classification Code in order to prevent mass public fear.
  • His destruction caused a large explosion that destroyed a portion of the Forest.
  • Link is trying to steal the almost repaired Robo Dog.

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