Rock'n'roll Puffle

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Rock'n'roll Puffle
Still like that old time rock'n'roll!
Title Wannabe Rockstar
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Rock'n'roll, dude!
Health Rocking out!
Level 11, and that's what he wants his amp to be on!
Status Tuning his red vintage guitar.
Location In his mom's basement.

Rock'n'roll Puffle is a puffle obsessed with rock'n'roll.


Rock'n'roll Puffle was born in the same hospital that his older cousin, Disco Puffle was born in. He heard a nurse listening to a song from a human radio called "Old Time Rock'n'roll", and that sparked his love of rock music. At the human equivalent of 10, he bought a red vintage guitar and got lessons. At first, he was amazingly good, but then, a prankster taught him the so-said "best way to tune his guitar", which resulted in the guitar being high-pitched and very cringing, which did not bother the over-determinined puffle.


He now lives in his mom's basement, practicing with his "band" of dust bunnies. He only goes outside to meet up with his older cousin, Disco Puffle.


  • His dust bunny band has a band name and names for the members of it. The name is "Dusty Rocking Bunnies", and their drummer is named Clark, the bass player is named Elvis, their dancer/DJ is named DJC, and the rest is unknown.
  • He doesn't really like his other cousin, Dustin.
    • This is because Dustin does not like a style of music, which puts him out of order of Disco Puffle and Rock'n'roll Puffle himself. That and Dustin is an arrogant jerk who dislikes Disco Puffle.
  • There is a fifty-fifty chance that he will be in X and the City.
  • He is a big fan of Tails Underground.
    • He also once got to play with them for a CD, which was exciting for Rock'n'roll Puffle.
  • His lips and tongue are blue because he once had too much blue sour syrup.
  • His hair is not in a mohawk or spiky because he wanted to break a stereotype.
  • His only good song was Pump Up The City.
    • In fact, it is the only song he recorded, other than his performance with Tails Underground.

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